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  1. Re: 1.1 or under I won't be starting this until Monday
  2. I'm going to attempt to win 75 bets in a row at odds of 1.1 starting from £10. I know this has been tried before but I'm gonna give it another shot. My attempt will be spread over 15 days, with 5 bets a day. Many of the bets will be doubles made up of 2 selections at 1.05 (or there abouts) i would like somewhere to record my bets. Is this a suitable place?
  3. Re: Filthy Logic - OVER/UNDERS system I may have to start copying your selections ;) Is your system in a spreadsheet?
  4. Re: Fantasy NFL Comp - Playoff Edition mk2 Haha touchy touchy
  5. Re: Fantasy NFL Comp - Playoff Edition mk2 Can't see Taza holding that lead for too long with an awesome pick of Meadenhall for tonights game lol. Glad I picked Manning though.
  6. Re: Fantasy NFL Comp - Playoff Edition mk2 NO
  7. Re: NFL: Wildcard Weekend They gave up 6 touchdowns to Matt Flynn and the New Orleans offense is the best in the league. They were allowed to score 5 TD's because the Packers Defense is the second worst in the league. The Saints have a better offense and a better defense than the Packers and simply don't lose at the Dome. Like I said, Detroit have zero chance so no there is zero value in betting for them to win.
  8. Re: Fantasy NFL Comp - Playoff Edition mk2 QB Drew Brees (Saints) QB Eli Manning (Giants) RB Arian Foster (Texans) RB Ray Rice (Ravens) RB Frank Gore (49ers) WR Calvin Johnson (Lions) WR Roddy White (Falcons) WR Jordy Nelson (Packers) TE Rob Gronkowski (Pats) K Mike Nugent (Bengals) Team Defence Pittsburgh Steelers Team Defence Denver Broncos Here's hoping for an awful game in Denver. Good luck all
  9. Re: NFL: Wildcard Weekend The 2nd poster can't be serious saying that there is value in Detroits price against the Saints? They could be 50/1 and it still wouldn't be value. How can you think a defense that gave up 480 yards and 6TDs to MATT FLYNN can stand any chance against the best all round offense in the league, at the Dome? Nope, this will be an absolute blowout. Saints to win big!
  10. Re: NBA Week 2 (Mon Jan 2.) 2 out of 4 for me This Miami offense looks scary, even without Wade. LeBron going for that MVP this year.
  11. Re: NBA Week 2 (Mon Jan 2.) The sure money looks to be in the Nets/Celtics game. Although I am a Nets fan, without Deron Williams I can only see this being an absolute blowout and Celtics -12.5 @ 1.9 looks good value. I disagree with the above poster and believe that Bosh will score under 18.5 against the Pacers. The Pacers have a good defense allowing 89 points on average a game. At 2.00 this looks a good bet at bet365 to me. Miami to score under 102 @ 1.83 looks value as well considering that Wade (although only averaging around 15.5 ponits) looks to be out of tonights game. The other game to look at would be Charlotte vs the Knicks. Stoudamire should be returning tonight so I expect better defense and stronger offense from New York. Anthony has been on fire so far and Stoudamire missing the last 2 games have meant he has really had to do everything for them. The Bobcats also have the by far the worst defense in the league allowing 107 points a game. Knicks to score over 105 @ 1.83 with Bet365 looks a decent bet. Anyways, I'm off to watch the Knicks. Can't bare to watch the Nets get destroyed.
  12. Re: £50,000 in a year system You're pretty ignorant if you think I don't know that the odds are low, hence why I asked if people even think it is possible....
  13. Re: £50,000 in a year system But it's alright because he's 'been drinking' because you know, that's what people do when they get drunk, go on betting forums :/
  14. Re: £50,000 in a year system I never asked for help at all. He replied to my first post in a sarcastic, ignorant manner so I decided to reply the same way.
  15. Re: £50,000 in a year system Really? Can nobody seriously do maths around here?
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