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  1. Richard I hope you don't mind me contacting you . I really like your no nonsense and understated approach to finding winners . I try to look out for them but occasionally miss one because of work. Is there anyway to get an automatic notification whenever you post a selection ? Many thanks Andy
  2. Re: flat racing friday 5th june inc.epsom oaks I hope you guys don't mind me entering the discussion but I have been looking at this race and think Jack Naylor is being overlooked and given the anticipated improvement over the trip she can confirm form with Legatissimo from the Flame of Tara Stakes at the Curragh where she beat her an easy 3/4lth and gave her 5lbs. In third that day was Together Forever who she also gave 5lbs and a 2 lth beating who went on and won a G1 at Newmarket and was subsequently only beat a head by Gosden's Star Of Seville. This represents very good form in the context of the race and I cant have her out of the frame and can see her having a very good chance of victory.
  3. Re: £1000 start laying correct scores. Been watching this thred with interest , really good going Big B. 3/3 in again today !
  4. Re: First Time Lucky ( i hope !) Looks like I have to move to the Glory Hunters Section shortly but in the meantime BET 1 Lost 2-1 so my new bank is £985.00 but stakes will remain at 10.00 per point with the possibility from time to time of a possible extra 0.5 point where there is additional value in part of a dutched selection. I am not sure there will be any bets now until the weekend as Cup football takes over this week. Good luck one and all and hope to see a few of you over on the other forum . I am happy to chat with anyone on how I arrive at the selections but it is really not rocket science as the data is cribbed from another site and I have just put my interpretation and staking on it. BLUESTAR:ok
  5. Re: First Time Lucky ( i hope !) Sorry Staffy I am happy to move forums if necessary just need help doing it ?:unsure Can I transfer the posts I have already made ???
  6. Re: First Time Lucky ( i hope !) Decided after checking to have 0.5 point or £5 on away win as well on Villareal at 5.00
  7. Re: First Time Lucky ( i hope !) Thanks UMD I am not going to take credit for the selections I just make use of the statistical data that another website has crunched. My only input is using the data value point. I must confess I have not given the double result much thought as I am trying to keep things simple at the moment and I might at some stage vary the return on the dutch as determined by the dominant value level. Tonight for example I have a small value advantage on the away win over the draw but both offer some value. By shopping around this could increase but I want to use only 1 betting account for this system. Must dash now but will discuss your other comments later on. Best wishes on your future success Bluestar.
  8. Re: First Time Lucky ( i hope !) OK First Selection so wish me good luck!.... Bet 1 Malaga vs Villareal Back Draw or Home Win at 3.50 /5.00 odds £5.88 Draw £4.12 Away Win Stake £10 Potential Profit £ 10.59 New Bank £990.00
  9. Hello I am a lot more experienced than the title of the thread suggests but to aid my discipline I would like to start posting my football selections on here. They are all part of a system I have developed using another website and focus on value selections rather than what are the likely results. There will be a mixture of singles and dutching bets . I will work from a bank of £1000 and will bet 1% per selection, starting at £10. The weekend can be very busy with as many as 20 selections running on any day with bets in the English Premier league, Spanish , German and Italian leagues as well as Champion League fixtures. Bets will be all taken using Bet365 prices as this is the account I will be using. I will post copies of any returns at the end of each week. At the end of each day I will bank half of any winnings and divide the bank by 100 to give the new 1%. I will probably reveal some more details of how I arrived at the system in due course but this will very much depend on he level of interest. As a brief taster I can tell you that selections this weekend would have included Mainz beating Bayern Munich and Getafe beating Barcelona. Like I said its based more on value than anything else as I would not have picked these selections in a month of Sundays ! I will be back later with the first selection so adieu for now....BLUESTAR