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  1. True. But I was just watching for few mins to see if a drift was really coming or not. But I couldn't find one and by that time one more wicket came off to get these odds😎
  2. Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers, 11th Match Overall the 1st innings of this match looks to be going towards SYDNEY SIXERS. Also in the second innings SIXERS seems to get a good start. However the last 10 overs of the second innings can bring some significant odd movements or win towards ADELAIDE. Our Strategy would be to lay ADELAIDE to start. And would cash out with SIXERS favorite
  3. The same innings in which i had mentioned early collapse could happen and then recovery. You had commented saying that its quite normal to have such collapses and recovery. Everyone has their own system and strategies of sports trading. I am not the one who will be waiting for the team to win as everybody is aware about the amount of corruption prevalent in sports . So i do have a proper system of trading and i consider my losses too. i book my profits depending upon the situation and what my model predicts. i do know that graphs have a scale but you should understand that this is
  4. Thanks so much waggy for the appreciation.
  5. Torpedo I think you are not able to understand my messages and strategy. I did expect hobart to bounce back and win but my trade was with Adelaide which easily happened. Even this was clearly mentioned in my message. So yes the second part was not exact although hobart did show bounce by picking 2 early Adelaide wickets and odds moving up significantly. Anyhow we got green on Adelaide which was our target. So I don't mind even if hobart could not win it as the end result was profit Are you new to cricket? Lol. How many times do you see a collapse and recovery like yesterday? Can you me
  6. Another great profitable day for us yesterday, with Adelaide coming favorites as expected. Also batting collapse and recovery by middle order batsman happened as predicted.
  7. Also my model indicates possibility of a collapse and then recovery by middle order batsman today
  8. 8th Match - Hobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide Strikers 1ST Innings looks good for ADELAIDE STRIKERS. So my model indicates ADELAIDE should do well and odds should be in favor of them in the 1st phase of the game. 2nd innings looks HOBART to bounce back and win the match. So would lay HOBART to start with and will CASH OUT with ADELAIDE favorite. We dont want to risk with HOBART showing good domination in 2nd innings
  9. Reversal patterns with HOBART showing some domination. HOBART favorites now. Laying them for now
  10. 5th Match - Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes ADELAIDE STRIKERS looking good in the 1st innings of this contest. So would like to go with ADELAIDE first and then will cash out. Second innings looks HOBART can cause some upset. Our strategy would be simply to be with ADELAIDE and cash out. Out of 2 matches today our model indicates one could be an upset. Lets see
  11. The graph is just a rough estimate to understand the expected odds movement. This was my prediction yesterday - "1st innings of this match looks to be dominated by SYDNEY THUNDER to greater extent. So opening odds of Melbourne Stars 1.66 is great value to lay. Second innings we like THUNDER to get a good start for approx 8-10 overs after which there are good chances of STARS to bounce back and win the game from a tough position. So my 1st bet would be STARS lay at opening and would cash out when odds in favor of THUNDER" So 1st innings though STARS got good start but
  12. Bang on target. STARS took the match away when THUNDERS started to look dangerous. We got our cash anyways 😃
  13. The horizontal axis is the team itself which is mentioned on top. It does not make any difference to me whether the team bats first or second I have a model which i have developed based on mathematics
  14. It is produced well in advance. So its irrespective of knowing which team is batting first or second. The vertical axis refers to the betting odds. So if you see todays match the graph starts with 1.66 (STARS favorite). So from there you can see how the odds getting higher for STARS which means THUNDER doing well. This gives a fair idea for sports trader to have an idea how the match is likely to go with odds movement. It is more of a rough estimate which is helpful for trading It cant be perfect always and there will be days when it is offbeat. But most of the days it will be BOOM 😍
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