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  1. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Boise State-Colorado State, BS -7AH, 2.65 bet365
  2. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Northern Arizona-Portland State, PS -9AH, 3.10 bet365
  3. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Rice-UTEP, Rice -6AH, 2.10 Pinnacle 10units
  4. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) No bets tonight, sorry. I ruined my record with far too many bets. So you can expect 10-20 bets per month.
  5. Re: Copa del Rey 2011-2012 Levante-Valencia, Levante, 3.30 betway 10units The odds are just not right here at all. Levante lost just one game of their last 13 games played at their home ground. Valencia did not win in their last 6 road games. This season Levante is a big surprise in Primera despite having a good team this season no one really expected them to be this good. In the Cup they play like teams from South America, they lose on road and win at home. So even with both teams complete I would give Levante advantage to win here. Now , there are a few things than favour Levante even m
  6. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Wyoming-San Diego, Wyoming -8AH, 3.25 bet365 10units
  7. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) I edited my post , George Washington is my pick for a bet like yours
  8. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) I go through every game in offer and check the stats and injuries. Plus if I watched a team that prevails. It's mostly from my own experience watching NCAAB. GL George Washington-Charlotte , GW -8AH , 3.25 bet365 10units *my pick for tonight North Texas-Denver , Denver -10.5 , 3.00 bet365 10units Rice-Tulsa , Rice -6AH , 3.10 bet365 10units Tulane-UTEP , Tulane -8AH , 3.00 bet365 10units UMKC-IUPUI , IUPUI -6AH , 3.00 bet365 10units South Dakota-Western Illinois , WI -9AH , 3.10 bet365 10units Idaho State-Northern Arizona , IS -10.5 , 3.00 bet365 , 10units
  9. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Brown-Yale , Yale -12AH , 3.25 bet365 10units UAB-UCF , UAB -6AH , 3.10 bet365 10units 6 more to come in a couple of hours
  10. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) A lot of games today so probably a couple , but around 1700CET as I will go through the offer after lunch.
  11. Re: Australian A League Season 2011/2012 Melbourn Heart-Brisbane Roar , Brisbane Roar -1AH , 3.10 Pinnacle 10units
  12. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Sorry arifeenzx , I'm sick and my PC is most the time turned off , so I don't check my posts. Hope you won last night.
  13. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Cal Poly-Long Beach State , LBS -8AH , 3.25 bet365 10units
  14. Re: NCAAB (2011/2012) Troy-Florida Atlantic , Florida Atlantic -10AH , 3.10 bet365 10units Southern Utah-Oakland , Oakland -7AH , 3.00 bet365 10units
  15. Qatar-Al Garrafa , Qatar -1AH , 4.50 bet365 10units
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