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  1. I would look towards FCK in their next game against Randers. Randers has lost their motivation for a top 6 playoff, after a super weak performance against low scoring Hobro. After the penalty, they were completely unable to create anything at all. After a surprising loss by the top team, FCK needs 3 points here to keep pushing top placed FCM: I wouid price -1.25 at around 1.90, which makes a fair odds available at the moment.
  2. actually Brock-Madsen is the worst player in our whole team, including every position. We havent produced a great striker since Bendtner, and we can all see how that went
  3. Re: Group D - Italy v Costa Rica - Friday June 20th MPLouis can you send me a PM please, sorry for off topic
  4. Re: Chelsea v Swansea City > Boxing Day Chelsea - Swansea Under 2.5 goals, odds 2.25 @ Tipico Last 5 games went under, and i assume this one will follow the trend. All these games has been played within 31.01.12, so you will see a similarity in their philosophies. Swansea will try to neutralise chelsea with their possesion play, and if u look at their latest game against top opposition, they had 55% possesion against man city. Swansea are missing Vorm, but i don't rate Tremmel that bad, and it isn't like its his first game this season, so he knows what it's about. With this short break since last game, we will see a few switches, especially from Chelsea who played the 23th. Don't be afraid of Swansea scoring a lot either, as they are having troubles finding the net, and setting up chances, only 7 goals in 8 away games. I realise Chelseas home statistics will scare a lot of people away from this play, but i still see it being a low scoring game because of how the two teams playing style match each others. So far, i haven't been impressed with Chelseas play either, they still haven't hit top form, and their stikers are having trouble as always. A danger here would be if Tiendalli can manage Hazard.
  5. Re: La Liga > October 25th - 28th i think this odds is pretty generous Real Madrid - goal before 56:00, 1.83 @ Bet365 It has won the last 6 of 7 H2H, and it has only failed recently in the matches against levante and atl. madrid I dont trust Barcelonas defense, not to talk about their keeper, and even though i really think real madrid are missing a top striker (or atleast just 1 more) , their midfield is absolutely world class. Barcelona have plenty of things to worry about tonight if you look at their latest h2h matches, and i wouldnt be surprise if madrid takes atleast 1 point.
  6. Re: World Cup Europe Qualification > Tuesday October 15th Denmark - Malta Malta AH +3.5, 1.825 (Bet365) As many others, i don't have high thoughts about our national team. Our chances to qualify is above 1 to 31.734, as it relies on so many other results.. Last match Italy crashed all hope for us with a late equaliser, therefore making our chance absolutely minimal. Bendtner made his return here with 2 goals, but he won't participate in this one due to a yellow card he got by taking his shirt off. We have absolutely no one to rely on, making our goals.. who are supposed to score here? Last match against malta, we were lucky getting a 2-1 result, with an own goal. I can't honestly remember the last time we have scored this many goals in a match, and even though we have plenty of defensive talent, they always mess it up down there. The thing about these matches against poorer sides, is that we usually manage to scrape a poor win, despite horrible play. Personally i think its hillarious to watch us against a defensive minded team, because Denmark has no idea how to set up an attack. The fact that a Denmark win returns 1.03 is absolutely laughable in my opinion, as we have seen plenty of times how they mess up. Our biggest talent Eriksen has barely ever shined on our team, so something is definetely missing to get that last touch. I don't really think anyone in Denmark cares about this match, and Denmark never puts their act together against teams like these, and seems to not find any motivation at all. Our coach will probably also try a new thing or two.. I really feel like throwing every single thing i own on this bet because of the huge handicap, but they could always surprise i guess.. i HIGHLY doubt it though.
