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  1. Re: Npower League Two > Ante-Post 2011-12 Season I wouldn't bet on The Vale with a Stoke fans money mate. :( :cry I posted a thread last season that highlighted our problems before the bookies wised up, and the problems continue...sort of. The board were looking dead and buried the day before an EGM to remove them and put things in place for Mo Chaudry to take over, with a Birmingham based sports lawyer to take over as CEO (Kevin Harper James) with a name like that I know he'll be trouble though :p. However they dubiously bought £50,000 of shares from a single shareholder in order to cement their position. They thought that would be enough to stop the protests against them but if anything it has alienated them even more. The result of the EGM also meant that Vale were without an operating board resulting in Micky Adams becoming a Director, a move which has damaged the messiah-like status he enjoyed in his previous spell. There will be an anti board march against the board on Saturday and fans have signed a pledge to "Starve Em Out" and are boycotting buying anything from the club. As a result the club have suffered a shortfall from the pledges alone of over £250,000 although many believe the end could be closer to £500,000 as ST sales are thought to be around the 3,000, down by more than 50% on 2/3 yrs ago. The SEO pledges have agreed that they will support the club away from home under the banner 'Morons on Tour' (as a swipe at the Chairmans wife, who called us Morons for protesting last year.:eyes I think that Vale are close to admin, although I think that the board will resign and allow a takeover before then because they leave themselves open to legal action from shareholders for allowing a business to go into admin while a valid offer is on the table. That being said, a local non league club (Nantwich Town) has had to go public over Vale failing to pay a bill for the use of 3G facilities, and also cancelling a pre-season friendly that was part of the transfer agreement when Vale signed Richie Sutton. Vale fans are so embarassed by our club that plans are being made for us to go to Nantwich for a game to prove that the scum of our club is restricted to the boardroom.:@ There are whispers however that we could see a change in the next couple of weeks, and under Mo Chaudry and Kevin Harper James with MA I could see us blowing all (including Crawley) away.
  2. Re: Historical NFL Price Data http://www.repole.com/sun4cast/data.html Good luck. ;)
  3. Re: Historical NFL Price Data v-zero. I downloaded a load of historical NFL lines (back to the 1970's I think). If you still want this I can have a look and see if I can find where I got it from.
  4. Re: Washman wins WSOP ME package weeeeeee Washy you legend. :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy I hope that you have a blast and make some cash. Best of luck fella. :hope
  5. Re: APAT Team Event - avongirl currently on Final Table!! Well played Helen. Great effort! :clap
  6. Re: Congratulations to Milber (Mark) and Donna Congratulations!
  7. Re: Football Pontoon (Bowles win £141 Daisy won £40. PR won £40 PL won £50 :nana Cheers Staffy! Any chance I can do the same as Sam and use it to pay towards the rest of the season for us both? If we have any left over at the end of the season we can settle up then if thats okay with you - maybe at the raceday even? :cheers
  8. Re: US SPORTS SPREAD SYSTEM Hi mate, Thanks for reading my comments. I have one more thought. You have posted that your biggest bet was 70 units (7%). Do you think that it may be worth considering an upper limit that you won't go over? It could be any figure, I suppose, but one that each individual is comfortable with. I wonder (and I'll do it myself sometime I promise) if having a maximum of 5% of bank on any bet would still provide a profit. Congratulations on the profit by the way. :clap Long may it continue. :hope
  9. Re: Closed thread?? He should be paranoid.....and he knows full well why.........
  10. Re: US SPORTS SPREAD SYSTEM Just to add, the data you are using at Covers come from here (I think); http://www.statfox.com/nba/gamematchup.asp Always worth knowing in case covers goes down. ;)
  11. Re: US SPORTS SPREAD SYSTEM Xaviercito, First of all I'm interested in US Sports and systems related to it, so anything that I ask you is because I'm interested, and hopefully something useful can come out of it. I think the way that games are chosen are a little random, but I also think that if it has a good strike rate then that (to me) doesn't matter. What does concern me is the staking plan, because in my opinion, any system is only a succesful one if it can be proved profitable using level stakes. Anything after that is just a way of maximising a profitable system. Your staking plan does seem to chase losses and that worries me a lot. As has already been said, the break-even strike rate for betting at odds of around 1.9 is approximately 53%. and it does worry me that you are suggesting that a system that has a strike rate of less than 53% should be bet on with increased stakes. eg; Bet wins (increased strike rate) reult is to bet small next time. Bet loses (decreased strike rate) result is to increase stake. That (to me) seems to be opposite of what sensible betting is all about. If I could make a suggestion which is, as well as trailing your system with your staking plan, keep a record of what profit (or loss) you would have if each selection was bet with level 10pt stakes.
