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  1. I said naive not native. You have no idea where I live or my political leaning.

    What exactly is banning an ATP 1000 level Russian tennis player, living abroad, from making a living going to do to end Putins invasion?

    Crippling Russia's income and creating internal pressure will.

    Not grabbing a pitchfork and going around trying to find people born in Russia to attack like a neanderthal.


  2. 7 minutes ago, Teodore said:

    Well.... "The main conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, Valery Gergiyev, was released from it. "






    For me there is no differrence between teams and indivudual sports.

    Yes russian should be banned from any "public" life: sports, culture and others!








    Thats a very naive view. Everyone is held responsible for the actions of the country they were born in?

    What about people fleeing genocide in their own country, they should be punished for the actions of their Government?

    There are Russians students who work in my research lab, you think I should fire them and kick them out onto the street? You end up being no worse than the people you condemn. 

    Similar to the Olympics, let them compete under a different flag. 

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