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  1. Re: Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City > Sat 14th September I'm going to go against the grain here. Think Norwich are a bit overpriced at 9.4 (betfair). Spurs have signed an awful lot of new players and it will take time for them to gel. They are yet to score from open play in their first 3 games and they no longer have Bale to dig them out with a wonder goal from nowhere. Norwich have made some decent signings this summer and I think they should be looking to improve on last season's finish. Top 10 is a realistic target for them this year imo. Redmond looks like the one to watch and was an absolute snip at £3m. Van Wolfswinkel's workrate has impressed me so far and he will certainly get goals in this league given half a chance. They have the bonus of having Hooper back on the bench today and with Elmander also to bring into the equation they certainly have goals in the side. I certainly think Norwich could get a draw here and maybe even nick a 1-0 win, so I'm going to take them at 7.18 draw no bet on betfair. To get this I'll be backing them to win at 9.4 for 7.87 points and backing the draw at 4.7 for 2.13 points.
  2. Re: Fri: 2.40 Albert Bartlett Novices Hurdle Good stuff mate - Thanks:cheers
  3. Re: England > Weekend > Premier League > 10-12 September Agree with this Western Skies. Yes Liverpool have undoubtably improved under Dalgleish, but it's far too early to be backing them at short prices away from home. Stoke are pretty formidable at home and in Palacios and Crouch they've made another 2 solid signings that will fit into their style of play perfectly. Woodgate and Upson (provided they both can stay fit) will provide an even more robust defence than they've had in the last few seasons. I actually fancy Stoke to have a good chance of taking all 3 points, so think I'll back them on the 0 AH at 2.68 (betfair) for 10 points. Use the standard win market to get these odds, as the liquidity is better: stake 7.06 points - Stoke @ 3.8 stake 2.94 points - Draw @ 3.4
  4. Re: UEFA Champions League Final: FC Barcelona v Manchester United - Saturday 28th May Bet365 are giving away a free inplay matched bet of up to £50 if you place a bet on the game before kick-off. Another good offer, particularly for anyone who wants to back Barcelona.:ok
  5. Re: X-Factor I've taken Paige to go next at 11 on betfair. Belle Amie are the clear favs to go next, but that was also the case last week when they weren't in the bottom 2. Wagner seems short at 4.8 with the facebook campaign behind him and Treyc was in the bottom 2 last week, meaning anybody who likes her will probably make the extra effort to vote for her this week. So I'd be suprised if she's in the bottom 2 again this week. I'm going for Belle Amie and Paige to be in the bottom 2, the judges possibly being split and the public vote keeping Belle Amie in.
  6. Re: Italy not to Qualify I had similar thoughts myself at the start of the tourney, but didn't have the bottle to go with it. Fair play to you Libbert, hope it comes in for you.
  7. Re: Italy v Romania (Friday) Unlucky bagzi, you were nearly spot on!:ok Vitalyo, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss others in future.
  8. Re: Racing & Football Outlook- Euro 2008 Betting Guide I wouldn't say they had any main bets, they've got loads of write up's by different people all with different opinions. One bet that suprised me was Tony Cascarino who went for Baros golden boot. Now we've all seen Baros under perform in the Prem, but Cascarino argues that he's a diffferent player when playing for the Czech's and loves playing with Koller. At 66/1 it's not a bad shout for a player who will be the Czech's likely top goalscorer. Personally I don't fancy the Czechs this time around, but they are on the easier side of the draw, so there could be some value in it. Oh and he's 75 on betfair at present.
  9. Re: Racing & Football Outlook- Euro 2008 Betting Guide Today's RP had a 64page pull out which is a decent read imo, unfortunatley I'm still none the wiser, they make good cases for so many teams and players, which further confirms to me how wide open this competition will be.
  10. Re: Champions League (Feb 19th) I'm gonna buck the trend here and go with a Liverpool win at juicy of odds of 2.84 (betfair). This is the only competition that Liverpool can still win this season, and let's be honest, it's pretty much what Rafa gears his whole season towards anyway. You can be rest assured that his best 11 will be playing, and that means a welcome return for Gerrard, Reina & Torres amongst others. Of the first team that were embarrassed by Barnsley at the weekend, I'm pretty sure their pride will be hurt, particularly after all the criticism they've received. Furthermore, let's not forget Liverpool probably had the better of the game against Chelsea last week, even without their main goal threat in Torres. Had Torres played, I think we could have well seen an end to that long unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge. I dunno what it is about European nights at Anfield, but the crowd really seem to get up for it (particularly in the later stages) and again I expect the crowd to create a deafening atmosphere. If Liverpool don't win this game, they'll have a very difficult task to go to Milan and get a result. They need to have a lead to take to the San Siro imo and they should have enough to take it by the odd goal. 5pts Liverpool @ 2.84 - Betfair
  11. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Cardiff - 1.77 Swindon - 1.65 Both at Betfair
  12. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Cheers Bedlam:ok I'll update and get back to this soon.
  13. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Cardiff - 1.90 Southampton - 1.52 Sunderland - 1.61 Huddersfield - 1.79 Swindon - 1.81
  14. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Lincoln -1.61 :@ -3.05 Stockport - 1.98 :@ -4.90 Bristol City - 1.88 :D +4.95 Notts Forest - 1.66 :@ -3.30 Preston -1.87 :D +4.95
  15. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Lincoln -1.61 Stockport - 1.98 Bristol City - 1.88 Notts Forest - 1.66 Preston -1.87 Arsenal - 1.30 All bets with Betfair.
  16. Re: Slow and steady, wins the race I tried a similar thing last season, 3 teams not to lose. I didn't do very well, but think there could be some potential here. If you want the same return, whatever result comes in, then you can use a dutching calculator (see link below). You put in the odds of all the outcomes and the total stake you want to put on. It will then calculate how much you need to put on each outcome, to guarantee the same return.:ok
  17. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Time for an update: Reading - 1.88 :@ -4.4 Bolton - 1.57 :D +4.95 Chelsea - 1.37 :@ -1.85 Man Utd - 1.17 :@ -0.85 Stoke 1.78 :D +4.95 Sunderland 1.66 :@ -3.3 Blackpool 1.57 :D +4.95 Yeovil 1.93 :D +4.95 Starting Bank: 100 Bets: 8 Wins: 4 Current Bank: 109.4 P/L: +9.4
  18. chala

