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  1. @thecurlyone1 I have pursued it tbh. The rules were never clear had a go may have another go when I get more time.
  2. Tbh here guys the picture I posted above are a large slice of luck. The original poster made the rules very vauge this is my version of this. Take a league Tier the league into teams tier 1,2,3 drag together the fixtures for that day bring that list together. Then set out 4 x 4 timers this is where it gets tricky but can be done. Which I did in the two pictures I posted above. Tbh I have not tired it again since as I thought it was just luck. But the original post seem to have legs. Another way to do this is to rate teams then tier them but sadly a coder needed to do this. @keef75 If you fancy working on something give us a shout I would be willing to help pull something together for this forum ??
  3. Well the shark came home tonight again If you followed well done where is the original poster ? Bet 1
  4. My little go at catching a big Shark As it looks like the original poster has gone spending his 450k
  5. Sorry at work ATM so the pic is hard to see via the phone I did 4 multi six timers I missed one off the Excel sheet but that is what I did and the 485/1 was landed very lucky tbh I don't think this could be sustainable bookies would ban your right away but worth a second look.
  6. @liero1 It's very vague from what the poster has said I just permed these. Bear in mind it was a finger in the wind lol Tables are from fctables easy to get into Excel I also did them as a 6 team acca.
  7. I tried this yesterday on Italy 1 and bingo landed a 482/1 six timer for 4 x £5 Acca bets using the tiered system. Saturday I did Germany 1 and got an 8/1 cashout. Still trying to understand the set up of the tiers ??
  8. 450k is a bit of an ask from the footy tbh. And yes would be good to know how you teir the teams ??
  9. Friday was a very bad day, not so sure why ?? quite a few 0-0 draws which is never good when your chasing a goal. Saturday got back the loss from Friday. Sunday was a whole different day, few early losses but as the afternoon played out began a nice winning streak ended the day +4.5 points. All using my inplay software.
  10. Back testing is overrated many years in this game and been there done it. I have seen systems flying on the back test and go live bomb. With live betting and doing a little home work with averages the team running above average there is likely to be a goal. This way rather than a team hitting a back tested filter it's hitting a true live tested filter. Personally I don't back under a certain price. This is how the likes of statslizard work IMVHO they just use it on bigger scales with computer program. As for sitting in front of the PC all say certainly not what I do i check maybe every 10 mins as people use there mobile and check it every 10 mins well busy people do.
  11. For me pre match betting on football is a thing of the past the odds are far too tight and the bookies are not daft they know there stuff so it sufficates you when you try and make money from it. Pre match stats are a complete waste of time don't work been there tried it many times and failed. A member of the forum "Machine" I think his name was really made me sit up and think he said this going back 5 years or so. So it leaves the best way to make money from football ?? Is inplay the only way these days as bookies don't really know how to react. Do you home work is what I do. I found out averages for dangerous attacks and all that sort of stuff once you have that you have the upper hand. I also use a site that I won't mention as I would be accused of trying to push it but I see all games on one page and I can then decide which games to play and I can actually add my filters to the statement I want to play. Without sounding like a complete know all try it a it really does work.. Hope this helps
  12. Just looking at price when teams are > 2.00 ish at home bit of a scatter brain attack but seems to be doing ok atm. Landed a few big ones in the past but stakes are max £60.
  13. @duckmaster Been trying similar myself on low scoring games with lucky 15's and closely matched teams.
  14. @keef75Amazing amount of work and a great job you have done.
  15. @keef75 coming along great guns all we need is data now current season data is crucial here using pervious data is suicidal as Manchester United would vouch for on Sunday. Personally all my bets are inplay these days I don't bother pre match but using the data you are supplying could help me use inplay as well as my data I use from my site Keep up the good work and effort pays off for them who put the effort in