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  1. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    Joe Joyce vs. Bermane Stiverne Under 3.5 rounds @ 2.2 5dimes 4/10 If you think you've seen the WORST Bermane Stiverne EVER 14 months ago vs. Wilder II then you might get to see an even WORSE Bermane Stiverne tomorrow night. Stiverne weighed in at 254 pounds vs. Wilder II. It was the heaviest weight he weighed in since 2008. And what happened today? I can't help myself than laughing my ass off........he comes in at 273 POUNDS!!! Come on, give me a break. He's here to collect the paycheck. He looks in AWFUL shape. He will get a beating as long as he shares the ring with Joyce tomorrow. I doubt it lasts long.
  2. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    Yomar Alamo vs. Manuel Mendez Manuel Mendez @3.05 Pinnacle 8/10 Alamo is unproven yet, he hasn't fought anyone with a pulse and from what i've seen he's a bit amateurish. Lot of technical flaws. It looks like he has decent power but we can't say it for sure as he only fought bums in his career. In my opinion he isn't passing the eye test as he doesn't look like a elite prospect. He is the promoted fighter here so we should not forget that if it comes to the judges scorecards but hell, this is looking like some really good value on Mendez who is a very tough and durable opponent and for sure the best opponent Alamo has ever fought by a wide margin. Mendez having b2b losses recently but he fought ELITE prospects (Navarro & Fredrickson). He arguably won the Navarro fight but Golden Boy didn't allow his golden boy Navarro losing his 0 obviously. We can talk about that fight here for a long time and i could write some big analysis but it's not necessary. The case is clear as a whistle: Mendez has much more experience, has fought the much (!!) better opposition and is a tough mf in the ring who looked good vs. some of the best prospects in the country while Alamo has a padded record and looking amateurish in the footage you can watch of him but he has the promoter behind him. Could be a pick em fight under those circumstances, i would still give Mendez the edge here if it comes to a fair line. Odds on Mendez looking like the bet of the weekend. Even if he gets KOd here or losing a robbery decision those odds can't be for real.
  3. Thiago Seyboth Wild vs. Taro Daniel @2.69 Pinnacle 4/10 Seyboth Wild is a big prospect, should have beaten Giannessi in Cordoba but failed while being a break up in the second and third set. Obviously this is something that can happen at 18, he's young and raw but an elite level prospect. On the other hand Daniel is a joke. His performance in Buenos Aires last week vs. RBC was absymal. Odds on the youngster looking good enough to take.
  4. UFC : 2019

    ngannou made it short...after 26 seconds in round 1 he KTFOd Velasquez...easy win as expected
  5. UFC : 2019

    Francis Ngannou @ 2.65 5dimes 7/10 Do me a fkn favour!!! What the heck is going on here? There is no way on gods green earth that Cain Velasquez is the favorite vs. Francis Ngannou tomorrow. All the UFC hipsters are taking Velasquez because he is an ATG and a huge draw in the game but let's face the truth...this guy is shot to pieces. No way he gonna beat that beast Ngannou this night. Ngannou fought three times in 2018 and faced elite opposition: Heavy handed guys like Miocic and Lewis and he wasn't stopped. His chin is good enough to take some heavy blows. Velasquez is 36 years old, he fought only twice in the last five and a half years. He wasn't allowed to fight two or three years ago because of health issues. Ngannou will make it short here, expect the same outcome as vs. Overeem here.
  6. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    Ivan Redkach vs. Tyrone Harris Under 4.5 rounds @2.0 5dimes 4/10 Typical mismatch. Harris is a natural 130 pounder while Redkach is a natural 140 pounder and a big one. I doubt Harris can take the power at 140. He was stopped at 130/135 several times and now he's facing an awkward tricky southpaw with heavy hands. Furthermore Redkach came in 3 lb heavier than Harris, he might be much bigger & heavier comes fight night.
  7. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    already in the pocket, they are in round 4 now...EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY win
  8. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    Felipe Romero vs. Steve Nelson Over 2.5 rounds @ 2.4 22bet 5/10 Huge mistake by the books offering the 2.5 here. This is an 8 rounder. Romero is the first real test for Nelson and he was brought into that to give Nelson a couple of rounds and a decent test. Romero was Usyk's debut opponent and went 5 rounds with him. He also went 10 rounds with Masternak, 9 rounds with Leapai, 8 rounds with Bivol and 6 rounds with Glowacki. I know he was stopped in one round by Benavidez and Luis Garcia but he was caught cold and i doubt it'll happen again. Wouldn't be surprised if this goes the distance to be honest. Nelson has only stopped total bums so far. No doubt he'll win this but 2.5 rounds? No, i think the line should be at least 4.5...
  9. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    Derrick Webster vs. Lennox Allen Lennox Allen wins by KO/TKO/DQ @ 12 William Hill 2/10 Allen is huge and he came in three pounds heavier than Webster. Allen looks like a LHW and Webster was beaten by a MW in the past. I think size matters here and i can see Allen grinding Webster down. Allen might be not that high but from the body composition i think this could be a huge mismatch. And Allen obviously has the power.
  10. Noah Rubin @ 2.15 5dimes 5/10 Fully expect Rubin to play a great tournament here and with Thompson he has a winnable first round. This is Rubins home tournament in New York City. He skipped the last week in Dallas and decided to prepare in New York at home so he is fully fit and ready for the tournament and last year he played a great match vs. Nishikori. Rubin had a close match with Thompson a couple of months ago, i think he will edge it this time. Thompson on the other side had some minor issues before Davis Cup, so he played only doubles there, i think he should be fine here but still without a competitive match for almost four weeks.
  11. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

