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  1. Re: Free $55 Sat ticket Cheers Joe - I had the email but hadn't bothered to open it :loon
  2. Re: Sky Poker PS4 Cash Promo for January Cheers Al :ok Any guesstimates on the kind of rake needed to get into Top 10 / Top 50? Come to that - what kind of rake do SkyPoker charge - is it comparable to Stars, or substantially higher? (my blind guess is that its substantially higher - but only because I believe everyone charges substantially higher rake than Stars) I'd imagine the need for the rake race is pretty high, but I've not been on Sky Poker for years, so no idea what it's like now....
  3. Re: Urgent message from Racing Post I've had the same. (Not that I really use the racing post website any more). It highlights the significant dangers of using the same passwords on multiple sites - I use Keepass to generate random passwords and store them. I have nagging concerns about storing passwords in that way on my PC, but so far its worked for me and it seems to be a program recommended by those who seem to know.
  4. Re: Pokerstars VIP Bash Overlays Sorry - I never noticed that :( No good for you either :p, but maybe others ;) - there's a freeroll at 17:15 BST for GoldStar and up with a 50,000 VPP prize pool (worth $800). Just 401 entries so far. Another very good value game by the looks of it!! There's a 5,000 FPP sat at 18:00 BST with 200 x 25,000 seats guaranteed (5,000,000 FPP prize pool) - just 374 entries so far!!. This is silverstar+
  5. Re: Pokerstars VIP Bash Overlays There are freezeout sats (without overlay) from 5fpps
  6. Just seen this tweet from Pokerstars From what I can see, they're guaranteeing 5 seats worth 25,000 VPPs each (125,000 FPP prize pool) and have a buy in of 2,000 FPPs. They seem to be getting about 50 runners (50 x 2,000 VPPs = 100,000 VPPs) - so an overlay of about 25%. 2,000 FPP Sat (5 x 25,000 Seats Gtd) running daily at 17:00, 20:00 and 23:00 BST I would imagine the Final (Saturday 31st August 19:30 BST) would have a MASSIVE overlay. They guarantee 100 x WCOOP Main Event Tickets, worth $5,200 each (total prize pool is $520,000 or 32,500,000 FPPs). Buy in is not cheap (25,000 FPPs is worth about $400), but that is largely why the overlay in the final would, I imagine be so large (and if you want to play, why it could be worth hitting the sats, especially the sats with overlays). To have no overlay, the final needs 1,300 entries. There are currently 111 entries. The 2,000 FPP sats will add 60 entries The 5,000 FPP sat will add 25 entries. So that's 196 entries so far plus direct buy ins.
  7. Re: Pokerstars VIP Bash Micromillions Sat - Massive overlay (if it runs) A few more entries than I expected (2200 ish) and took a bit longer than I thought (1 hr 20 mins ish) - but I've got my ticket for tomorrows micromillions :)
  8. Re: Pokerstars VIP Bash Micromillions Sat - Massive overlay (if it runs) Second one was cancelled. I reckon the third one will run (just!) and that there should be no excuse for not cashing (You can all fold AA pre flop cant you? :p) - so it should basically be $22 for 100FPPs. Currently 1225 entries - just over an hour till it starts.
  9. Pokerstars VIP Bashes scheduled for today. Must be silverstar or higher to enter. 1,500 seats guaranteed. The first sat, at 17:00 BST had 1,500 seats guaranteed and a buy in of 2FPPs. It was a sat to the 10FPP game. It didn't run due to lack of numbers (I presume less than 1,500) The second sat at 18:00 BST has 1,500 seats guaranteed and a buy in of 10FPPs. Currently 1,036 entries. Needs 1,500 to run - if it gets there, then it looks like virtually everyone (especially if you don't play any hands ;)) will get a ticket to stage 3 at 19:30. The third (final) Sat at 19:30 BST costs 100FPPs and has 1,500 seats gtd. Currently 862 Entries. Needs 1,500 entries to run (which presumably it will do if the previous sat runs). The prize for the top 1,500 is a seat at Micromillions Event 98, running tomorrow with $1m gtd and a $22 buy in.
  10. Re: ** Poker Diary Weekend 29th-30th June ** Tomorrows Pokerstars Ultimate $1m Freeroll (6pm BST start) pays the top 39,499 players. Just 39,770 entries so far - I cant imagine that sit outs wont cash! Various ways to get in - easiest is probably to deposit $50 (with the deposit code) - They let you withdraw it straight after the tournament I think, if you so wish. Full details here: http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/100-billion-celebration/ultimate-freeroll/
  11. Re: PokerStars Road to 100billion promotion I didn't spot the paired Jack straight away - I though the bottom pair had won it! After the flop, just noone had anything that they could have been confident with - pair of twos was best (I think - the Jack came later?) - the best draw was the 7 high flush draw! It just seemed to miss them all totally....
