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** February Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd Danshot, 3rd avongirl **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Marek76, 2nd 1945harry, 3rd Budgie 65, 4th dj.orange, 5th Procalc **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **


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    evertorial reacted to BillyHills in Aintree Grand National Tips & Trends 2018   
    PL Ratings

    1pt EW Alpha Des Obeaux 40/1 PP (6 places)
    2pts Win Anibale Fly 12/1 bet365
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    evertorial got a reaction from Sir Puntalot in Stats   
    I was following since 1st of Feb and not recording. But started recording from mid March. I couldn't really complain about the tips because there have been a lot of steamers in there. For example race just gone we had 8/1 on gamesome. He went off less than half that price, so we got good value but then got no sort of race from him.
    The luck really is at a low at the moment. It Has to change as the law of probabilities means it will have to, hopefully sooner rather than later.
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    To support the claim that the flat season "appears" to be more profitable an analysis that I have carried out shows the following returns on investment.
    Flat Turf 9.9%
    NH 5.1%
    Flat AW 3.3%
    Looking forward to the start of the flat turf season on Saturday !
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    evertorial got a reaction from Sir Puntalot in Stats   
    Hi pl tips, I've now been following your tips for about a month and while there are some great shouts, particularly in cheltenham i am a bit concerned about the figures and prices. Im doing the very best I can to follow the same prices as well as using bog only bookies which is essential to make profit with you. Over this period of time I believe that I am about level in terms of profit made. So no profit made and none lost.
       However I have found some discrepancies in the results published which concern me and lead me to believe that maybe the level of profit published on the results page cannot be replicated by the follower. For example there are numerous horses which won that were hit with rule 4s. Now this kind of result is unavoidable and must be included in a results page to maintain accuracy. An example Is roundabout magic who won last month, I was hit with a rule 4 on b365 bv and whill. However no rule 4 was claimed on your results page. You gave the winner a full 5/1 win.
      Another discrepancy I have found is that on the site you will often award a tip to the bookie with the best odds the day before but also claim bog if it is awarded. So for example yesterday you tipped Bengali boys at 11/2 in a race at Newcastle. This horse was only available at that price with coral. And perhaps a few other bookies who dont offer bog the day before the race. All bookies who offer pre day bog such as b365 and bv were offering around 4/1, and the other bookies such as coral fell to around 4/1 very shortly after you post the 11/2 price.
    So if a selection such as this drifts by race time to higher than the quoted price then it would be inaccurate to give it the starting price as you have claimed an early price with a bookmaker who doesn't offer bog until same day of the race. However I'm off the belief that you would still give bog to this tip despite it being impossible to do as the only bookies offering the early high price don't offer bog pre day and the odds had dropped by the next day.
    Please take this as constructive criticism as I am someone who wants to use this service still and I do applaud the strength of the tips. However it does concern me that there are these discrepancies as both clearly mean that the follower of these tips is long term not going to attain the kind of results published on the results page. And these tips are making around 2 points a day on average so the user wants to be able to follow the exact prices and get bog fairly and if these discrepancies exist, they will eat into the users profit margins.
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    evertorial got a reaction from Sir Puntalot in Stats   
    First off I want to say the tips are good tips as I now follow them and have done for 3 weeks all 4/1 + and I am making a profit. However birchy you need to be aware of how important odds are in the making of profit. 
    It is essential you take early prices as advised on the tips page. You also MUST take bog. The tips make an average of around 2 points a day profit. If you are taking prices which are a point shorter here and there or not taking bog so missing a point here and there then you are losing the long term profit. 
    I have been accused here of working for a rival etc but certainly not. I think this is a good site and will use it until I'm limited but I am spreading my stakes very finely as well as placing mug bets to try to keep my accounts open. As taking early prices is something flagged up very quick to bookies. 
    Any way keep up the good work guys 
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    Sorry Billy I didn't mean any disrespect
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    evertorial got a reaction from Xtc12 in Short Priced Favs   
    Hi mate some excellent long term figures here. Do you always post your tips at the same time every night? 
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