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  1. Australian Open 2019

    For no reason i have the feeling Alex Bolt will upset Zverev tomorrow. LOL.
  2. Australian Open 2019

    Rafael Nadal -6 games @ 2.03 Pinnacle 10/10 This is the first 10/10 bet for me this year i think. Nadal should cruise to a win here, Berdych looks decent but the matchup is simply a horror right now for the Bird and i do expect at least one set where he collapses. I 100% agree with CP here in terms of the outcome, i had this in mind since both won their matches today but i wanted to wait till Asian bookmakers publishing odds as i can't bet as those books like Marathon and all the other 10 Euro books.
  3. Australian Open 2019

    Two more bets for the next night A. Bai/Z. Hives @ 3 sbobet 2/10 D. Goffin @ 2.85 5dimes 4/10 Goffin looks good. Medvedev is in superb shape and looks like a dark horse for the win in Melbourne but i do not trust him as he lacks stamina and nerves in long matches and sets and i do expect this going full five sets as Goffin in decent shape is normally Top 15 material. Should be entertaining though. Bai/Hives played together several times now, looking good in singles too recently. Can see them winning this as their opponents are no elite team at all. I am a bit worried about the fact that Bai and Hives both supposed to play qualies in Burnie at the weekend for the tournament next week but i can't believe that they'll tank a GS doubles match at their home slam....if they do...they are dumb in many ways.
  4. Australian Open 2019

    Did you actually watch the matches? No offense, i also think Nishikori should pull this off and win vs. Sousa BUT Nishikori looked horrible. How can you write that Nishikori was more convincing than Sousa? Sousa played 2times better than Nishikori in both of his matches. Nishikori was outpointed by Karlovic from time to times and i do not talking about the serve or something. Nishikori was absymal vs. Majchrzak and didn't look good vs. Karlovic either. I would not touch this handicap with one hand right now. Sousa also has a very awkward style and also uses a lot of slices like Karlovic and Nishikori had many problems to handle the slice. The H2H is irrelevant as one win for Sousa was a retirement by Nishikori by the way. 1-1 sounds so even considering Sousa never won a set vs. Nishikori. Still, i doubt this is serious value. I would consider taking the over here instead of -6 at worse odds. Sousa looked pretty good so far and beat two very good players (Kohli, Pella). Was very impressed by the serve of Sousa which worked really well under those conditions. Anyway...good luck but i can only stay away from that match. Everything can happen but if everything goes his way sousa should have pretty decent chance to win at least one set here.
  5. Australian Open 2019

    Mixed Doubles S. Zhang/J. Peers -1.5 sets @ 2.25 Sbobet 4/10 Usually don't like those mixed doubles events as it's more a exo than a real tournament if women and men sharing a tennis court BUT i like this one as Fucsovics on the other side looked injured vs. Coric, took a medical timeout there and wasn't able to play near 100% there. I doubt he is going all in here. Zhang and Peers already played three slams together in mixed doubles in 2018 and they won 5 of their 8 matches reaching the semifinal of the US Open finally. They should win this quite comfortably i think.
  6. M15 Naples, Fl. Nicolas Alvarez @ 2.51 Sbobet 3/10 Looks like a 50/50 match to me. Alvarez is a very talented guy, as a junior he beat guys like Moutet or Fritz and he decided to go for a college career but he finished it before his senior year as he turned full pro last year. https://www.dukechronicle.com/article/2018/08/nico-alvarez-to-forgo-final-year-of-eligibility-for-duke-mens-tennis He beat Sakamoto on clay before, a couple of months ago in Sakamotos home country Brazil so i don't know why he should not be able to beat him again. Sakamoto is decent but in terms of talent i do rate Alvarez higher. If he brings his A-game i think he should win this.
  7. I like Ortega-Olmedo to beat Maden. Roberto Ortega-Olmedo @ 3.91 Pinnacle 4/10 Spaniard has a couple of decent results on hardcourt / indoor hardcourt and he gave Maden a good fight two years ago on Madens best surface clay so i do not see why Ortega should not able to beat him indoor as the Spaniard likes to play on fast surfaces. Maden also is coming back from an injury, he had no real off season with a training camp or something. His first round opponent was a bum.
  8. Australian Open 2019

    Jeremy Chardy to win @ 6.5 3/10
  9. Australian Open 2019

    Zverev looks finished tbh. Wouldn't be surprised if Chardy pulls this off if it goes to the fifth set.
  10. Challenger Koblenz Begemann/Junaid + Melzer/Polasek @ 2.31 Sportingbet 3/10 Solid parlay. Like them both, took Melzer/Polasek yesterday at even odds and they played really well, they're looking like a doubles team that can do damage even at higher level imo. Begemann/Junaid should be too solid and motivated for Kolar and Pavlasek.
  11. Australian Open 2019

    Ivo Karlovic @ 5.42 Pinnacle 4/10 Ryan Harrison @ 5.61 Pinnacle 4/10 Coric/Fucsovics over 36 @ 1.943 Pinnacle 4/10 Alex Bolt +2.5 sets @ 1.99 Pinnacle 4/10 Djokovic/Tsonga over 34 @ 2.0 Pinnacle 4/10 Zverev/Chardy over 33.5 @ 1.877 Pinnacle 4/10 Denis Shapovalov -7 games @ 2.03 Pinnacle 4/10 Karlovic was playing very well recently while Nishikori looked absolutely horrible in the first round. No idea what happened to him between Brisbane and Melbourne but if he plays like that today i expect Dr. Ivo to make it very, very close as his serve is working well. Harrison should be a living dog, he is dangerous on those courts in Australia, he likes the conditions and he served very well in the first round. Medvedev is still a hot & cold player who can easily be outpointed if he has a bad day. Those over bets should be solid, i expect in all of those matches 3 close sets or even 4 or 5 sets. Shapovalov looked good vs. Andujar, he served very well while Daniel was absymal. Daniel wasn't able to return those WTA serves by injured Kokkinakis, unreal scenes, Daniel is such a mug, can believe he is a Top 100 player. Shapovalov should beat him quite easily IF he can avoid those DUMB errors.
  12. Yeah, he looked decent even in the first set but made some typical errors after being out for such a long time. I put some money on him while he was a set and a break down, nice win to start a week. He played very good in the third set.
  13. Australian Open 2019

    No problem, my english isn't that good either. Medvedev: should win BUT his opponent is very dangerous and i think if Harris has a good day is striking the ball well he has a chance. I took the over . Nishikori: should win clearly and comfortably Coric: Not sure how much match rythm and practice he has, he might be rusty and Darcis looked good recently so i took Darcis +2.5 sets but in the end i think Coric should prevail but tricky matchup for sure. Zverev: Odds on Bedene are raising and raising, might be a sign Zverev is feeling well and fine but obviously he had a tough last week picking up two minor injuries so you never know. Zverev isn't well known for his big results at Grand Slams... Pliskova: should win comfortably (assume you talked about Karolina) Andreescu: should win comfortably too but i hate to take LOW odds on women as it's most of the time a very bad business haha
  14. Australian Open 2019

    I am pretty confident that both Carreno-Busta and Marterer will reach the second round. Add Djokovic -2.5 sets and you might have the @ 2
  15. Australian Open 2019

    I doubt there are really "safe" bets out there apart from Djokovic, Kohlschreiber or Nishikori with odds like 1.02 or 1.03. So i doubt this is profitable at all.