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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st RAYSINGH_GURU, 2nd CASH OUT KEV, 3rd HARRY_FAINT99, 4th DONNYFLYER. KO Cup Winner MRJOL, Most Winners: BYMATRIX **


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  1. Winmax Weds 7th August, not in lobby??? Any1 found this and registerer? I can't I 'ind it???
  2. Re: BetVictor Battle of Malta €5k freeroll - all places paid 15/7/13 7pm Awesome value,read this too late,been very busy at weekend! non poker! Hope they do another one!
  3. Re: JUST WON THE BOM FREEROLL ON 32RED Well done,best of luck :-)
  4. Re: PL Exclusive - BoylePoker July League - $1400 added - 2nd Leg Thurs 11th July! Late entry! Im In! 0LIKE2ISHo
  5. Re: You are all cordially invited to a €50 added game tonight on 32Red Good work thank you very much Steve, I have registered :-D
  6. Re: Full Tilt Battle of Malta x 25 packages up for grabs Bit gutted,my own fault! reviewed my session afterwards and I know I made some mistakes,problem is staying focused whilst Mrs around! But its too doom and gloom as I going Malta earlier in the month to play in GSOP Main Event :-) Just hope some of you guys make that one too and we can have a meet up! Best of luck in the Event to all you guys who qualified :-)
  7. Re: Full Tilt Battle of Malta x 25 packages up for grabs Well done guys,gutted I couldnt join you guys :-( bust in 8th
  8. Re: 32 Red €50 sng Ok ,I will download now and reg,give me 5 mins
  9. Re: 32 Red €50 sng If luckboxnemo doesn't reg can you Please PM the password to me so it gives me 5 mins to download software and deposit.Would be appreciated :-)
  10. Re: 32 Red €50 sng If some1 doesnt play! or reg,I am willing to step in:-) I will leave my punterslounge account on all night to check.Thanks
  11. Re: $250 disconnection Freeoll 06/07 7pm I don't qualify but helpful post :-) Couldn't even log in yesterday on any my Ipoker sites.
  12. Re: 32 Red €50 sng Cool,I would love to play,please put me in the draw :-) Thanks
  13. Hey Guys,just wondering if any1 else has qualified for the GSOP Malta event,be nice to meet up & maybe go on same flight and share transfer costs. I qualified tonight after my 5th Steps tournament! :-) This is a different event from the Full Tilt one,I busted out of that one earlier tonight after my JJ lost v A8 with 29 players left :-( cheers :-)
  14. Re: Full Tilt Battle of Malta x 25 packages up for grabs Well done Slapdash :-) Best of luck :-D
  15. Re: Poker 770 10k gtd $2 rebuy + depositors freroll Haven't got a ticket but will be playing it anyway :-) I only try and play once a week if I can help it! But big night tomo as Stars 1M Freeroll and those 770 MTTs & trying to FT a FTP Rush MTT to win a ticket for there $25k Freeroll. Be nice if one of us PL guys can win the top prize on the Stars 1M freeroll!
  16. Re: PL Exclusive - Stan James June Poker League-$650 added First Leg Mon 3rd June! Im In! LIKE2FISH great promo :-)
  17. Re: Grosvenor Withdrawal Symptoms Gutted its not running,I wasn't playing poker on weds anymore as just restricting myself to just 1 night a week now. Was going to play the Grosvenor poker league game tonight and was hoping to win it to get a seat to final! Hope it returns as great promo even though I cant play in it much as Monday is my only night I play unless a special one off tourney comes up. Thanks to PL & Grosvenor for the past,hope it returns :-)
  18. Re: WPTMag / Everest Poker Freeroll 31st March 7pm Spitevenom told me about it before,I sometimes run 2 on the netbook & I haven't installed it on my new laptop. But won't be playing much poker nowadays,just on mondays will be my 1 only regular day. Spending more time with the Mrs. so poker taking a back seat! But poker has been good to me since 2006 :-)
  19. Re: PL Exclusive - Grosvenor GUKPT March League - Over £1000 added Final Wed 3rd Apri Well done to all you guys who made the final,great promo.You guys always provide a good tough game! Shame I can't donate to you guys anymore on weds as poker taking a back seat in my life from now on,just going to play on mondays regularly only now to spend more time with Mrs.
  20. Re: PL Exclusive - Stan James March Poker League - $650 added Grand Final Mon 1st Apr Well done guys,your a tough bunch to beat :-) Good luck all in the final :-)
  21. Re: Expect poker "DoN Domination iPad Giveaway" what site? thanks Ignore,I see what site! didnt read properly!
  22. Re: comeon poker league Soz guys,cant play as booked hols for that final date. Good luck with it guys.
  23. Re: comeon poker league damn just checked the final dates & I may be on hols with mrs already. I will post my def answer tomo as booking hols tomo if still avaliable. If I can play I would like to be in team 2!
  24. Re: Coral $1k Freeroll & iPad to Winner - 21st March [20 points required on 20th Marc rebuys normally don't count on most sites as its the tourney fee paid how you get awarded points & the rebuys have no tourney fee(rebuys & addons go in the prize pool).
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