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  1. Litex Lovech - Beroe X FT / Under 2.5 Both teams still have not lost in the league so far. Beroe play very defensive football and on counter attacks if something happens it is good. If not they will try next time. So far 5 out of 6 games were under 2.5 and 4 out of 6 games were 1.5 goals for Beroe. For Litex 4 out of 6 games were under 2.5. There wont be a lot of goals in this game definately. (sure bet)
  2. Re: Everton v Arsenal > Sunday April 6th This Arsenal team look so crappy. If I were Arsene Wanger I would slap several times all of the players. They do not seem to be motivated at all, even can`t stop the ball or give a nice pass. Everton to beat at 1.083 look like a gift for me with big money.
  3. Re: Chelsea v Arsenal > Saturday March 22nd Chelsea with a game in the midweek and have home advantage against Arsenal. Things at the top are very complicated and it`s unclear who is gonna take the championship. Taking a look back in the history during Mourinho`s reign all things points that Arsenal are not going to loose this game. It seems that Chelsea have difficulties playing against Arsenal. Also Mourinho applied defensive aproach in all games against top 4 this season so I do not see any difference now. My bet is Under 2.5@1.75. Brave ones may choose to play Arsenal. [TABLE=width:
  4. Re: Crystal Palace v Southampton > Saturday March 8th Southampton`s form started to drop as expected. They looked very tired in their last games and it is clear to me that they don`t have long becnch in order to rotate their squad. How many times we have seen teams that can`t manage to get some results in the second half of the season because of their bench. A good example is going to be Arsenal. Their form dropped suddenly in their most important games and now finds it difficult to pick it up. On the other side home ground of Crystal Palace is going to be a fort. We know whos rulling th
  5. Re: West Ham v Southampton > Saturday February 22nd I can`t see Southampton winning this game. It`s obvious that they are in a downtrend. They receive goals due to crucial mistakes in their defence. Also they cannot cope with the physical fatatigue at the of the first half. Also in 2nd half they had already being tired after 60minutes. Definately Sam had already noticed that and will wait till 60 min of the game. Have in mind that West Ham also in a great run winning three in a row which will give them confidence in this game. Because of the 3 wins in a row for West Ham my pick is going
  6. Re: Chelsea v Liverpool > Sunday December 29th This game is going to be tricky one. Chelsea manage to rest some of their players against Swansea but I think Mourinho will gamble on the same line up. His team will defend and play on counter-attacks and because of this he needs the likes of Hazard, Oscar and Mata which played in the last game against Swansea. He knows that Liverpool make a costly mistake almost every game so Chelsea will be waiting at the back. At the beginning of the season Liverpool`s team struggle in the second half because lack of fitness. Now they don`t rotate the squ
  7. Re: Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City > Sunday December 29th Bookies definately go crazy. I can`t bet on a team playing so poor at home. Also to mention the fact that they don`t rotate the squad. It looks like Sigurdson, Eriksen, Adebayor and Negredo are on the lips of their coach for every game. Tim Sherwood doesn`t rotate the squad which will cost them some points at this time of the season. In the last 5 home games against Stoke they managed to grab only 2 wins(3-2, 3-1). On the other hand Stoke managed to lose by 5 thanks to the ref. He ensured that this game is going to Newcastle by bi
  8. Re: Everton v Southampton > Sunday December 29th This week smells to me like draws all the time but what can I say about this game is that Everton are favorites here. Barkley had been rested the last time against Sunderland playing small part in the second half. Everton were far better than Sunderland but lack of luck cost them defeat. On the other hand Southampton crashed Cardiff away from home but actually Cardiff didn`t deserve to lose by 3 goals. Jose Fonte is not in great form making costly mistakes all the time in the last games. He is playing all the time for this team but probabl
  9. Re: Fulham v Aston Villa > Sunday December 8th This game is going to be a tricky one. Fulham haven`t been motivated enough in their last games. After change of coach I saw something new....they were motivated which can bring them some points today. For the first time in their last games I saw Fulham to make scoring opportunities and they were close to draw in the game against Tottenham. On the other hand Aston Villa haven`t lost away from 5 games. These games had been played against teams that are in the bottom league of the table. What I noticed in their last game is their unability to
  10. Re: Manchester United v Southampton > Saturday October 19th I don`t think that United are going to lose two in a row at home. They didn`t have best of the times in their last game against Sunderland but their second half performance was really a joy to be hold. It is Moyes` job to motivate the team and he had done it very well at the half time. It is expected Rio Ferdinand to get back at the defence so United should be more stable. Also United have 8 wins in a row against Southampton. On the other side Southampton recorded 3 victories in a row but what can I say. Arthur Boruc definately
  11. Re: West Ham v Manchester City > Saturday October 19th It is going to be a very interesting game. West Ham get the 3 points against Tottenham after 6 game run without a win. They played very well defensively which is expected for a side leaded by Sam Allardyce. Hammers didn`t give many empty spaces to Tottenham`s attackers. There was only one clear chance that was missed by J.Defoe. I guess this game is going to take the same path. Last 4 games at Uppton Park between these two teams there were 3 games under 2.5 and one game over 2.5. Away form of Manchester City is not very good. They ha
  12. Re: Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur > Sun 1st September Arsenal are not favourites this game. It is difficult to predict as AVB will line up a squad and will have something on his mind not to loose this game. AVB will play defensively in order not to lose this game and will be looking for counter attacks. Arsenal had made three wins against Fenerbahce and Fulham, both teams very strong physically and very slow. At home against Aston Villa Arsenal struggle to stop fast counter attacks and they had made some crucial mistakes. Because of this I don`t see Arsenal as favourites and I prefer to be
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