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  1. Re: April 29 - May 5 Great job, although a bit lucky with the last two picks :) Keep up the good work. Cheers
  2. Re: April 22 - April 28 24.04 Rafael Nadal - Carlos Berlocq - Lay Nadal 1.03 Betfair - 0.5/10 (for £1.5 you'll get £50) Rafael Nadal - Carlos Berlocq - Back Berlocq +1.5 Set (should be between 15-20 but not listed yet) - 0.5/10 Rafa is going strong after the injury he picked up last year but he's not a machine he used to be yet. He's played against Berlocq in Sao Paulo this year and the Argentine managed to get a set of Rafa and wasn't that far from winning the whole match. Theoretically, Nadal is better now but his recent results show that he might struggle from time to time, which allows to think that players like Berlocq stand a chance of taking a few games or even a set off the Spaniard. Cheers, Mark
  3. Re: March 18 - March 31 To be honest with you Regnavetto, I would've picked more or less the same matches. The Donskoy match is probably the biggest surprise to me but these sort of results are almost impossible to predict. Keep up the good work Cheers, Mark
  4. Re: March 4 - March 17 What do you think of today's match between Rafa and Berdych? Should Nadal really be such s favourite? I do understand that he won against Federer and his comeback has been quite impressive but he hasn't played anyone special up to now (Federer seems to be out of form and far from being his best so the win cannot count as a real reflection of Rafa's momentum). I do not feel that Berdych has been at his best neither but he's been quite consistent in recent weeks so anything around 3.00 and over would be a reasonable bet on the Czech, don't you think? Cheers, Mark
  5. Re: March 4 - March 17 Some good calls guys. Big thanks to Dylan, CzechPunter and slider24 for great analysis. Regardless of the results I love to read valuable information. I wonder where Regnavetto is, he's got some good insight in the sport as well. I've watched some of the matches involving Sharapova, Djokovic and Azarenka. Sharapova looked a bit lost in the first set but after a few games she gained her momentum and trashed the Spaniard in the second set. Djoko has some minor issues in the first set as well but from 1-4 to Dimitrov he showed a lot of quality and proven that he'll be capable of winning the whole tournament. In terms of Azarenka I have to admit that she has been very consistent. Regardless of whether I like her or not I have to admit that she was playing very well without any major errors the only concern I have is that she seemed to be in some pain at the end of the first set but still managed to take advantage of the younger of the Radwanska sisters. I think that if she manages to get over the pain or the injury she seemed to pick up, she could trash Wozniacki easily but if she is struggling a bit with her health the Pole/Dane could take the full advantage of the situation and may win against the Belarusian. Cheers, Mark
  6. Re: March 4 - March 17 Good stuff mate. This is what I'm looking for. Good analysis, not just bare picks. I do love your match analysis but the tour preview could come out handy as well. Cheers for that, Mark
  7. Re: March 4 - March 17 Hi everyone, Sorry for an off-topic but as you are aware we have around 4 weeks of some good tennis coming up. First Indian Wells then Miami. My question is, where do you normally watch your matches or highlights? I'm based in the UK but there aren't too many options for me to watch tennis on the tele. What would you recommend? Have you ever used tennistv? Is it any good or is it better to stick with the free streaming? I've tried bet365 as well but to be honest with you the quality of the picture does not allow to watch the matches at any higher resolution and what follows it's not a pleasure at all to follow where the ball landed. I'd appreciate your help. Cheers, Mark
  8. Re: February 4 - February 10 VTR Open R. Nadal - J. Chardy - Pick J. Chardy (+5.5) @ 2.06 - Pinnacle Sports (2/10) Nadal has been playing quite well after the injury but you can see in his play that he's probably trying to save all his best for the French Open. His current style at the VTR Open reminds me a little bit of Federer's play at the AO (winning matches by just doing enough :) ) Chardy has got a decent record on clay and I think that the match might end 6-4, 6-4 or with a tie break in one of the sets which is why the above handi seems quite reasonable at these odds. Cheers, Mark
  9. Re: Australian Open 2013 I've got a similar view on the match as Atko but I'm not quite sure what to think of the duel. I do think that Federer has got what it takes to beat Murray and I do think that the odds for the win are attractive enough but am a bit puzzled on Federer's performance in the match against Tsonga. He did win it but the number of faults commited did not remind me of the great RF. On the other hand Li was supposed to lose against the strong Sharapova who in turn was to meet Serena in the final but we all know it hasn't come true so why not Federed in the final against Djoko. Mark
  10. Re: Australian Open 2013 Sorry to anyone who went for the Stephens or Sharapova pick. I'm surprised with the results in the womens' semis, very surprised :( Mark
  11. Re: Australian Open 2013 V. Azarenka - S. Stephens - Pick S. Stephens (+5.5) @ 2.11 Pinnacle Sports (2/10) V. Azarenka - S. Stephens - Pick S. Stephens @ 8.35 Pinnacle Sports (0.5/10) The reason behind picking the American lies not in her win against Serena. The reason why I think that Stephens stands a chance against Victoria is that the Belarusian should have been gone from the AO long ago. She barely won against injured Hampton, she won against Kuznetsova by the skin on her teeth (despite the result showing something different). I do think that Stephens has a little bit less quality than Kuznetsova in the current form but if it wasn't for some minor health issues for Svetlana I believe we would have seen her in the semis now instead of Vica. Azarenka is very inconsistent in my eyes at the moment which is why I think that the match might end 6-4, 6-3 for her, unless the American can get a set off her. Cheers, Mark
  12. Re: Australian Open 2013 There is just one comment for the Azarenka - Kuznetsova game. You'll know what I mean either if you watch it or you check the number of faults and errors!! Mark
  13. Re: Australian Open 2013 I hope no one will mind me posting another message and not editing the previous one. N. Li - M. Sharapova - Pick M. Sharapova (-5) @ 1.84 Pinnacle Sports (1/10) The Li - Radwanska match wasn't a big surprise to me. Radwanska has got a few players on the tour she doesn't like to play against Li being one of them. It's not that Radwanska is not capable of winning with these players it's simply all in her head and until she deals with these demons she will struggle to get to the number one that she's been thinking of for a long time. In other words it wasn't Li's best performance ever, she played solid tennis and that allowed her to win but Maria is a complete opposite of Agnieszka. I think that the match against Sharapova may end 6-3 6-3 which is why I'm going for the handi, although just a small stake because I thought that the odds could have been slightly higher (1.92-1.95) on the Russian's win. Cheers, Mark
  14. Re: Australian Open 2013 R. Federer - J. W. Tsonga - Pick Tsonga (+5.5) @ 2.01 Pinnacle Sports (1/10) I have watched all Federer's matches at the AO so far and it looks to me that he is in great shape and focused. He hasn't dropped a set yet but he didn't realy have a chance to do that as all the players he played against so far were far from being convincing when playing with 'The Professor' on the other side of the net. Both Tomic and Raonic didn't have anything to oppose Federer except their serve which was poor at times anyway. I do believe that Federer should win it and it can be quite a comfortable win. I wouldn't normally go with such a tight handi but the thing that allows me to believe that I am right at taking the above punt is first of all the fact that it seems that Federer wants to win most of his games with losing as little strenght as possible, which means that if a return game is not going his way he'll have it another go in the next one and so on. The other thing is, Tsonga has got more quality than any of the players Federer has played at the AO so far and he does not give up so easily which in turn may allow him to even get a set of the FedEx. Cheers, Mark