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  1. Re: Group H - Belgium v Algeria > Tuesday June 17th Belgium are not over-estimated: in fact they are one of the most balanced and top quality teams in the whole tournament, having world class and in-form players at nearly each position. I have been left with the impression in the qualifiers that they control the game pretty well with good possession and stable defense (almost non-vulnerable on counter-attacks). But they don't attack so intensely and rarely win with big margins. Algeria is a decent team, but still nothing special, when they play away from their hot-tempered fans in Alger
  2. Re: Group H - Belgium v Algeria > Tuesday June 17th Around 90% of the population of Algeria is along the coastline, hence, at around 0 altitude. Anyway, 800 is not that much, actually it is above 1,800 when the altitude starts to take some toll, so it shouldn't matter so much.
  3. Re: Group G - Ghana v USA > Monday June 16th I have to disagree with the pro-Ghana sentiment. I do respect them a lot for their class and attractive football (tiki-taka style), but I think they are equal with USA in terms of quality, while the Americans certainly have upper hand when considering team spirit and tactical advantage (more mature tactically team and as in every sport - Americans always fight till the end and show the best sports ethics). The US had excellent campaign and they topped very easily a group with Mexico and Costa Rica. The Americans achieved 7 wins out of 10 game
  4. Re: Group F - Iran v Nigeria > Monday June 16th The worst game of the Mondial, but bet won relatively easy. Nigeria was the better team, but they lacked any urgency or penetration as in almost all of their games in the last two years. Iran are nothing but a negative bus parkers, but it is enough against slow and tactically incapable teams like Nigeria. World Cup 2014 Stats: 5 Bets, 5 Wins, 0 Losses + 5.68 Units (1 Unit per bet)
  5. Re: Group F - Iran v Nigeria > Monday June 16th Never really liked this Nigeria team. On paper they should be favorites, but in fact they haven't been playing well for a long time. In the qualifiers they were in an easy group with Kenya, Malawi and Namibia. Nigeria drew 3 of their 6 games and managed to score more than once only in the home game against poor Malawi - 2:0. Later, in the play-off they met Ethiopia - a team who was considered the surprise in Africa, but still one of the underdogs in the continent and the most desired opponent for the playoff. Nigeria won very luckily in Ad
  6. Re: Group F - Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina > Sunday June 15th I did watch this friendly, it was in November, not January. And I don't know what u mean by "Bosnia was totally out of form" - it was just after they already qualified for the World Cup and they didn't seem to be out of form in their group. Anyway, it was Argentina without Messi, Lavezzi and Higuain against full-strength Bosnia. Argentina was completely dominant throughout the whole game, even though the Gauchos were more easy-going and didn't play at maximum effort. The quality gap seemed huge. Bosnia can threaten Ar
  7. Re: Group E - France v Honduras > Sunday June 15th He was right to correct you - generally, South American sides are considered much better than Central American teams (with the exception of Mexico and USA). And France-Honduras play in Porto Alegre, where the temperature for tonight is expected to be 16 degrees Celcius and humidity - 87% (in PAris it will be 91% tonight). So, your arguments are not valid and correct.
  8. Re: Group E - France v Honduras > Sunday June 15th I agree with the overall sentiment - France should win easily here. Honduras is not Costa Rica and what I have seen from them so far is primitive football - defend with 11 men, play dirty defending and up-front rely on long balls towards Costly and Bengston. France should have too much for them and I expect them to completely control the middle of the field with the likes of Cabaye, Pogba and Matuidi - all of them with excellent physique to counter the rude play of Honduras, but also far superior technically than their rivals. Up-front
  9. Re: Group A - Mexico v Cameroon > Friday June 13th Mexico have had a turbulent campaign, whereas they were on the verge of being eliminated sensationally, when only an extra time goal from US in Panama salvaged Mexico and threw Panama out of World Cup. Mexico changed 4 coaches only within the last year. They suffer from inability to score goals as they failed to score in 5 of their 10 matches in the CONCACAF hexagonal and they scored more than 1 goal only twice. In the recent friendlies, they failed to score in their last two friendlies (Portugal and Bosnia), but scored 3 goals again
  10. Re: Group A - Brazil v Croatia > Thursday June 12th 1st corner in 8th minute - hence, bet won. But it was not a very good choice, as Brazil were too static in the openning minutes and preferred to pass the ball among the back four.
  11. Re: Group A - Brazil v Croatia > Thursday June 12th So, it seems that Croatia go with 4-2-3-1. Most likely Brozovic and Modric will be center midfielders, while Rakitic will play behind Jelavic. Left back is a problematic zone for Croatia, as Vrsaijko is a young player and in most matches Vida played in this position (he is very unstable though)
  12. Re: Group A - Brazil v Croatia > Thursday June 12th Note that actually the bet says: 1st corner before 9:00 minute This is actually even better, because it means one minute more - it means that 9 complete minutes (9x60 seconds) are available for a corner, while if it was "before 9th minute", it should have been before 8:00 (as 9th minute starts in 8:01).
