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  1. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD Ceara +1 @ 2.1 bet365 Anyone that isn't aware that Ronaldihno and Thiago Neves will both miss out on this game due to suspension would think Flamengo is a good bet, but due to this very important factor I just can't overlook a Ceara side which has showed lots of potential. The 4-0 win against Atletico M. will be a nice boost of confidence for Ceara, meanwhile due to important absentees for Flamengo, they will not want to pass up this opportunity to get a good result. It’s a golden chance for Ceara to get some points away from home. Flamengo has had a bit
  2. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD Avai's last two games have ended 1-0 and 0-0 which means we could be looking at a negative trait in their attack, which is they aren't finding the net. Meanwhile Inter hasn't scored a goal in their last 3 games, which also marks the same trend. I reckon this will probably end in a 0-0 or very tight win for Avai. This, coupled with the other factors I mentioned on the same game in another bet, make this bet worth small stakes. under 2 goals @ 4.0
  3. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD I took Avai +0.5 @ 1.7 on bet365 Inter clearly has their minds set on other things, having not scored a goal in their 3 games prior to this and looking like they have their mind set on their match vs Barcelona in just 5 days from now, this looks like it could be a home win. Avai's win on the weekend will fill them with confidence coming into this match. They haven't lost in their last 4 games and I think they will get another positive result today.
  4. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD That is great news for Palmeiras indeed Bagzi, though, I wonder if Kleber continuously being linked to Flamengo could have an effect on his performance tonight. This is a tough match, I think we will see a great game. Both teams are in good form, especially Flamengo though, they haven't lost a match all season and are coming off of 4 consecutive wins prior to this match. Last time these two teams met we saw a 2-0 in favor of Flamengo, but Palmeiras is a different animal at home. They won their last 6 home games. Meanwhile Fla's away form is solid as well. I
  5. Re: Copa America > Semi-Finals > 20/21 July Bad night for me here, only won one bet out of 5. With one Push and 3 losses. Thankfully my wins last week will easily cover any loses here. Which is why I pushed it a bit with my bets here. Overall not a bad night, given my two bets won in Brazilian Serie B, but still disappointing. Up until Uruguay's first goal it looked like it would end in a draw. Goalkeeper made a mistake and the game changed though.
  6. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD Great night here for me in Serie B. Two wins. :-D
  7. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD I'm going to have to disagree with Bagzi on this one and take Corinthians +0.5 I'll warn you guys that the odds have been shifting rapidly in this game in favor of Corinthians. Corinthians form has been incredible to say the least. 8 wins out of their last 9 matches. No defeats. They have been amazing. Sitting first on the table with 25 points, Corinthians are still only 4 points ahead of Sao Paolo and need a positive result here to stay at a distance from the rest. Momentum is high at the moment, my only real worry is that Corinthians "take the foot
  8. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD Agree with this. I took Goias +1 @ 1.95 on bet365:ok
  9. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD A draw will do just fine for me. Icasa's away form has been good lately. I wouldn't discard a draw at all, but a handicap is always safer. BTW - thanks for that info Bagzi. That's great news for Duque and not such good news for me, but I'm still confident.
  10. Re: Copa America > Semi-Finals > 20/21 July The most likely result here, once again, is a DRAW Uruguay will be without an extremely important player in midfield for them due to a very deserved red card vs Argentina. This is a very important factor. In attack, no Cavani for Uruguay, who will start on the bench today. Uruguay is favorites to win the cup, but they haven't really played great football this Copa America, with a poor display vs Peru, Chile and Mexico. Their victory against Argentina was also more down to grit and determination than anything else. Markarian will obviousl
  11. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD Very strange indeed, I took ICASA + 0.5 @ 1.7 on bet365. The same bet is now on 1.53. Duque 0 AH is now on 1.97.