  12. Re: PokerStars Road to 100billion promotion :)
  13. Re: PokerStars Road to 100billion promotion It's already getting quite tricky to open tables (when they're generated, they're insta-filling) - so a little tip.... Once you've got one table open, the easiest way to open more tables of the same type, and sit, is by pummelling CTRL S.... Under 9 million hands to go, and current pace is about 3.2m hands per hour ....
  14. Re: PokerStars Road to 100billion promotion I've just been crunching some numbers, and at current pace, it will hit at 21:26 tonight. Pace is picking up all the time though and I'd be very surprised if it doesn't hit before 8pm tonight
  15. Re: Player segregation - Regulars and Fish
  16. Re: Player segregation - Regulars and Fish I think that where there are fish, then sharks will always find a way..... I think that's exactly what will happen - the rewards for multiaccounting suddenly go sky high and the risk/reward ratio changes......
  17. Seems a really scary idea gaining traction at the moment. The idea seems to be that fish are protected from sharks by pooling them at different tables. I'm sure it improves the experience for the fish (and decreases the cost) - but by making profitable play difficult/impossible, doesn't it remove the dream for the fish on what they can achieve? Surely hearing of players crushing tables and making a living from poker is what a lot of fish aspire to? That dream of getting rich by playing poker - if that's no longer possible, where's the fantasy? I suppose its away from the cash tables and STTs, and only in the MTT environment? I think it all started at iPoker? When they spilt the player pool in two - putting the sportsbook players separate from the poker dedicated skins players (is that right? I haven't really seen much about it - that was a while ago - anyone know how it worked out). A couple of days ago I saw that Party Poker had, without saying anything to players, started hiding tables from profitable players where there were a lot of fish on them. They're still supposedly testing it and working out exactly how they will implement it. (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/28/internet-poker/party-poker-segregating-its-player-pool-1305546/) From Monday, Revolution network will be splitting out their player pools in a similar way (not many details out yet from what I can see) (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/28/internet-poker/intertops-poker-official-support-promotions-thread-1078789/index206.html#post37398268) I'm all right [jack], as no signs of anything like this where I play (Pokerstars) - but I really dont like what they're doing.....
  18. Re: Is Game Theory the HU Cash nirvana? Ah gotcha :ok I've given PLO a short bash a couple of times this year, not HU, with a desire to get to the stage where I'm comfortable to give it a try HU, but I didn't get anywhere and came to the conclusion that PLO really wasn't for me!!
  19. Re: Is Game Theory the HU Cash nirvana? No. I've played NL50, NL100 and NL200. At first NL200 was highly profitable for me, but then it wasn't! lol. I stick mainly to NL50 and NL100 now (I've scaled back to just NL50 at the moment, because of the bad month and wanting to avoid having to deposit, but will move up to NL100 again as soon as bankroll without depositing is comfortable again.) Rather strangely, my BB/100 is significantly higher at NL100 than NL50! (But I play a lot more NL50 - mainly for liquidity reasons)
  20. Re: Is Game Theory the HU Cash nirvana?
  21. I seem to be obsessing about Game Theory at the moment - wasn't a deliberate choice, I just kind of stumbled into it, and now seem to be coming across it everywhere I look!! Not got far yet, but the impression I get is that what I manage to learn from it could be exceedingly significant to my game. First of all, I came across this: http://oyc.yale.edu/economics/econ-159 I started watching the first lecture and was really interested by it. I've watched about 1.5 lectures in total so far, but suspect I wont get back to it (because of the other option listed below). Does that lecturer REALLY remind anyone else of Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock in Elementary? Then I received the new book by Will Tipton (Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold'em) which seems excellent so far (I'm half way through chapter 2) and has a huge emphasis on Game Theory. http://www.dandbpoker.com/product/expert-heads-up-no-limit-holdem-volume-1 Finally I've signed up for this (its free!) https://www.coursera.org/course/gametheory which starts January 7th (30-42 hour course over 6 weeks). Anyone else already been down this route of expanding their poker knowledge? Does understanding Game Theory pay the dividends I suspect/hope it will and make it worth the time investment?
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    Re: Price of bread.... Hah - when I first saw that article, genuinely, my first thought was "I bet Alun Bowden pays that for his bread!" :p
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  24. Re: talksport/Pokerstars Win a super entertainment system TEAULC takes it down Nice one Al :clap :clap :clap
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