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  1. Braga Challenger Fred Gil @3.25 Pinnacle 4/10 Fading Cuevas after losing 06 06 is not bad move imo, i don't rate him anyway. Cuevas won 8/33 service points vs. Ehrat in Savannah a couple of days ago. He didn't do much on the Ehrat serve aswell. It was an awful performance. Not sure if he's injured again or he just had a bad day in the office, doesn't matter at all, he's playing a decent local player in Fred Gil who is former Top 70 player and had some good results over the last years at those bigger tournaments in Portugal. He has very good ballstriking abilities, hits the ball clean and flat but lacking consistency, can implode from nowhere, but i hope it won't today.
  2. easy harris stopped him after 50 secs of round 1, there were 2 or 3 classes between them lol....i had small side bet on KO aswell and it cashed but i think going with BIG stake on the ML was the right move in the first place this was first grade gift from the books.
  3. bhullar wins an unanimous decision with 2x 29-28 and 30-27. 29-28 was good score, 30-27 a bit harsh, i think adams won the second round. but a win is a win!!
  4. Arjan Bhullar @2.20 Pinnacle 4/10 Bhullar is an Olympian freestyle Wrestler. He developed good striking aswell. He only lost to Wieczorek via omoplata sub, great finish but very, very unlucky for Bhullar and to be fair Adams isn't really a BJJ guy...Adams has Division 1 Wrestling background so he's okay but still class below Bhullar and imo Wrestler beats striker. I like him as an slight underdog to "upset" Adams with his wrestling skills.
  5. Walt Harris @1.63 5dimes 10/10 Joke odds on Harris. Should be 1.3 or even less. Harris will destroy Spivak tomorrow, i guarantee you that. Spivak out of shape, totally soft and simply one or two classes below Harris. Fought some old guys in Russia, his UFC debut will expose him as what he is....not quality level fighter. Harris will eat him alive, he might hurt him badly here.
  6. Estoril doubles G. Granollers/M. Lopez @1.581 Pinnacle 10/10 Both Andreozzi and Dellien will play qualifying in Madrid on Saturday. It's an 1000 Masters event in Madrid so i doubt they gonna prioritise a doubles match here. Furthermore, Granollers/Lopez looking like a decent team to compete anyway.
  7. ATP Munich Doubles D. Molchanov/I. Zelenay vs. M. Cecchinato/A. Seppi @3.01 Pinnacle 3/10 In my opinion this matchup is all about motivation. IF Cecchinato and Seppi are motivated and will show up in solid condition they should defeat Molchanov and Zelenay. If not it's probably 60/40 for them. I'll risk it.
  8. Some bets i like tomorrow & i have taken Ostrava Challenger David Poljak @4.70 188bet 4/10 I probably wouldn't bet Poljak in any other case but here i have to try it at least. He's from Ostrava so this is basically his Grand Slam final each year, playing in his home town in front of his fans and friends. Even better to bet on him against a guy like Vavassori who is - to be honest - one of the worst players i have seen playing on that level regulary as he's playing Challengers most of the time. He has a big serve, i give him that, but from the baseline he's pretty much an error machine with weak consistency. I think if Poljak has solid day he can make it close. Seoul Challenger Y.-S. Kim/H.-C. Lim @9.50 Betfair 2/10 Just a try. Kim/Lim had few solid results in 2018 on Challenger level: 46 63 2-10 vs. Hsieh/Rungkat; 67 36 vs. Wu/Zhang; 46 46 vs. Roelofse/Smith. Those teams are pretty solid Challenger level guys. Furthermore we have two Korean teams here so might be a bit less competitive atmosphere, more friendly. Kim/Lim +30 matches together, Chung/Lee on the other side have played one match together in the past and both are not well known for taking doubles too seriously in the past (both not ranked inside Top 400). Savannah Challenger Cannon Kingsley @3.28 Pinnacle 4/10 I don't rate Johannes Haerteis. I know him very well as i followed his career in detail, especially at younger age and i think he reached his maximum already. Don't think he can go further on Challenger level. This is a good matchup for Kingsley who is one of the better prospects in the US. He's a Top 10 Junior right now and showed some decent stuff on the higher level recently, winning sets vs solid clay court player Velotti and Ritschard + had close match with Schnur in New York earlier this year. I would make this a pick em match.