    Laying HO's

    Re: Laying HO's Keep it going Hodgey, I'm certain a system like this has real potential.:ok
  19. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Cheers Hodgey, I'll take a look at your system:ok Bet 5: Stoke 1.78 Bet 6: Sunderland 1.66 Bet 7: Blackpool 1.57 Bet 8: Yeovil 1.93 All lays with Betfair.
  20. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Cheers for the good wishes lads:ok Bet 2 Bolton - 1.57 (betfair) Bet 3 Chelsea - 1.37 (betfair) Bet 4 Man Utd - 1.17 (betfair) I feel that the majority of punters would feel this is a pretty much nailed on treble tonight. Hopefully 1 of them will fail.
  21. Re: There's only 1 Result Possible! Isn't There? Bet 1: Reading - 1.88 (betfair)
  22. I've noticed this season more than most, the amount of times you look at a coupon, and straight away a couple of teams will stand out at you (regardless of the odds) and you think their a nailed on banker. Well imo, if they were, then we'd all be rich and there would be no bookies. I don't have to tell you guys gambling is not an easy game, if it was everyone would be doing it and winning. For this GH, I'm going to trial laying teams, that I think your average punter would look at and say "they'll win easy". This may prove a tad difficult, and I'm sure my own subjective opinions will creep into selections, but my aim is to have a quick scan down of the teams and objectively lay those teams I think most punters would be on. I'll start with a bank of 100pts, and each lay will be for a fixed stake of 5pts. Let the laying commence!
  23. Re: Champions League Winner 2006/7 Just had 5pts on Arsenal @ 15. They play the best football in England & on their day can destroy teams. Despite slipping up on their travels when they've played battling teams, when they've come up against other more footballing teams they've shone through (Wins at Old Trafford & Anfield & draw at Stamford Bridge). What's more they won't come up against any team in the champions league that will give them a more physical game than the premiership teams. Arguably Europe suits Arsenal better, as they are given more time to play, and with them long out of the Premiership they will be able to focus mainly on the champions league. Finally, Henry has had a nice rest mid-season, so he should be raring to go for the second half of the season.
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    Vegas 2006

    Re: Vegas 2006 Cheers Ubermonkey:ok Have a top time in Vegas Lads!:cheers
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    Vegas 2006

    Re: Vegas 2006 Quite like the idea of flying direct. How do I buy v points??