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  1. I am not taking any chances. I am pulling my money out. No idea what is going on.?
  2. My experience with IBAS is 3 - 6 months for a straightforward case. This usually means their ruling goes against you. A case with some merit or some complexity tends to be escalated and the timescale may be 6 - 12 months. I have used them 3 times. Once I got a partial ruling in my favour (about £10), once the bookmaker caved (about £25) and the third one was a big one (about £2000) and IBAS wouldn't rule against the bookmaker despite the fact I had, what I thought was an excellent case. Given the length of time they take and their rulings, my faith in them has been eroded.
  3. It looks like Matchbook may be aiming to go head to head with Betfair as they are changing their commission method to that of Betfair except the commission rate is 2% on markets in profit not 3 - 5% and of course no premium charge as of yet. It is just a shame they don't have as many markets as Betfair or Betfair's liquidity. Maybe this will improve.
  4. Thank you for coming back and updating the thread. Well done on your result.
  5. I try to avoid contacting bookmakers by chat. The reason is you tend to get a front line worker with no authority who is unable to take any decision and just follows scripts. So, with a very straightforward enquiry such as an obviously incorrectly settled bet, you are kept hanging on for 25 minutes and then, at the end of it all, you are told the issue will be escalated to a trader. It is very frustrating. What were they doing for 25 minutes? It happens like this every time. Chat tends to resolve nothing. And then, half the time, whatever they said would happen does not happen and you need to contact them again for the very simplest of issues, even primary tasks for a bookmaker like settling bets. Paddy Power has removed their email facility so chat is the only way to have a record of communication. It is just not satisfactory.
  6. Another thread gone dead.
  7. 1. Have them explain their actions in accordance with their terms and conditions. 2. Make a claim to IBAS. 3. Wait a year. 4. If no joy at IBAS, take them to County Court.
  8. My experience going back, say, 5 years was when you had a net profit with a bookie of around £2000, you were heavily limited or had the account closed. I would say nowadays, this is less, maybe around £500.
  9. Re: Tour de France 2015 Froome has now changed his mind! He is now targetting the TDF. Great value at 888 @ 11/4.
  10. With Froome publicly strongly hinting that he will not ride the TDF in 2015, now is probably the time to grab a good price on any of the other big 3, Contador, Nibali or Quintana. That is if long-term, almost "fixed term deposit account" betting is your cup of tea.
  11. Re: Tour De France Cycling 2014 > July 5th - 27th King of the Mountains is a funny one. You often need to look for a rider who is 1) a good climber (obviously), 2) prepared to go in breakaways, 3) not going for GC, 4) not tied up as a domestique for a GC candidate or sprint out train or chasing down breaks, 5) is probably French and 6) has a clear goal to go for the KOM. Often it is a case of reading the rider's blogs and seeing which ones have this as a stated goal. I dunno about Kwiatkowski for KOM. He never goes for KOM in any race, always goes for GC and stage wins.
  12. Re: Tour De France Cycling 2014 > July 5th - 27th Like the premier league, the TDF is a competition where there can't be a surprise winner. Froome vs Contador it is. It is possible that they will both lose time somewhere, crash or get sick so in the second division, we have Nibali, Valverde, Van Den Broeck, Van Garderen, Talansky, Kreuziger and Porte. They all have proven records in 3-week stage races. Nobody outside of these 9 will win. However these will not be the top 9! But one of them will be the winner. Rodriguez is recovering from injury and has stated he is not going for the General Classification. Costa cannot challenge for the TDF. Too much climbing and too long. However there is a bewildering array of other markets to bet on from the winning team to the points jerseys to all kinds of specials. Looking forward to it.
  13. Re: Andy Murray Anybody (including Dolgopolov) would be better than Murray. :hope Reasoning: Subjective opinion of yours truly.
  14. Every sodding betting website has a picture of Andy Murray and his ugly rectangular gob on their homepage. Enough. No more. I don't want to be confronted with this yet again. Reasoning: It puts me off life.
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