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  1. Can you write some of your Wimbledon picks @Stanimal. Or others that are not too bashful to put their opinions publicly. Thanks!
  2. Anybody else giving a Kuhn a chance vs Nakashima in here? I'm due to hit a big one, and the only thing stopping me is mindless superstition reasons.
  3. very strong post @CzechPunterI meant to include Sonego in my list, and I will not be surprised if you win every single one of those bets, and I might do a parlay with all of them, and take struff on a flyer to win since I don't have the set handicap option. For some reason my book is not offering lines yet for the first round.. Slow Pokes!
  4. Monteiro-154 Draper-333 Krajinovic-278 Evans-435 Querrey -455 Sock-250 Mertens-500 Wickmayer-149 Serena Williams-357 Stephens-130 Halep-345 Rybakina-370 Pacquet-130 Huesler-179 Sonego-200 I listed some chalk that I would consider throwing into parlays to open the first round.. I was surprised there wasn't that much that I found.. so I'd imagine there will be a number of plus money odds scoring. (maxium -500 odds restriction for these) Maybe we could narrow some of these down to solid plays and throw some puzzle pieces together for a decent parlay. Please list any of the players that you agree are going to win, and if we get enough people on board with this segment.. It could essentially be free cash for everyone in the long term. Good luck guys, and hope that we have some nice cooperation here!
  5. The way I'm seeing it .. is that's a good thing because he's going to give everything on the grass courts since he performed badly @Roland Garros
  6. There is better plus many options but I feel good about him.. he has reached the third round here, and I think he has a versatile game for the surface.. I assumed you wouldn't have a problem with Huesler.. but I think Martinez game is more suited to grass.. but like you said there is definitely better options.. However, I am trying to work miracles, and I can't choose the obvious ones in my mind, because they always end up losing for me.. So, I'm trying for the random things. And yes, I understand that Pedro is a clay court player, but there is no doubt in my mind that Molcan also is a clay court player, and good on hard as well.. I think that levels the playing ground of these odds enough to consider Martinez... I'm really high on him @TorqueProbably another bad pick from me, but I imagine this comes in, and I would warn anyone who reads this about betting on Molcan.
  7. I am considering a Huesler/Pedro Martinez Portero parlay @Torque I know it's fairly unconventional pick, and you may not agree with some of it. what do you think?
  8. ahh okay, thanks for letting me know.. makes my decisions easier.
  9. Anybody here have opinions on the Borna Coric vs Diego Schwartzman match? I don't trust Diego to win this, and would never even consider backing him here. thoughts? If you saw some of Coric match in Parma.. He seems to be in great form, and is serving the ball huge. He didn't have much trouble transitioning to grass when he won the title in Halle several years ago.. I imagine it's going to be more of the same.. He plays basically the same style with whatever surface you put him on.. just a grinder, and when in form with a massive serve.
  10. we'll see four-leaf.. I'm far more confident in Bencic winning than Krajinovic. I could see you backing Jabeur @2.0 or better, but this risk isn't worth the investment if your bookie is only giving you 1.6. Bencic is playing extremely well, and this is more of a home match for her than Jabeur. I think she will find Ons backhand, and cause some problems there.
  11. Krajinovic +450 to win Queens club final X 2 Bencic +145 to win Berlin final X 2 Parlay: Krajinovic/Bencic +1248 X 1 with William Hill Good luck to all world!
  12. This question asking the entire forum. How are you guys feeling about Krajinovic's chances at Queens Club today vs Berretini in the final. I'm seeing it as a razor close match again similar to yesterday's line. Pro's for Berretini: Much Better history on grass, higher ranked, better athlete, bigger serve, appears very motivated. Has a little more crowd support Negative's for Berretini: He wasn't serving at the best level I've seen yesterday. This feels like a hampered Berretini playing at 92%.. more sluggish movement than normal Pro's for Krajinovic: Seems more consistent, better shotmaking from the baseline(grass). Return of serve edge. Has a quiet confidence where moment doesn't seem too big. slicing the ball well off both wings. Negative's for Krajinovic: I haven't found any. @CzechPunter@Torque@four-leaf@amity @Smiles Tennis
  13. I don't know why Krajinovic is 4/1 today at queens club. He's playing well, confidently, and really enjoying himself on the grass for the first time in his career. He hasn't made any waves in a long time, and it looks like he's getting a bit of support in the crowd here also. I see Cilic as a frontrunner, but if he gets down in the match.. Krajinovic can be steady from the back of the court. I have Krajinovic lined @+250 maximum, and think this is just an inflated price. *Also, don't be surprised if you see a really motivated player who is seeking his first final on outdoor court other than clay, and in search of his first Atp title, which seems possible in my mind.
  14. well I had no idea Berretini is suffering from blisters but fair play.. I've been out of the loop, and I imagine one of these might cash for you!
