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  1. What happened to punters lounge? Is it a dying forum?
  2. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... Thanks for the constructive response. Great stat sites. Will reevaluate.
  3. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... Killer blow. Watford v Blackburn 1-0. The worst thing is that covered all the criteria the best out of the selections. Feel there's still something in this, but then again a red card here, an outstanding goalkeeper there. Its all just unbeatable. Sigh.
  4. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... In stats we trust.... Out of the 449 games tomorrow, i have found 4 games that fit the criteria very well. Unfortunately PSV v Utrecht have come in at a mighty 1.004 for over 1.5. Even i have to swerve that. So that leaves us with 3 different leagues. Watford v Blackburn @ 1.18 (combined 55/11) St. Gallen v Zurich @ 1.25 (combined 31/5) Union Berlin v Bochum @ 1.28 (combined 32/6) I will be honest i spewed the £6 earlier to leave a ripe £100. 2 goals x 3 games returns £189.93 Cant call it a "system" if you cant trust it!
  5. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... Absolutely lovely. 0-0 at halftime always gets the blood pressure up but 2 goals in 5 minutes in the 2nd half get the job done. £106.48 Annoys me there are 449 games tomorrow (as per Bet score app) and all i want to look for are 2, maybe 3 with the right stats, to score 2 goals.
  6. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... Nothing coming up for tomorrow, so were getting involved for Friday night. Even with quite a schedule of football its a push to find a real gem HOWEVER the allure of getting to the weekend with £100+ is to strong. So were going to Holland with Eindhoven vs Roda. Roda - 20/2 Eindhoven - 19/3 2nd and 3rd fighting it out. £91.27 @ 1.16
  7. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... I should probably check whether the greatest player in the world is suspended. This should be interesting... Don't think we can celebrate that to much. Midweek Im trying to set up a decent weekend so will take the extra pennies Mon-Fri. £91.27
  8. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... I agree its always going to be tougher with rolling, but will try and keep in my head it was just £40 in its youth. Gone for the most obvious looking over 1.5 tonight with real Madrid v Valencia. Real Madrid - 20/0 Seville - 15/5 Hoping Madrid pull their weight at a mightily skinny odds. £82.97 @ 1.10
  9. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... 87th minute 2nd goal scrapes us through. Lots of cup games midweek, nothing with strong stats tomorrow. Should find something for Friday with all the French and Dutch leagues. £82.97
  10. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... Portugal sees us move on.. £73.75 returned. We're off to Germany with Frankfurt playing Wolfsberg. Wolfsburg stats (o/u) 15/3 Frankfurt stats 15/3 Frankfurt top scorer in the league Meier. £73.75 @ 1.12
  11. Re: Over 1.5 Goals..... Successful beginning. £62.40 returned. Can only find one match today, the 2 teams in Portugal with the highest number of over 1.5 games this season. Porto v Pacos Ferriera - over 1.5 goals @ 1.18
  12. I like thinking i have cracked a code, whereas really Im just looking at stats which in the end don't mean anything as its 11 humans playing against 11 humans.... However humour me! The idea is that at this stage of the season teams know if they score lots or let in lots. So looking at each league and picking the 2 teams playing each other that week who have the highest amount of over 1.5 goal games (stats taken from should lead to 2 glorious goals (hmmm). Then looking at other factors as in do they have top scorers in that league.... we have a winner (lets see how this works) I hope to bet just sat/sun 2 games, starting £40 walking away with £400 (if anyone knows a sweet 10/1 shot let me know) Starting this weekend i have picked out 2 games. Bournemouth v Watford (Fri) Accrington v Northampton The over 1.5 match goals double - £40 @ 1.56 (bet365)
  13. Re: Starting my first thread - Inspired by Stribs' - No Red Cards Please do correct people when they thank you for YOUR idea.
  14. Re: Starting my first thread - Inspired by Stribs' - No Red Cards I started to do a lot of singles and realised £130+ @ 1.15 started making some nice money. I was caught in the headlights and thankfully it worked out. Seeing this continued just makes me think what if i continued.... we'll have a look at the end of the season for trends and nail it next season (pending they don't shut us down) Good luck for the weekend.
  15. Re: Starting my first thread - Inspired by Stribs' - No Red Cards I want some royalties out of this! Good going chief. I'd follow again but spent all my cash on a ps4!!! Lets keep these games clean!