  7. Re: Denmark > Superliga > 2012-13 MATCH START TODAY SATURDAY 17:00 (+1 GMT) Nordsjælland - AaB Under 2.5 goals - 2.07 Last years runner up against a team who managed to nick a 5th place giving european football on an amazing 92' header in the last round, was at the game, amazing athmosphere :) Both teams are looking hopeless up front, and both have been thrashed in their european matches. AaB has been lucky with an own goal, and a huge goalie drop. AaB have sold their former topscorer Helenius, who is Aston Villa now. And his replacements are don't fit in his shoes. Nordsjælland have had a dreadfull start to the season, but the last match draw should have given them some hope, against their main rivals FCK, just look at this late equalizer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU8UYXs6G18 They both like possession football, and it should contain a lot of slow play, and moving of the ball. [TABLE=class: head_to_head h2h_mutual, width: 623] [TR=class: highlight odd] [TD=align: center]04.04.13[/TD] [TD=class: flag]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: name]FC Nordsjælland[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]0 : 1[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: highlight even, bgcolor: #F0F0F0] [TD=align: center]26.10.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name]FC Nordsjælland[/TD] [TD=class: name]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]1 : 0[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: highlight odd] [TD=align: center]04.08.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: name]FC Nordsjælland[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]1 : 1[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: highlight even, bgcolor: #F0F0F0] [TD=align: center]21.04.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: name]FC Nordsjælland[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]0 : 2[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: highlight odd highlighted] [TD=bgcolor: #EAF7E7, align: center]15.10.11[/TD] [TD=class: flag, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]FC Nordsjælland[/TD] [TD=class: name, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: last, bgcolor: #EAF7E7, align: center]1 : 0[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Taking a look on their last 5 matches, it looks rather boring Nordsjælland wont underestimate AaB, and i think they will both be defensively minded, not to throw it all away. Nordsjælland really need to start getting points, but this isn't the easiest game to do so. Nordsjælland is the only club in Denmark playing on artificial grass, and every team visiting hates this. A lot of players are complaining when playing there. Last match AaB played they had 23 attemps, but only 6 at goal. This ended 0-0. Nordsjællands last match (2-2) were different, because of the intensity of the rivalry against the pretty obvious top2 clubs at the moment.
  8. Re: Europa League Final > Chelsea v Benfica > 15th May Last 2 european matches* Only 1 post from edit button!
  9. Re: Europa League Final > Chelsea v Benfica > 15th May i have taken luiz to score @ Betsafe, odds 8. Has been playing outstanding lately, and has scored in the last 2 matches. Great danger on freekicks, and he should be apart of the offensive play, as he's moved up in the midfield next to Lampard. He might know what he's up against, as it's his old club. Just a fun bet for the evening. Hopefully a lot of goals!
  10. Re: Denmark > Superliga > 2012-13 Great bet, FCK has already done their celebrating, boozing etc. Esbjerg has just made a great achievement by winning the cup. And i think the players will do their best to give their coach Jess Thorup a great ending to the season. They can still play in Europe next season with some luck. They have already had an outstanding season, and this is despite being in 1. division last year! Truly a great achievement by Jess Thorup, and because Swansea manager Laudrup has hired our danish u21 coach, he will overtake this job next month. 1-0 Esbjerg @ 19 could be interesting, as they are outstanding at defending at the moment, they have won their last 3 games 1-0, and im not really sure if FCK has any motivation at all for this game..
  11. Re: Denmark > Superliga > 2012-13 GAME IN 1½ HOURS 19:00 (+1) FC Midtjylland - AaB Over 2.5 goals - 1.82 @ Betsafe I expect to see an explosive game here, which these 2 teams usually always deliver. Last 4 H2H [TABLE=class: head_to_head h2h_mutual, width: 623] [TR=class: odd highlight] [TD=align: center]05.11.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: name]FC Midtjylland[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]1 : 3[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: even highlight, bgcolor: #F0F0F0] [TD=align: center]17.08.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: name]FC Midtjylland[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]3 : 0[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: odd highlight highlighted] [TD=bgcolor: #EAF7E7, align: center]04.04.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: name, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]FC Midtjylland[/TD] [TD=class: last, bgcolor: #EAF7E7, align: center]1 : 2[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: even highlight, bgcolor: #F0F0F0] [TD=align: center]20.11.11[/TD] [TD=class: flag]SUP[/TD] [TD=class: name]FC Midtjylland[/TD] [TD=class: name]AaB[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]1 : 3[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] With 5 games left of the season, the teams are starting to stress to get up the table. Midtjylland has been horrible before winter, but are really starting to find their ways now. Before this season, experts expected to see AaB get relegated. But they have really impressed everyone with their very young team, and amazing performances from especially the two 21 year olds, Kusk and Helenius. 5 points are seperating these teams, but AaB can really get closer to play european football next year if they win this one. Both teams are in good form at the moment, and they will both go for points here. AaB will only travel about 130 km, so this shouldn't be the thing draining their energy. Who wins this game is very open, because AaB has been impressive away this season. What i expect though a a high-tempo entertaining game, where a lot can happen. AaB managed to get a great result last time against superior FCK, 1-1 at home, and also the incredible 4-3 win against OB, despite a red card. Midtjylland managed a 5-2 win against poor Horsens recently, which helped them gather 9 points in their last 3 games. Both teams will do everything to get points here, because it is still possible for both teams to compete in europe next year. If AaB wins here, they will tie @ 3rd place with Randers, who they still have a match against at home later. Midtjylland needs to continue their great form, a team who has is finally starting to gather a lot of points, a team who has underperformed most of the season. Important AaB midfielder Würtz is banned for this match.