  12. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    Cristian Rafael Coria vs. Joel Diaz Jr. Cristian Rafael Coria ML @ 20.50 Sportbet 3/10 Coria is tough as nails, he has an iron chin and was never stopped in his seven losses and he fought some good opposition like Hiroki Okada, Daud Yordan, Custio Clayton or Paulus Moses. Although Coria isn't looking that heavy handed he dropped both Okada and Yordan so he might have above average power dropping that kind of opposition. Joel Diaz Jr. is still a prospect, very raw, he didn't fight for 16 months after getting knocked out by Regis Prograis and fought a 40yo glass chinned bum afterwards with 8 ko losses (out of 15) so no comparison to Coria at all. Coria is a living dog here and if he can bring the pressure to Diaz and maybe hurt him i can see Coria taking the fight, also on points.
  13. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    odds on day dropped till 1.6 , he won a clear UD . easy money folks.
  14. Boxing Tips: Jan/Feb/March 2019

    Patrick Day vs. Ismail Iliev Patrick Day @ 2.4 5dimes 5/10 Let's be clear here...Illiev can't crack an egg with his punches, he is featherfisted and has a very boring style to fight. He NEVER knocked an opponent out in his whole career so far. Officially he scored three knockouts but one of them was a doctors stoppage due to a cut (vs. Villalba), another one was due to an injured opponent (vs. Salzmann) and the third one was more or less a corner stoppage (vs. Gulyakevich). Furthermore Iliev has a very boring style to fight, i think he is one of the most boring fighters who's fighting on a decent level in Europe and has some televised fights. I doubt he will impress the judges in America with his style + he has some attitudes which can lead to point deductions quickly as holding and he has no home advantage here so who knows. On the other side Patrick Day is solid domestic level in the US. He beat some good opponents recently and is on a very solid streak of five straight wins by decision. His opposition was durable as i mentioned. He beat Elvin Ayala who is a durable journeymen. He beat Eric Walker who was in prison for 13 years but is a very solid boxer and beat for example one of Al Haymons top prospects Chris Pearson. Furthermore he has wins over Kyrone Davis (was a very good amateur) and Virgilijus Stapulionis. Day is a typical stylish american fighter: athletic body, fast hands and movement, explosiveness and obviously the solid amateur background you have if you grow up in those american boxing gyms.
  15. Challenger Cleveland Ryan Shane @ 3.23 Pinnacle 4/10 Shane is a big hitter and obviously he is dangerous at faster surfaces and indoors, he reached his first final there two months ago. His nerves are the problem, he is too inconsistent but if he is on he can bang especially with his forehand. his serve is also a massive weapon. He was one of the best college players a couple of years ago but never made it at the pros. But i do not give up on him, maybe 2019 is his breakthrough year, who knows, he's still relatively young at age 24 so we might see him crack into Top 200 this year. His opponent JJ wolf is in really really good shape, won Columbus challenger at home as he is a player of Ohio State and also destroyed all of his opponents at college last two weeks but i think he is still young and Shane is a total unpredictable matchup for him. Should be close.