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  1. Steven Sessegnon remained at Fulham, while his twin brother, Ryan Sessegnon, moved to Tottenham. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Sessegnon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Sessegnon
  2. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 18-20-0 Total staked 170.00 pts Total returns 148.29 pts (Made an error with previous calculation) Profit -21.71 pts WHY DOES ALEX BURKS BOTHER TO SHOOT THE BALL OFF FROM AN OFFENSIVE REBOUND WHEN JAZZ IS DOWN BY 4 WITH 0.1 SECOND LEFT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :@:wall
  3. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 3 more bets for the day: Washington Wizards (-4.5) to beat Miami Heat 5pts @ 1.90 John Wall Under 19.5points 3pts @ 1.83 Wade did admit he was fatigued after the NY Knicks game, and it should be a factor in a B2B game, traveling to their Southeast Division rivals Washington Wizards. On the other hand, I don't think it'll be Wall that does the damage against Heat. He'd averaged 18.1ppg so far, and 16.0ppg in the last 2 weeks. Timofey Mosgov Over 11.5points 4pts @ 1.83 13.0ppg in his last 7 games, and with Derrick Favors being sent home for practice
  4. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 Pretty tired from work today, but jumping onto this early odds: Denver Nuggets (-2.5) to beat Utah Jazz 8pts @ 1.90 (Ladbrokes) Denver Nuggets (-6.0) to beat Utah Jazz 4pts @ 2.45 (Bet365) After their disastrous start, Nuggets have rebounded from a 1-6 start to reach 8-8 at the moment, while Utah have lost their last 6, scoring >100pts only once in their last 12 games, allowing 7 opponents to score >100pts in the same period. In the same 12 games span, Denver have scored >100pts 11 times. From OddsShark, the opening spread was Evens, but
  5. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 16-17-0 Total staked 146.00 pts Total returns 133.30 pts (Made an error with previous calculation) Profit -12.70 pts
  6. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 Do note that Nowitzki is rested for this game.
  7. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 Washington Wizards (-5.5) to beat New Orleans Pelicans 6pts @ 2.05 (SmartLiveSports) Washington Wizards (-8.0) to beat New Orleans Pelicans 2pts @ 2.50 (Bet365) In a back-to-back game, against a home team who is well-rested & endured 2 defeats in a row, the shallowest-bench Pelicans should find it tough going against the Washington Wizards. Wizards have been 2-5 when conceding 100 points or more, and with their largest defeat at the hands of Cleveland in their last game, that should be enough motivation for the home team to ramp up their defence.
  8. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 16-15-0 Total staked 138.00 pts Total returns 114.64 pts Profit -4.70 pts Well, not a great comeback after a 3 weeks hiatus. Once DeRozan goes off injured in halftime, I thought I'll be losing both bets in the Dallas-Toronto game, with Ellis attacking Lou Williams more (which was right) & Raptors relying on Valanciunas's attack (which was good to be wrong). I watched the Houston-LAC game on ESPN....and it was frustrating to see Ariza getting his 13th point on 7:55 remaining in the 3rd....then it became the Harden & Francisco Garcia :w
  9. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 Apologies for the long layoff. Been flying around for past 3 weeks, takes a toll on my health. I'll update my overall records after today's game. I've focused on player prop bets today, and since the games are starting soon, I'll list my bets without explanation 1st, and edit the post right after (All player prop bets are Bet365): Jonas Valanciunas Under 12.5pts @ 1.83 3/10 Even though his season average is 12.1ppg, Valanciunas will be up against Tyson Chandler. Also, he has only cleared the handicap 5 out of 14 games this season, hence I'm going Un
  10. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 San Antonio - Houston started off with -2.5pts before Pop decides to rest his stars on a televised game, and it drifts to -6.5pts. The last time Spurs rested their star players on a televised game against Miami in Nov. of 2012, the Heat needed a Ray Allen three in the final minute to pull out the win. Rockets should still win the game, but I don't find value in taking handicap now. I agree with Danshot's player lines except Lillard, who averaged 18.7ppg vs DAL last season and 14.3ppg vs DAL in his rookie season. With Dallas' platoon of guards & Ri
  11. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 13-12-0 Total staked 115.00 pts Total returns 114.64 pts Profit -0.36 pts Ah well, it was fun in the black when it last. There was a stretch of 3 minutes in Q4 which neither team wanted to score. During Henry Sims' basket, I was hoping this would have lead to Overtime, so that Orlando can get another chance to break the handicap....only for Tobais Harris to make the game-winning, bet-losing shot. :lol Grizzlies has been impressive so far, making a 5-0 start to the season with a 102-91 win against Phoenix Suns. I was thinking they might digress o
  12. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 Orlando Magic (-3.5) to beat Philadelphia 76ers 5pt @ 2.06 (Marathonbet) Someone will finally have the chance to win this season. Both teams are equally bad, but at least Magic have more scoring options (Vucevic, Harris, Fournier, Gordon, Frye) compared to 76ers (Wroten...erm, Shved....Brandon Davies....) Memphis Grizzlies to beat Phoenix Suns 4pt @ 2.05 (Multiple Sites) Goran Dragic Under 16.5pts 5pt @ 1.83 (Bet365) Grizzlies did not play yesterday, hence should be fresher than the Suns. With their lockdown defence and vet experience, they should be
  13. Re: NBA Regular Season matches 2014/15 11-10-0 Total staked 96.00 pts Total returns 97.29 pts Profit 1.29 pts Finally back in the positive zone. :) Phoenix was close to clearing the handicap, if only Marcus Morris made the 1st free throw. Without Kobe's heroics, the Suns would have cleared the handicap easily. As for Lillard, my initial logic was as per Lawson's situation, whereby a less-than-100% fit player will not be able to reach the Over. Unfortunately, ironman Lillard finally blew it up with 27 points & lead Blazers past Cavs. Houston Rockets beat Miami Heat convincingly w
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