  12. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD Interesting reply to say the least. Funny guy. I ask you for your reasoning behind your bet, and you come up with this? I don't see how asking you to tell me WHY you are going for a certain bet could be offensive. I don't give a rats ass what your "followers" or record says, if I'm asking you to further elaborate why you choose a game, its obvious that its because I didn't find your reasoning, or lack there of, convincing enough. Lately all I have seen from you are your picks with no further analysis. I never once told you what you should do with your be
  13. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD I would like to know what your reasoning is behind this bet. Duque hasn't won a match so far this season. 8 lost and 3 draws for them so far. Currently sitting on the last position of the table. Also you would think Icasa's win on the weekend away from home is sure to fill them with confidence coming into this one. Icasa +0.5 pays 1.7. I think there could be value in this bet, but am waiting for further information on both teams prior to the game before deciding to take it or leave this game alone.
  14. Re: Copa America > Sunday 17th July bet won:notworthy
  15. Re: Copa America > Sunday 17th July I hate to have to say I told you so, but.... I told you so.
  16. Re: Copa America > Sunday 17th July Sorry, but Venezuela is not a shitty team. Chile is the better team in this one, but it sure won't be an easy affair. Maybe a live bet on Chile would be better for you? Chile never scored in a first half so far this Copa America. Anyhow, I don't recommend high stakes on this one. Chile's defense is fragile and Venezuela have some attackers that can really hurt them, I wouldn't discard putting a handicap bet on Venezuela.
  17. Re: Copa America > Sunday 17th July Paraguay + 0.5,1 @ 2.0 As far as I'm concerned, there is huge value in this bet. Sure Brazil has the potential to score lots of goals with the players they have, but with the fragile defense they have it probably all evens out in the end, but Paraguay can lose 1-0 and you still don't lose your money. At 2.0 odds, it seems like a bargain given the facts that surround this event. The fact is that Brazil has not played well this Copa America, they have had their moments, no doubt, against Venezuela in their first match I thought they played ver
  18. Re: Copa America > Saturday 16th July :notworthy 5 bets won on this game. 0-0 = bet won under 2.5 = bet won Draw FT= bet won Draw at half time = bet won Peru +1 = bet won I told ya you should have followed me, one million dollar bet indeed!
  19. Re: Copa America > Saturday 16th July Million Dollar man with another million dollar bet, and this time I hope a own goal in the last minute of the game wont **** it up. Hardly time to explain, but under 2.5 goals is golden even at 1.60. Peru hasn't gone over 2 goals in their last 10 games meanwhile Colombia, who you would think has scored more goals has an even better record in unders going 13 games now in a row without there being more than 2 goals. Peru is going to play defensively, and Colombia wont go all out risking everything to attack either, so expect a very tactical game, muc
  20. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD Got Inter +1 @ 1.9 as well on bet365. Everything has already been said on here. So not much more to say. Inter was playing well until they lost last week, but I think that was more down to some important players missing more than anything else. D'Alesandro is back and Corinthians missing their main assister in the last couple games, this looks like a great bet.
  21. Re: Copa America > Wednesday 13th July Yeah, that's what I meant. Fixed.
  22. Re: Copa America > Wednesday 13th July A last minute own goal by Peru ruined our million dollar night, later on Uruguay was unable to score more than 1 vs Mexico, which meant the night ended in one big push. No money won, no money lost. I am not happy, but that's how the game works. I'm used to last minute goals by now. This is another golden bet, which promises good cash, maybe not one million dollars, but you get the idea. Venezuela has a good under record. 5 out of 6 of their latest have gone under. Paraguay also have a good under record. 5 out of 6 of their latest games have gone
  23. Re: Copa America > Tuesday 12th July Peru +1 @ 1.8 bet365 = PUSH Under 2, 2.5 goals @ 2.0 bet365 = WON Half time result = Draw @ 2.2 bet365 = WON Full time result = Draw @ 3.6 bet365 = LOST Last minute own goal denied me this one, Chile was better, but never really looked dangerous. Should have been a draw, but this is football. Bookings = Less than 5 bookings @ 1.90 bet365 = LOST Game was clean until that foul which caused a fight and two red cards. Peru vs Chile = 0-0 @ 9 bet365 = LOST you have to consider yourself unlucky when you lose by a last minute own goal. Nothing I could
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