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** November Poker League Result : 1st Danshot, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe **
** November Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd andellio, 3rd Craig bluenose, 4th Redphil57. KO Cup Winner vangovin. Most Winners MCLARKE: **


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  1. A loss last night Jan Profit/Loss - +13.2 points Pick Bucks @ Charlotte (in Paris) Over 219.5 points 10/11 - 2 points Tonight’s game is in Paris and I expect the Bucks to show up and put on a show. This could be a blow out but hoping Charlotte can get up around the 100 point mark anyway and that should see us hit today. GL
  2. Winner last night! Jan Profit/Loss - +15.2 points Pick Wizards @ Cleveland Under 232 points 10/11 - 2 points GL
  3. Bad pick the other night, Charlotte looked awful offensively. Down to 13.3 points profit this month so far. Pick 76ers @ Toronto under 217 Points - 10/11 - 2 points GL
  4. Yeah I watched it this morning, wasn’t sure Indiana were going to score at all first quarter ha just lucky they were able to pull it together!
  5. Another winner last night. We’re +15.3 points since starting this earlier this month, hopefully we can add to that today too Pick Orlando @ Charlotte Over 207.5 points - 10/11 - 2 points GL
  6. Another winner last night. pick for today Indiana @ Denver Over 212.5 points - 10/11 - 2 points GL
  7. Loss last night, both teams scoring well and bucking the trend! pick tonight Lakers @ Houston over 234.5 10/11 - 2 points gl
  8. A push last night, disappointing as Orlando only managed 3 points in last four minutes and missed 4 free throws to boot... Pick tonight Atlanta @ san Antonio Under 230.5 10/11 - 2 points Atlanta are struggling at the moment anyway and this game has gone under the last five times these two have played. Also the total hasn’t gone over 230 the last ten times these 2 have played GL
  9. Another winner last night Pick Orlando @ clippers Over 217 points - 10/11 - 2 points LA are putting together a little run and Orlando will be flying high after beating the Lakers. Both teams score well. GL
  10. The double didn’t come in last night, sticking to singles again today. Pick Toronto @ Oklahoma Over 212 points - 10/11 - 2 points This is usually a high scoring affair, 6 of last 8 meetings between these two have gone over GL
  11. Another win last night. Slightly different bet tonight for a smaller stake Under 227 Knicks @ Milwaukee Under 238.5 Houston @ Memphis double - 3.64 - 1 point gl
  12. Sorry that should have said Oklahoma thunder not Cleveland! Edited above! pick is thunder @ Minnesota over 218.5 total points gl
  13. Another winner last night, hopefully another tonight Pick - over 218.5 points Thunder @ Minnesota - 10/11 - 2 points this is historically a high scoring fashion and out of the last ten tiles these two have met 8 would not have gone over this total. Gl
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