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  1. Re: UEFA Europa League > Weds 22 & Thurs 23 February One success and one failure. Ajax game totally went the way I expected, I even feel sorry I didn't trust Ajax more. United proved once again they are really lazy when they lack real incentive to win. On the other hand, Twente-Steaua - a big time disappointment! F*cking tournament defensive mentality!!! Teams who enjoys scoring that much were so scared to attack tonight, it was hurting watching that game. And particularly Steaua - they needed to score two goals and they never took a minimum risk, even in the last 15 minutes.
  2. Re: UEFA Europa League > Weds 22 & Thurs 23 February My favorite bets for tonight: Twente-Steaua Over 2.5 goals at 1.8 (bet365) Very attacking styles of both teams, particularly Twente at home. The first game was more tactical, but a "0:1" makes the return game much more open, as Steaua has no other chances but to open-up, and Twente enjoys attacking football at home. Have been watching quite a few Twente Eredivisie games, and I've seen they create a lot of chances, but meanwhile, they commit quite too many defensive mistakes. Steaua is also a solid team with a lot of experience i
  3. Re: UEFA Europa League > Weds 22 & Thurs 23 February You are very right about Braga. And I am pretty sure they wouldn't lose in Istanbul under different circumstances. But this 0:2 deficit (after a ridiculous red card) changes everything. Now Braga cannot play their favorite style - defense and counter-attack. They must press and attack, and they aren't good enough at it. I would rather skip this game for this reason.
  4. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 22 February After yesterday's failure with Madrid, today a very solid bet, contrary to the popular opinion in the forum about easy handicap victory for Bayern. Don't want to be annoying and to tease people, who lost money on this, but I believe a good lesson from this game is: watching carefully recent games of the teams you bet on is much more relevant for a successful bet than relying on some stats for games which took places several months ago (Bayern's games in CL in the autumn). Teams' sporting shape might change dramatically over a couple
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League > Tuesday 21 February Bet Lost :-( Really, I mean really unlucky one. CSKA could barely organize a meaningful attack! I think their goal in the extra time was just the second shot on goal for the whole game and it was the first and only real chance. However, Real Madrid didn't play that well offensively. Yes, they had chances to score a second goal after half-time (Ronaldo missed two 100% chances) and kill-off the game, but generally they were not very consistent and aggressive in their attack. Lessons from this bet and game: - Never equate internationa
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League > Tuesday 21 February Still, CSKA has been very unconvincing at home this season both in the domestic league and in Europe. CSKA definitely prefers playing away from home where they can show their best sides: quick pass-and-move counter-attack football. They are technical team and are offence-oriented, but I personally don't believe that Real Madrid can be stopped by a weaker side which is not very solid defensively. I remember watching one of the few losses this season of Real - against Levante - and I must say this team was very solid defensively at this stage
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 22 February Oh, sorry that I skipped that....I am a bit conservative, so I stick with only one bookie - Bet365.
  8. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 22 February Again, a good advice for successful bets is to rely more on watching the games of the teams you are betting on, rather than relying on raw stats. I know Bayern is looking like an absolute winner here, but I watched lately there last three away games against Gladbach, Hamburger and Freiburg, and I must say Bayern's performance was just terrible, definitely not the away form you will be relying on to put your bets. On Saturday against Freiburg they were totally outplayed by the last team in the Bundesliga. Bayern had enormous difficulties o
  9. Re: UEFA Champions League > Tuesday 21 February Guys, I would like to warn you against jumping quickly on the Napoli bandwagon. Yes, Chelsea has been playing really crappy, impotent football lately. Yes, they are terrible in creating chances and scoring goals. But I think you are dismissing a very critical factor here. In most of the games when Chelsea faces mid-table or low-ranking opponent, they play against very defensively-oriented sides in "must-win" games. Usually the teams they play against are quite happy with closing down empty spaces in their half, disrupting Chelsea's creative
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