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  1. Hi guys, so I opened a Leovegas account last tuesday and won a small sum of money. On Wednesday I had been waiting for a pending withdrawal so I contacted them and asked if they could send it through. He said we're closing you're account and not processing your withdrawal as you held a previous account with us. I absolutely had no recollection of ever having a leovegas account in the past but I did remember opening a betting account with someone but closing it immediately as when I logged in it said "sports is not available in Ireland". So I thought that must be it. However 2 days later it changes and on Friday he said I self excluded myself. Absolutely untrue, however I did self exclude myself from a casino back in February as they kept sending me emails and had no option to unsubscribe. It turns out they are a sister company of Leovegas. Now my money has been taken and 20 or more open bets confiscated through no fault of my own. Any help or advice would be appreciated
  2. Re: Premier League - Week 1 6/4 on Bet365 for Peter Wright over 2.5 180s
  3. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan Thanks for that Kevin but believe it or not that was the same link I sent to them along with the scorecard and they wouldnt accept that! Update,sent them a link from espn darts and they have corrected the settlement,cheers Kevin and Aidy [TABLE=class: bsdt, width: 692] [TR=class: nbb] [TD=class: lft]Over 128.5[/TD] [TD=class: lft]BDO World Championship 2014 - Green vs Robson (Highest Checkout Score 2-Way)[/TD] [TD=class: ctr, align: center]08/01/2014[/TD] [TD=class: ctr, align: center]None[/TD] [TD=class: ctr, align: center]5/6[/TD] [TD=class: ctr last, align: center]Won[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  4. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan I placed a bet on an over 128.5 checkout in the Green v Robson match with Bet365.There was a 167 in the 5th leg of the 1st set.They settled it as losing.I contacted "livehelp" and they said the highest checkout was 120.I told her it was 167 and sent her a link for the scorecard and match report from the BDO website.She said the traders are definite that the highest checkout was 120 and unless I can forward a screenshot of another site with the checkout it wont be changed. Can anyone tell me another site where the checkout can be found.I told her to look on twitter cause there's over 50 tweets about the checkout but she said she cant. Thanks for your help lads
  5. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan Something fishy going on with this match on the 180s.I get 8/11 this morning on over 4.5 and 10 minutes before the game the price changes to 6/5.So far Razma has switched 4 or 5 times after 2 treble 20s and de vos twice
  6. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Betfred say only 1st round games count,not prelims.7/1 now with paddy power. Good luck
  7. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Most 180s on day Devon Petersen @ 12/1 Paddy Power After a year out of darts with an arm injury Petersen qualified for this event through his win in the South African open in september.In his first tournament back from injury in august he also won hitting 3 180s in 3 legs in the final.He is a big scorer and with the probability of him coming through against Sapup and then a close game against Beaton,I think 12/1 could be an early christmas present.
  8. Re: British Open~18th-21st July 1pt Padraig Harrington E/W 7 places 70/1 Bet365 It might seem a long shot but given the right conditions and a burst of confidence or form and 70/1 will look very decent.He missed out on a playoff here in 2002 after a bogey on the final hole.He will win more golf tournaments eventually and why not this tournament that he's won twice in the past 6 years.Certainly looks more promising when 2 of his fellow golfers Alaistair Forsyth and Jim Furyk have tipped him to challenge this week.
  9. Re: Australia vs Sri Lanka - ODI Series & 2xT20 Internationals Sorry mate,just the one.That dropped catch by Mathews in Malingas 8th over and the wicketkeeper not being able to hit the stumps from 3 yards in his final over didnt help.Some really close calls but still sure it was good value just unlucky :(
  10. Re: Australia vs Sri Lanka - ODI Series & 2xT20 Internationals What about Malinga over 1.5 wickets at 5/6 with Ladbrokes,seems pretty good value. Even if he doesnt take early wickets his bowling in the later power play and death overs should cover this
  11. Re: 2013 PDC World Darts Championship Very odd,I think something happened after he came back from the break when he was 4-2 up.Only a single 180 after that.He had what looked like perfect lies and kept switching
  12. Re: 2013 PDC World Darts Championship lol
  13. Re: Big Bash League 2012-13 Made a LOT OF MONEY,YOUR AMAZING
  14. Re: Players Championship Finals - 30 Nov - 2 Dec Huybrechts vs Wright Huybrechts to hit most 180s @ 10/11 Boylesports For me this is the bet that stands out today.Peter Wright didnt manage a single 180 yesterday,even though his average was almost 95.He hit 1 against Lloyd in 11 legs.Huybrechts as shown yesterday is likely to hit at least 3 or 4 and that should be enough to win this comfortably
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