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  1. Hi there 

    Here is the link to my stats page you can filter any of the columns individually or combined to sort out any stats you require, then copy the data you are after and paste in stats sheet for full details on Runners wins, P&L etc hope this helps it is updated to END 2017

    1. evertorial


      Hi bubbles. When you compiled your stats for 4/1 + bets did these results include best odds guaranteed in the results. 

      Also has your Betfair account shown good profit since you started or has most the profit come from your bookmaker accounts. 

      I'm just trying to work out if I can make long term profit from the exchanges with these tips or if most profit comes from best odds guaranteed and taking early prices. 


    2. Bubbles180


      HI mate no the stats are from the prices on Punters Lounge from their spreadsheet, I would say 90% of the bets drift and you can always get the price advised or better on Betfair either pre race or in running, those that do not drop in price would be 1 to 3 points lower but overall more profit is made on these selections than the spreadsheet, on the bookies side i have made a slightly better ROI than betfair, but hteir is not a huge difference maybe 0.15%. My opinion os their is profit to be made here, i have updated the spreadsheet with an investment page showing monthly Stats and a points profit for those wanting to work out the P&L with different stakes 

    3. evertorial


      So do you just back on Betfair with the advised prices as soon as you can after release? 

      Because today a number of tips were higher odds than advised yesterday so might be worth trying to Nick a point or two on advised prices and if no match let it go down nearer the off? 

      I suppose that's a bit hit and miss though 

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