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  1. I suspect a lot are, inside knowledge of the entire game is massive and have the :bank" to back it up.Whatley on AFL360 openly states that he gambles.
  2. Eagles, Crows and Dogs should all win.
  3. Hartlett and Schulz out for Port. You do not take favorites often Ash, big surprise here. Crows home game. I have a +10.5 bet on the Crows at $1.90
  4. I do like the Crows as big as 2.70 which for a team that has beaten the kangaroos in 4 out of the past 5 is something to consider.
  5. Crows to win 5 units at $2.65 bet 365 Top punts Ashtee in your first post I have taken them before. Suns should have too much experience and speed for the Bombers.
  6. Cheers Ash I do like GWS today, picked them earlier in the week at $1.55 for 2u.
  7. Great stuff Ashtee for starting the season off good work been busy with work. Happy for you to start the Round threads so please by all means do so and dont wait for me.
  8. Leicester bubble has burst, expect them to be bashed by City. Having a stronger squad with a shorter turnaround between games is what will hurt Leicester this evening, City are back to their best imo and though they beat a struggling bottom team that confidence will carry them well into this game and I feel the mental scars of Anfield will haunt Leicester this evening. It isnt just one game, I think most of us in here are expecting that bubble to explode for some time, they have been brave and done extremely well to be top for the most part of this season, but commeth the hour, commeth the team, this is City's win.
  9. This will be a ManC win or draw. Arsenal WILL NOT WIN. Bookmark this. Too many injuries and a lack in the ability to beat City in recent times with scored draws.
  10. Surely Leicester win tonight against Chelsea? The odds have to be wrong for this match?
  11. Im sure South Africa will eventually win a test, it just may not be in India.
  12. Geez got really nervous towards the end of that Tottenham match I had too much riding on it. Almost cashed out too but stayed the course. Why couldnt Spurs have led 3-0 and then allowed a goal by Villa instead of me being nervous at 2-1 for the last 10 or so minutes.
  13. thanks champ. Much appreciated. Time for bed. I'm in Australia lol. its a morning game for me.
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