  12. Re: NFL Week Fourteen Picks Cramer, apologies if I'm mistaken, but aren't those odds (3.68) for Detroit to win? If you're laying them shouldn't you post your liability? I don't lay myself so don't know, but your post reads to me as though you're getting 3.68 for laying Detroit, which is wrong. You'd get 3.68 for laying Green Bay here, wouldn't you? Right now Detroit (to win) are 3.2 and Green Bay (to win) are 1.36. How I see it if you're laying Detroit you'd only be getting around 1.36
  13. Re: NFL Week Fourteen Picks New England @ Chicago Under 36 @ 2.22 Pinnacle I've had quite a lot of success in the past betting on the weather to keep the totals low, and in this case the signs are pretty good. 50mph winds and driving snow with -4 (Fahrenheit) temperatures suggests to me this is a must play. For those happy to move things in their favour, Bet365 have alternative totals markets and you can get under 40 @ 1.58 which is a steal imo. Elsewhere there are swirling winds in New York (Miami @ NY Jets) and (Tampa Bay @) Washington and rain in (Oakland @) Jacksonville. All which could be good unders bets.
  14. Re: 2011 New Year Resolutions / Poker - what`s yours? Find my mojo. :$ Post above should help. :lol Guess I could post the same as Mr. Ross, but only if this was a Pool forum and not poker. :tongue2
  15. Re: MIA = WASP Wins APAT Coventry, Mole wins APAT Pro League Nice one Brian!! :clap Congrats Steph!! :clap
  16. Re: Tribute To NBA Miami have L6 ATS Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat (-12.5) @ 1.952 Dallas Mavericks have W3 Houston Rockets (+8.5) @ Dallas Mavericks @ 2.00 Utah have W5 Milwaukee Bucks (+8.5) @ Utah Jazz @ 2.02 3 x 10pt bets
  17. Re: Tribute To NBA 40pts staked 19.43pts returned No Of Bets 111 Bets Won 47 Bets Lost 60 Total Staked 1110 Returns 927.9 Profit/Loss -182.1 Strike Rate 42.34 Yield -16.41
  18. Re: Tribute To NBA I'm not offended! :lol Yes I have, already. I figure a strike rate of 47% approx (or less) would mean that opposing my picks work out to be profitable. I already have the figures (based on odds of 1.90). No Of Bets 111 Bets Won 60 Bets Lost 47 Total Staked 1110 Returns 1140 Profit/Loss 30 Strike Rate 54.05 Yield 2.7
  19. Re: Tribute To NBA San Antonio have L2 ATS San Antonio Spurs WIN @ New Orleans Hornets @ 1.943 Portland have L2 ATS Portland Trailblazers (-4.5) @ Philadelphia 76ers @ 1.971 Phoenix have L2 ATS Phoenix Suns (+4.5) @ Denver Nuggets @ 1.87 La Lakers have L2 ATS Indiana Pacers @ LA Lakers (-9) @ 2.02 4 x 10pt bets = 40pts staked
  20. Re: Tribute To NBA 2 winners 3 losers 50pts staked 39.17pts returned No Of Bets 111 Bets Won 47 Bets Lost 60 Total Staked 1110 Returns 927.9 Profit/Loss -182.1 Strike Rate 42.34 Yield -16.41
  21. Re: Tribute To NBA Sacramento Kings +2.5 @ 1.91 Bet365
  22. Re: Tribute To NBA Orlando have W2 and Washington have L3 ATS Orlando Magic @ Washington Wizards (+6.5) @ 1.917 New Jersey have W3 ATS New Jersey Nets @ Philadelphia 76ers (-1.5) @ 2.00 Miami have L5 and Dallas have W2 ATS Miami Heat (+2.5) @ Dallas Mavericks @ 1.926 Milwaukee have L6 ATS Charlotte Bobcats @ Milwaukee Bucks (-3.5) @ 1.909 Chicago have W4 and Sacramento have L2 Chicago Bulls @ Sacramento Kings OTB 4 x 10pt bets = 40pts staked (1 to follow)
  23. Re: Tribute To NBA 4 winners 5 losers 90pts staked 77.94pts returned No Of Bets 106 Bets Won 45 Bets Lost 57 Total Staked 1060 Returns 888.73 Profit/Loss -171.27 Strike Rate 42.45 Yield -16.16
  24. Re: Tribute To NBA Milwaukee BUcks (-1) @ 1.91
  25. Re: Tribute To NBA Charlotte have L2 ATS Houston Rockets @ Charlotte Bobcats (-3.5) @ 1.952 Miami have L4 ATS Philadelphia 76ers @ Miami Heat (-11) @ 1.98 Toronto have W4 ATS Toronto Raptors @ Boston Celtics (-10) @ 1.971 Indiana have W4 ATS Oklahoma City Thunder (-1.5) @ Indiana Pacers @ 1.971 Chicago have W3 ATS Chicago Bulls @ Denver Nuggets (-4) @ 1.952 Utah have W3 ATS LA Lakers (-1.5) @ Utah Jazz @ 1.926 Golden State have L5 and Memphis have W2 ATS Golden State Warriosr (+7) @ Memphis Grizzlies @ 1.909 New Orleans have L5 ATS New Orleans Hornets (+3.5) @ Portland Trailblazers @ 1.962 Milwaukee have L5 ATS Milwaukee Bucks @ Detroit Pistons OTB 8 x 10pt bets = 80pts staked No bets posted on Saturday as I'll be away. :ok
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