  12. Re: Chelsea v Swansea City > Sun 28th April Sorry ^^ , Swansea haven't won in their last 5 games* Still need edit button ;)
  13. Re: Chelsea v Swansea City > Sun 28th April I think the price on the unders is a bit extreme here. I'd be happy to back under 2.5 @ 2.45 Betsafe Last h2h [TABLE=class: head_to_head h2h_mutual, width: 748] [TR=class: odd highlight highlighted] [TD=bgcolor: #EAF7E7, align: center]23.01.13[/TD] [TD=class: flag, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]CAP[/TD] [TD=class: name, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]Swansea[/TD] [TD=class: name, bgcolor: #EAF7E7]Chelsea[/TD] [TD=class: last, bgcolor: #EAF7E7, align: center]0 : 0[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: even highlight, bgcolor: #F0F0F0] [TD=align: center]09.01.13[/TD] [TD=class: flag]CAP[/TD] [TD=class: name]Chelsea[/TD] [TD=class: name]Swansea[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]0 : 2[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: odd highlight] [TD=align: center]03.11.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag]PRE[/TD] [TD=class: name]Swansea[/TD] [TD=class: name]Chelsea[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]1 : 1[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: even highlight, bgcolor: #F0F0F0] [TD=align: center]31.01.12[/TD] [TD=class: flag]PRE[/TD] [TD=class: name]Swansea[/TD] [TD=class: name]Chelsea[/TD] [TD=class: last, align: center]1 : 1[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] I don't expect Swansea to get anything from this game, as they have gone totally in sleep mode, with nothing really to play for. The players can't be motivated for these games. Swansea has lost their last 5 games, meanwhile Chelsea played just 3 days ago, so they should be tired for this match. Swansea are very defensive minded away (2,1 goals per game this season away), and i think Chelsea will act like this aswell here, after getting their first goal.
  14. Re: Denmark > Superliga > 2012-13 GAME SUNDAY 19.00 (+1) OB - AaB Over 2.5 goals - 2.05 Bet365 Again a good price on the overs. Look at these last results H2H OB - AAB 06.03.13 SUP AaB OB 2 : 2 26.08.12 SUP OB AaB 0 : 4 03.05.12 SUP OB AaB 1 : 2 23.10.11 SUP AaB OB 2 : 1 13.08.11 SUP AaB OB 2 : 1 30.06.11 VEN AaB OB 2 : 1 02.04.11 SUP AaB OB 0 : 1 04.12.10 SUP OB AaB 6 : 0 It clearly states that these 2 teams go well with eachother, and it usually ends on high scores. The 4-0 victory for AaB was during an outstanding away game spell they had. AaB average goals away: 3.2 OB average goals at home: 3.3 This should be interesting. It doesn't look like a boring draw to me, since all 3 points could decide who gets to compete in the Europa League next season. Also, apart from their last game (2-2), they haven't shared points 9 games in a row. These 2 teams are very evenly matched, and both have had a bad start after the winter. This has given them both 6 points in the 7 games so far. I know there haven't been many goals involved in their latest matches, but i think it's a matter of time before they get back in that fashion. OB managed to get a 1-1 result against leader FCK last round, which was a great result for them. With their 5 points in the last 3 matches, they have the hunger for more, plus AaB got a narrow 1-0 victory last game. I really expect to see AaB convert more of their chances to goals, as they've had 27 shots after goal the last 2 games, but only managing to score once. Helenius has made a lot of goals so far, and he has scored against OB in the last 3, plus scoring the winner in their latest game against Silkeborg. A player who usually finds the net, but is also pretty dependent on the performance of the rest of the team. OB are wounded a bit with injuries, especially in the attack, but hopefully Emil Larsen can take part of the game, after skipping the game against FCK. A player who knows how to score, and willing to take players on with his dribbling skills. After the winter break, AaB has wasted 3 chances to win after being in front, but then only getting 2 points. This has resolved in a lot of goals being scored, as they haven’t been able to hold their lead. So what we are having here is two teams who are both playing under level, both being very evenly matched. With not many matches to go, it’s time to get into form again, if they want to compete in Europe next season. AaB has 1 more point than OB.
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