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** December Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd LIKE2FISH, 3rd kevsul **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Like A Roughie, 2nd Paperclip, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Alastair, 5th Gray306 **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st BARNSLEYCHOP, 2nd SADDLESORE, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th ADAMROSS. KO Cup Winner BBBC, Most Winners: JCW **


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  1. Re: Horse Race data information help request Thanks Davey :ok
  2. Can anyone help me out with some data please? I have the following Headers in excel with all the relevant data populated since 1st January 2008 for eg. DateTime/Course01/05/20111:50 Salisbury Can anyone provide me with any or all 3 sets of additional data for: 1. GOING eg. Soft 2. DISTANCE eg. 1m 2f 3. TYPE OF RACE eg. Handicap Thanks
  3. Re: My Top Ranked Horses Nothing doing yesterday. DATETIME/COURSEHORSEW/L25/08/20112:00 LingfieldMISS BLINK0.0025/08/20113:10 CarlisleCARRIES MAGIC0.0025/08/20115:00 LingfieldESCAPE TO GLORY0.0025/08/20116:10 WolverhamptonLADY JOURDAIN0.00
  4. Re: My Top Ranked Horses Four for today. DATETIME/COURSEHORSE25/08/20112:00 LingfieldMISS BLINK25/08/20113:10 CarlisleCARRIES MAGIC25/08/20115:00 LingfieldESCAPE TO GLORY25/08/20116:10 WolverhamptonLADY JOURDAIN
  5. Re: My Top Ranked Horses None of the horses met the required odds yesterday which is just as well as none of them won. The minimum odds filter does its job nicely and is exactly what keeps the bank in check on these types of days. DATETIME/COURSEHORSEW/L24/08/20112:50 CatterickCHEHERAZAD0.0024/08/20113:30 ChepstowGINZAN0.0024/08/20117:20 KemptonPOWERFUL PRESENCE0.0024/08/20117:20 KemptonJUNKET0.0024/08/20118:50 KemptonSALLY FRIDAY0.00 Bank still 78.28
  6. Re: My Top Ranked Horses Will have a look at your thread mate, sounds interesting.
  7. Re: My Top Ranked Horses Here's todays bets. DATETIME/COURSEHORSE24/08/20112:50 CatterickCHEHERAZAD24/08/20113:30 ChepstowGINZAN24/08/20117:20 KemptonPOWERFUL PRESENCE24/08/20117:20 KemptonJUNKET24/08/20118:50 KemptonSALLY FRIDAY
  8. Re: My Top Ranked Horses Neither horse met the minimum odds of 8.60 yesterday. DATETIME/COURSEHORSEW/L23/08/20116:00 WarwickESHOOG0.0023/08/20117:00 WarwickSIGNIFER0.00 Bank 78.28
  9. Re: My Top Ranked Horses Two again today. DATETIME/COURSEHORSE23/08/20116:00 WarwickESHOOG23/08/20117:00 WarwickSIGNIFER
  10. Re: My Top Ranked Horses 1 pt lost yesterday. DATETIME/COURSEHORSEW/L22/08/20115:15 KemptonLOCAL SINGER0.0022/08/20115:15 KemptonFOXTROT HOTEL-1.00 Bank 78.28
  11. Re: My Top Ranked Horses Two for today. DATETIME/COURSEHORSE22/08/20115:15 KemptonLOCAL SINGER22/08/20115:15 KemptonFOXTROT HOTEL
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