  9. Nanchang Hao Wu vs. Vaclav Safranek @8.47 Pinnacle 4/10 I have to try this as Wu isn't bad. I know him from a couple of years ago where he was called one of the bigger prospects in China. He was decent Junior player, nearly cracked Top 100, beat a couple of decent names like Alexander Erler or Yibing Wu. He looked pretty good yesterday in qualifying. I watched the match and he was playing aggressively with big groundstrokes and huge serves. On the other side we have Safranek who's in a slump for months now. Losing to guys like Roncalli, Perchicot, Haerteis, lost sets to players like Sabanin or Netuschil aswell. He looked pretty bad last week vs. Myneni. Only landed ~50% of his first serves, and the second serve was a mess, lot of errors. If Wu has a big day and good rhytm he can make this closer than odds around 9 suggest and if Safranek losing the plot again the win for the underdog isn't out of reach.
  10. Good call. I took Zeppieri yesterday @ 2.65 with big stake. My biggest bet this week so far. He'll beat Barranco.
  11. Leon Challenger Carlos Gomez-Herrera vs. Gerardo Lopez Villasenor @2.50 Pinnacle 3/10 Good chance for Lopez to upset the Spaniard here. Lopez has dangerous game with huge forehand and big serve, he's a big talent on my ranking. He had close match with Johnson in Acapulco and beat Escobedo in Morelos. Should be 50/50.
  12. I took it at Bethard @ 3 with 450 € limits are okay for me.
  13. Nanchang Challenger Go Soeda vs. N. Sriram Balaji @3.03 Pinnacle 5/10 I do rate Balaji very high, he's pretty good player with nice variety, can play all styles (aggressive offensively, more defense with counter shots). Furthermore he has good serve aswell. I like his style and as he's focusing on doubles he hasn't a ranking in singles at all so he's often underrated and gets nice odds. He can play well on clay, played a lot on clay early in his career and has best winning % on clay. He likes those claycourts in Anning which are a bit special as there is high altitude and it's pretty special conditions according to some players. Soeda on the other side is absolutely NO clay player, he has terrible record on clay with 15-22 throughout his entire career, considering he's almost 35 years old this is pretty much all you need to know. Soedas last two wins on clay were vs. old and half retired Lleyton Hewitt 2015 in Houston and 2012 at the World Team Cup in Dusseldorf vs. Andy Roddick. He has absolutely no business on clay and odds are great here to fade him.
  14. Some Thursday action from Chechnya! There is a big card in Grozny today, most matchups are mismatches to be honest and a lot of short odds there on the line but i think i found some value. Islam Edisultanov wins by Decision or Technical Decision @3.40 Bet365 4/10 I taped Edisultanov and he looks decent, you can clearly see some kind of amateur background, he has good technique and nice footwork, creating angles and throwing with variety. He also looks like a big 154, i am pretty sure he'll be the bigger man compared to Evchenko. I like Evchenko, he's pretty solid and definitely much better than his record suggests which is 18-11-1 but he always comes to fight and never quits. 11 losses but 0 by KO so i doubt Edisultanov will stop him here. On the other side Edisultanov is fighting at home in Chechnya (he's from a town 30km away from Grozny in Chechnya) and he's promoted aswell. I don't see any other outcome here.
  15. ATP: Monte Carlo Lucas Catarina vs. Jaume Munar +1.5 sets @4.69 Pinnacle 4/10 Catarina played a fantastic match vs. Raonic last year in Monte Carlo where he won the first set and was about to defeat Raonic but lost the plot in the end and lost in three sets. I think Raonic wasn't at 100% there and pulled out later on in the tournament but it was a great match of Catarina and of course i expect another good performance from him today as he's from Monaco so this is his home tournament and probably the match of the year. He's a great prospect with decent game, i can remember following him for a few years now and he's still young at age 22 and might get his breakthrough anytime soon although i don't think he's elite level prospect i can see him cracking the Top 200/250 and this should be enough to give Munar a tough fight here. I try +1.5 sets here, Munar is strong but he's more a grinder which suit Catarina with his flat hitting. Furthermore he has a good serve. I also think Munar looked tired in Marrakech vs. Paire.