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  1. Re: April 30-May 6 That could only hinder Milos being as tall as he is. What do you reckon Atko/Homo/Fishy ... ?
  2. Re: April 30-May 6 Milos Raonic ‏ @milosraonic Hitting on the Smurf clay, the bounce is lower and the 2 courts I practiced on were a bit more slippery than usual.
  3. Re: April 30-May 6 Monfils to beat Kohlschreiber @ 4/5 with Paddy Power or 17/20 if you have Betfair (Unlike me) This is the time to fade Philip you'd feel, the past week must must have taken a bit out of him, he's surely to be feeling both physically and mentally drained. Gael will be in preparation for the French here and knows he'll need match time to generate his game into check, for me that's motivation enough. A fit and raring Gael Monfils will always quite effortlessly dispose with Kohlschreiber on this surface .. yes I'm going to use that word again, "hustler" because it fits Monfil's description perfectly. He is an athlete that jus so happens to play tennis and an athlete on clay with decent skills to boot is tough to beat. All in all, despite the lack of match practice for Gael, Kohlschreiber will be somewhat equally as handicapped with the mental and physical exhaustion he'll probably be feeling once he lands in Madrid tomorrow. 8/10 in the confidence stakes
  4. Re: April 30-May 6 6-2, 7-5 to Kirenko and missing the line by a single game. Pathetic WTA :(
  5. Re: April 30-May 6 Berloqc to beat Granollers @ Evens with Bet365 These odds are dictated by the fact Granollers is going to be playing @ home, well he was playing @ home in Barcelona and what happened there? Cut apart from Fernando bloody Gil! Granollers has shown any inspiration he gets from playing @ home is not enough to turn around this bad form and lack of confidence he's in. Berloqc, despite only having jus over-come a left calf injury, should still be in good enough shape to dispose of Marcel here. 7/10 in the confidence stakes
  6. Re: April 30-May 6 In-play. R, Bautista Agut to beat Andreev @ 6/5 with Paddy Power. Bautista has been playing some impressive tennis this season and I can't really seperate these two's quality on clay ATM... so I'm going with the home-boy Spaniard. 7/10 in the confidence stakes
  7. Re: April 30-May 6 First Round ATP @ the Madrid Masters Feliciano Lopez to beat Jurgen no heart or desire if I can't have it all my own way Melzer @ 8/13 with Bet Victor X Andujar to beat the beautiful pony tailed Dolgopolov @ 7/5 with Bet Victor 2.88/1 as a double with Bet Victor *Rubs hands* Feliciano is a class above Jurgen when game for action and its at this time in the season, in the lead up to the clay and grass events where Feliciano really moves into that "game for action" mode and state of mind. We saw the passionate display he put in @ Barcelona and I'm anticipating another here in Madrid. He's been serving top notch and the key to knowing when Feliciano is playing well is when his one-two punch of serve volley is operating well. Despite losing to Kohlschreiber in his last match, he showed a lot of good signs, so clutch under pressure, saving bps, sps and mps .. all with massive serving and equisite artistry of touch, under pressure. Kohlschreiber for me, wanted the victory that little bit more and is very capable of a performance like that and he produced it, inspired by his own support. Here, Feliciano's going to be on his own turf and you jus see can't the head case Melzer getting much of a read on his serve, for whatever break points he'll conjur, he'll true to his ways spurn them some how and you can always count on him to throw a sloppy service game in here and there. Melzer often likes to play this "cat and mouse" tennis on clay and in this department, up against a guy with Feliciano's amazing net skills and equisite touch, he's going to come out second best I am afraid. We also all know about Melzer's headcase tendencies, he often not only has the other guy at the opposite side of the net to beat, but also himself! Nah, ugh, too much for the bloke. On to Andujar, when this bloke is motivated and focused, he is a force to be bloody reckoned with on clay, hell he's even proved he's no slouch on hard this season with that run @ Indian Wells. The key here for me is Andujar's ability, WHEN ON SONG, to neutralize attacking shots by getting balls back with depth, he rarely allows his opponents to muscle their way into a commanding position in a rally. (That's key against a player like Dolgopolov) We all know Dolgo goes through phases in matches, phases where his missiles land and phases where they jus .. hit civilians I guess you could say? That's Dologo, all or nothing .. if he can't be brilliant, he's not half way to being brilliant. All in all, Andujar's @ home and that will provide him with motivation. You feel, if motivated, he's going to be the one out of the two that sterns the test of time better. 8/10 in the confidence stakes
  8. Wayyy toooooo sic! Exactly how I called it! Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  9. Re: April 30-May 6 :| So she'll either not play or retire during the match, HOPEFULLY!
  10. Re: April 30-May 6 LOL @ Vera She really is over and done with.
  11. Re: April 30-May 6 Zvonerava to beat Cetkovskva in the Madrid Masters @ 8/11 with Blue Square Another one of those, you have got to be shitting me? ones.... Okay Vera has been in diabolical form, but only by HER STANDARD. She hasn't been THAT bad and besides the bad run isn't going to last forever? Right? Form is temporary, class is permanent. Cetkovska has played quite a bit of tennis recently and as we all know is very streak. Vera is well rested and well motivated, as she knows this is a big event and something she needs to get her teeth into so as for preparation for the French, you would expect her to win. Based on the odds, gotta this, brilliant IMO. 6/10 in the confidence stakes
  12. Re: April 30-May 6 Azarenka to beat Kuznetzova 2-0 and Serena Williams to beat Vesina 2-0 both in the Madrid Masters @ 2/7 and 4/11 respectively, 1.75 odds as a double, both with Paddy Power Kuznetzova is not the same player that won the French those few years back, Azarenka will be even more ruthless after losing to a player she has much distaste for. She has been outspoken about how she knows every player on tour now is going to give everything they can to beat her now she is the number 1 player in the World. Serena Williams is not dropping a set to Vesina ... especially after the tiresome week Vesina has jus had. 9/10 in the confidence stakes
  13. Re: April 30-May 6 M, Kirilenko vs J, Zheng over 20.5 games in the Madrid Masters @ 19/20 with Panbet Both of these players are pretty even on this surface IMO. Kirelenko is talented and can grace the court with quality tennis on her day. Zheng is a well drilled oriental player on clay, she's consistent and more often than not keeps a good length. Both players, historically, are renownd for making life difficult for not only their opponent, but also themselves, this line is very generous based on that front and I'm willing to snap it up. 7/10 in the confidence stakes
  14. Re: April 30-May 6 Safarova to beat Kanepi in the Madrid Masters @ Evens with Panbet Getting this one in early before the punters murder the price and the market swings. Safarova is the better clay courter and whilst Kanepi has had a good season so far she won't be able to cope with the Safarova game on clay. Both players love the way the ball sits up on this surface and can lay the smackdown from those high bounces, but Safarova has the edge, as not only can she lay smackdown to any shallow shots but she can also stay that relatively somewhat more consistent than Kanepi. Safarova is also well rested for this event with her last match having over a week back now, Kanepi on the other hand has had to tussle through 3 set matches and is still competing in the Estoril Open. Gotta favour Safa here. 8/10 in the confidence stakes