  15. Ultimately decided with Berretini/Zhang parlay @odds 2.73 with William Hill I've tried everything under the sun here with some tips, and had a tendency to bet too many big underdogs.. If this ticket actually comes in.. I'm going to try and only suggest parlays from this point forward because I have much better luck with them.. Usually I would either win both legs, or just lose both instead.. The odds increase per win plays well. Berretini is just a freight train on grass, and has been for awhile.. I think it was Torque or someone that said he didn't impress them yesterday.. I watched the highlights, and he looks fit, and hitting the ball fine.. This is a very winnable match for him in my opinion.. I think Van De Zandschulp is a tough player to read, but atleast the last win was more about Fokina playing bad, and serving only 49% first serve also.
  16. looks like the market is heavily favoring Sakkari to win.. I'm not going to fight them this time.. No bet on Bencic for me.. I wish I could do it
  17. missed this comment... Yesterday I went small.. Didn't want to be very bold, and Czech Punter was right.. the bookies were fairly spot on yesterday.. I trusted his word, and this is reason I don't bet big.. Saves me some money.. I hit big future bet on Golden state Warriors.. So, right now my bankroll is completely flush.. as for tomorrow. I am leaning Belinda Bencic because I think she is in form, and a very fierce grasscourt player.. What scares me is that Sakkari seems to be doing well also, and ran through Kasatkina.. I imagined this was more of Kasatkina just not playing usual level because of alot of matches recently. Sakkari leads 2-0, but they haven't played on grass before, and seems like a perfect revenge spot for Belinda Bencic who is battle tested in this tournament. I don't think Kudermetova is an easy opponent to beat, and I'm not sure if she's in form or not, but I do rate Bencic especially on this surface.. I missed both of their matches yesterday.. If anybody saw them or has opinions on it.. Would be helpful. I also noticed that Shuai Zhang is playing very well, and thinking this could be a bit safer, because it seems dangerous to go against Sakkari for some reason in my mind.. Bencic had 7 double faults last match. going to be some tough decisions
  18. Never let the bookies intimidate you @CzechPunter I and some others believe in you! believe me , there is plays for tomorrow!
  19. Sinner requested a medical exam for his knee on the changeover.. I am hoping he doesn't retire from the match. He didn't have the timeout, and play is now continued.
  20. If Mcdonald takes this set .. Sinner could be potentially in trouble.. It's been a grind em out match so far, and Sinner playing with tape under his knee. I would guess that Macdonald has more in the tank for a 5 set match, I have a feeling he might start to play better if he levels the match. I agree that Simon has a chance in this one, but my gut was telling me Cilic.. I think Simon has like crazy 5-1 or 6-1 h2h in this matchup.. Good luck on your bets today.
  21. Thanks @Torque. I'd love to see more of your tips like that.. Win or lose - it's always good to see what people are betting and why. I actually like Mcdonald more than Ymer, and just betting Mikael at big odds.. I'm sure I'll get proven wrong, but it could be a close match also. I think Stefanos might be experimenting on his backhand drive a bit.. Could explain some mixed results recently.
  22. Diego schwartzman is a proficient clay court player. It really was not on Dimitrov. I thought the line was off when I first saw it, because if Diego is ever going to win; then it's going to be on clay, and he likes Roland Garros also.
  23. Mikael Ymer to beat @+1200 to beat Tsitsipas Mackenzie Mcdonald@+800 to beat Sinner Shelby Rogers@+210 to beat Kasatkina With William Hill: Here we have some clear inflated lines. I agree with four leaf's read, and had already bet this.. Ymer hit 49 winners in his last match.. He's friendly with Stefanos, and could be a let down, and rest spot for the Greek. I'm high on Mcdonald for some reason.. I like the way he hits the ball and his experience.. He has a history of doing well with surprises in majors.. Let's also not forget that Sinner may be dealing some feet issues, and might not be playing at his peak level if that's the case for this match.. I just like Rogers on clay.. she hits hard, and plays well when she's on. I see the match very close, and tough to deal with Shelby's firepower.
  24. William Hill Emil Ruusuvuori to beat Casper Ruud @+400 These are value bets. Emil is cruising in Barcelona with lack of clay court experience.. Perfectly designed game for the surface, and if he wants it.. maybe there is some magic. It's possible to expose Casper Ruud backhand imo. Emma Radacanu to beat Iga Swiatek @+800 Just no on these odds.. Swiatek has had a few injury concerns of recent, and Swiatek is transitioning to new surface. Swiatek rolled in her last match but her opponent played tough three sets before that, and may have just been empty gas tank. I'm sorry, but these odds are ridiculous.. If Radacanu has blisters like Torque said .. maybe she'll throw match, but this is first epic meeting between two of the very top young players on tour. I was wrong about Rybakina, but maybe this is the better choice.. Radacanu will beat anyone on her day with flawless technique.
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