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  1. Has anyone else noticed how WH cheat with their bonus requirement. In doing their Tier 1 £500 turnover bonus offer you're actually having to bet well over £1500 rather than £500. They swear they're not cheating but its plain as day.
  2. I suppose some would consider this to be spam but I see nothing wrong with letting people know about some unique software which will prove very handy to those who want live analysis of Betfair market data for horse racing. The app is called BEAT and is at Not only does it analyse live data to give you a feel for what is happening to the market but you can also export the data and build an archive for further analysis. There's nothing like it around as far as I know and its been a great help to me. If the forum admins feel they need to take this down then so be it but I think we should be able to see the difference between really useful spam, like this and spam spam. Well that's my opinion anyway.
  3. Re: Have I found the holy grail of roulette strategies? Watch my lips - there is no mathematical system that will win playing roulette longterm. You cannot turn a built in negative expectation into a positive one by using money management. That is a simple fact.
  4. Re: Have any Systems been continually successful? Much depends on your definition of 'system'. Arbitrage could be considered a 'system' and that's been going successfully as long as bookmakers have existed.
  6. Re: Why punters lose heavily on Betfair Whilst I agree with much of what you've said, you are patently wrong with this statement: "There's no way you can withstand those compounded commissions on regular bets for any length of time." Plenty of people do. I and many others are even winning with the PC and PC2. Its tough but it can be done.
  7. Re: In-Play arbitrage and short odds This isn't arbitrage.It's trading. Arbitrage is trading multiple sides at the same time locking in a profit no matter what the outcome. Its important to get your terminology correct.
  8. Re: ADVERTISING ON PUNTERSLOUNGE OK. Thanks, I'll give it a try
  9. Re: ADVERTISING ON PUNTERSLOUNGE I scrolled to the bottom of the page, clicked on contact us and filled out the appropriate form...................a number of times with no reply
  10. I've emailed till I'm blue in the face asking how to advertise on this site and not once have I received a reply. Can any of the moderators let me know ?
  11. Re: elo system - please explain The ELO system is very well explained in the book 'The Rating of Chess Players' by Arpad Elo himself. Its available on Amazon. I bought it when it first came out and was impressed. I havent read it since then.
  12. Re: Wanted !! tricast/trifecta staking plan. I now have a complete solution which is quite complex but allows many variations. Let: A = number of horses that can finish 1st B = number of horses that can finish 2nd C = number of horses that can finish 3rd D = number of horses that can finish 1st, or 2nd E = number of horses that can finish 1st, or 3rd F = number of horses that can finish 2nd, or 3rd G = number of horses that can finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Then: N = (A+D+E+G)*(B+D+F+G)*(C+E+F+G) - (A+D+E+G)*(F+G) - (B+D+F+G)*(E+G) - (C+E+F+G)*(D+G) + 2*G which is pretty awkward, but gets simpler if we define a few convenience variables: X = A + D + E + G Y = B + D + F + G Z = C + E + F + G (ie, X Y and Z represent the total number of horses that can possibly finish in 1st/2nd/3rd respectively) and then: N = X*Y*Z - X*(F+G) - Y*(E+G) - Z*(D+G) + 2*G There you have it......finally......enjoy.......
  13. Re: The reality of sports betting/trading for a living. Gambling is the embodiment of evolution in the sense that the successful often are borne out of inheriting methods or discover their own by trial and error. The ones who survive have either inherited good methods or have worked out their own. There are many methods that work and I've survived for 25 years. Nothing lasts forever however and you have constantly got to adapt. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach others.
  14. It looks to me like WinHoldEm is dead. Are there any alternative bots that can be programmed and have access to historic player data ? Thanks
  15. Re: Probably aimed at traders but would welcome advise from others There are teams, like Poseidon, who manipulate prices all the time. They may well have pushed the price down cheaply and then had got the price to where they wanted it to trade out. Some say following steamers and drifters works but all the evidence shows this not to be the case as a catchall technique and team manipulation is probably one of the reasons.