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  1. I think some sort of minimum bet is a fair rule even if its very small. I would be interested to know if anyone would know of a group or groups of people that maybe make certain issues with books public on social media and the like. It's not something that has a particularly focused agenda in terms of policy. Although I have my personal opinions about minimum bets and what not, I'm generally just interested in putting pressure on major books when they act out. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  2. Maybe no stats gives the chance for some more value in the market.
  3. I've backed her outright cos her odds might drop bigly if she can win.
  4. I don't think bet365 are going to refund your 0-0 accumulator bets.
  5. Can we hijack this into a future prediction thread for next year? Who's going to exceed/fail expectations? Or maybe it would be better to have another thread for outrights/specials 2017. I'm hoping to find some strange angles before the new year starts.
  6. Just decided to question them about it there out of curiosity, it seems like they're genuinely making it up as they go along. Sun, Sep 4, 7:45:30 Am Gregory: Hi, my name is Gregory. I'm here to help you with your query. Sun, Sep 4, 7:45:53 Am Gregory: Hi, how can I help you? Sun, Sep 4, 7:46:27 am You: Hi Sun, Sep 4, 7:46:55 am You: I was planning on backing Jack Sock +2.5 sets vs Tsonga Sun, Sep 4, 7:47:28 am You: What would the result of the bet be if Sock retires in the third s
  7. What site was it? Some are intentionally vague, for example go look at Paddypower for rules on retirements for total games and handicap bets, complete grey area. Probably so they can grade losers and void winners whenever possible
  8. A lot of breaks in the Anne bogdan match at Florianopolis also
  9. Anybody know why how to re-start notifications? Still following tonnes of forums and threads, don't understand it. Just realised I spammed a tonne of them, apologies
  10. I'm going to resubscribe but I was just getting a flood of Asian nonsense.
  11. The spam lately is ridiculous, it makes the feature counter-intuitive. I'm probably just going to delete all my notification prompts because it's unmanageable.
  12. Aldo to win in round 1 @9/1 Boylesports Under 1.5 rounds 13/8 Unibet I agree that the value is on Aldo but think the longer the fight goes on the more it sways in McGregors favour. Dana White has said he thinks the 1st round of this fight will be "one of the sickest first rounds of any fight", he's running the hype machine but it's fair to say it's more likely than not both will come out guns blazing and if that does happen there's every chance Aldo could cause a shock and end this early. He's done it 11 times in his 25 wins, Mcgregor has also had 14 rou
  13. I'm not getting any e-mails that a new topic has been opened in the forums I follow bar a seldom few e-mails. Do I have to follow each topic individually to get an update? It's hard to keep track when new topics are opened every week everywhere. Right now I just have forums followed no topics but I barely ever get an e-mail, have gotten about two or three not sure what I'm doing wrong. edit- Apologies, I've just found I've gotten many forum updates so it must be a problem with my phone
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