  13. Re: Group A - Brazil v Croatia > Thursday June 12th I kind of "stole" this from another forum, but I think the tip is worth trying: 1st corner before 9th minute @ 1.83 (bet365) Itshould be aggressive start for Brazil, pushed by the crowd, and Croatia will try to soak up the pressure, by sitting deep. Brazil with plenty of pace on the flanks, so definitely there will be good conditions for corner in the first minutes. I believe that this bet will be a winner in more than 60-65% of the cases, so I take this price.
  14. Re: Group A - Brazil v Croatia > Thursday June 12th Neymar.
  15. Re: Group A - Brazil v Croatia > Thursday June 12th Brazil should have more possession, indeed, but I don't think their midfield will dominate heavily. In fact, Modric-Rakitic is, imo, a center midfield pair which is more technical and good in possession than Ramirez-Fernandinho or whatever couple Scolari comes up with. It remains to be seen whether Niko Kovac will use this pair or will prefer to play Rakitic on the wing as he did in many qualifiers. The latter will be a mistake, because Rakitic is much more functional in the centre of the pitch when he takes up the ball deep in his
  16. Re: Boliviano Primera Division 2013-2014 Relegation Play-off in Bolivia between: Aurora and Petrolero Yacuiba. The first leg in Yacuiba finished 0-0. The system in Bolivia is very strange, as not only they have Clausura and Apertura (typical for most South American countries), but they determine the relegation teams by compiling so-called relegation table, which calculates the ratio of points won to matches played within the last two years (two Aperturas and two Clausuras). Because of this, we have the paradox, that one of best performing team in Bolivia this season - Aurora - which fin
  17. Re: International Friendlies 1st June - 11th June Fluminense - Italy I don't see this as being a high scoring and high pace game. Fluminense are a team, known for their low-scoring and tight games in Brazilian Serie A, and tonight they will be without their key striker Fred. Italy, on the other hand, never had reputation of easily scoring or conceding, especially in friendlies. I expect a very low training tempo, whereas the ball will spend most of the time being passed around in each teams' own half. We have seen such attitudes in almost all "last" friendlies of the teams participating
  18. Re: Liga Adelante > June 7th & 8th Murcia - Real Madrid B 1-0 Bet lost.Very sad, as the score was opened early in the game - 15th minute. Still, probably there was value in this price of 1.95, because very good chances were missed by both sides, especially in the second half, so I believe that more often than not this game would have gone over 2.5. Unfortunately, Murcia scored the first goal, and after that they could physically out-fight the more technical but younger and less physically built-up opponents. They were also helped by the field, which was in terrible condition and d
  19. Re: Liga Adelante > June 7th & 8th The table is correct. According to the rules, the H2H becomes a tie-breaking criteria only as soon as the the season is over. So, until round 41 is played, it is the goal difference criteria for the temporary table. As soon as round 42 is over, it is the H2H that determines the ultimate table. P.S. I think now it is all over Europe the H2H as tie-breaking criteria with only UK as exception.
  20. Re: Liga Adelante > June 7th & 8th Murcia - Real Madrid B Last round of Segunda and we got a similar situation to last week: two teams, which need vitally to win - one for promotion play-offs and one for avoiding relegation - facing each other. Real Madrid is 18th, which is a safe place, but they are just 1 point ahead of the next three teams in the table - Jaen, Girona and Alaves: [TABLE=class: stats-table stats-main table-1 has-upcoming-matches] [TR=class: even glib-participant-fyNss8GQ] [TD=class: rank col_rank no]18.[/TD] [TD=class: participant_name col_participant_name col_na
  21. Re: International Friendlies 1st June - 7th June Also, I remember I was analyzing some socceroos WC qualifiers games last summer and I find out they have one of the oldest squad in international football - around 75% of the guys were above 30 and they had many players above 33-34. Should be a huge disadvantage for them against fast Chileans and in Brazil.
  22. Re: International Friendlies 1st June - 7th June This is not a good value IMO. I watched Japan against Costa Rica. They are playing very cool football, I even call them "Brazilians of Asia" because of their beautiful speedy combinations and fast movement off the ball. However, they are not a very practical team as their finishing is simply pathetic and their defense is vulnerable. Against Costa Rica and against Cyprus a few weeks ago, the finishing skills of the Japanese team were terrible as they simply couldn't hit properly the ball on the target from clear striking positions. Also th
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