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  1. Re: March 31 - April 6 Cepelova - Bencic: Cepelova @ 2.18 Pinnacle With all respect to Bencic's promising talent i think she still isn't up to being the favourite at this level, despite her good results of late. Cepelova has been playing some outstanding tennis lately defeating Oudin, Serena and Vesnina prior to last nights demolishing of Hantuchova who managed to win only 3 games in 2 sets. No doubt we'll see young swiss player soon in important role of biggest tournaments but she still has a lot to learn, just like Cepelova who is also on her way up in the rankings and career results. Cepelova is for now somewhat more consistent and has nice defensive skills, if this one was playing on some other surface(eventhough this one is also quite fast for clay) i'd probably give up on this matchup, but this i simply have to try. Odds are going in opposite direction and 2.18 offered by Pinnacle is a bit too much for me cause i see this as a very close match with Cepelova being small favourite. Good luck. Petkovic - Bouchard: over 24 @ 2.37 Pinnacle This is in fact a bet on a 3Setter... Both have been playing nice in this tournament and i have to say i really enjoy watching Bouchard and her attractive tennis. I read some reports on Petkovic's match vs Lisicki and watched some of the yesterdays win against Safarova and have to say she looked quite well there with some great moments. Think it's very hard to predict a winner here cause it's a coin toss in every way, maybe Bouchard deserved more to be a small favourite in this one but in generall i can't separate them in terms of winning the match so going for this nice price on over 2.5 sets, which allows also a two tie breaks to be a winning bet, although it's not very likely. GL
  2. Re: March 24 - March 30 Czech, agree with you on Berdych, although Sousa and Robert are not exactly the players you'd expected to make too much problems to him but he looked way better than against Bautista. Also, conditions in Miami are very, very slow and Isner even last night looked as you said, breakable and combining that with his poor movement i think Berdych will win this one. I'm interested about your oppinion about Ferrer -2 vs Nishikori and Wawa+Murray combo. Wawrinka had a poor match yesterday against Vasselin, his AO form seems to be history but Dolgo looked even worse yesteray, very close to losing the match to Lajovic. Many given points and really poor service from what i saw. And about Murray looks to me conditions here are ok with him and that he's getting his form back from match to match. Plus the fact Tsonga was just horrible against Baghdatis who choked in key moments. I think Murray's game is maybe the worst possible matchup for Tsonga's number of UE's. Beside that, slow conditions will surely absorb much of the power on which Tsonga relies against his opponents... Thanks in advance and GL.
  3. Re: March 17 - March 23 yep, agree on Bautista but Johnson is pretty limited player. still, nice tennis from the spaniard, everyone should be careful going against him.
  4. Re: March 10 - March 16 Only reason Flavia is here is poor Li Na's performance yesterday, chinese was really poor and as i wrote, she was the one throwing that match away. Penneta was there only to help her. I wasn't impressed at all by Penneta and she also made tons of UE's, had many bad moments during the match and didn't showed anything to convince me that she'll make too many problems for Aga. Of course, it is possible that she nicks a set off Radwanska, in WTA everything can happen, but looking at these odds i think Aga's win in straight sets has more that 50% chances. That is of course my estimation. I could be wrong. We'll see...
  5. Re: March 10 - March 16 Radwanska vs Penneta Taking this one early as odds might start to drop below evens, at least i think so because i would set the odds on this one much, much lower... Looking at Aga's matches prior to this finals i could say, she played as expected. Lots of running, great tactics and defensive skills, typical Aga. She frustrated Halep with her play and showed mental stability in key points and although Halep was really playing well, Aga's defensive play was very close to perfection, just like her reaction on points when facing problems. On the other side, Flavia is here thanks to Li Na who was simply horrible last night and thrown her match away making so many errors and double faults, and most of them on most important points. And her service... Well, it's just another cathegory. After so many double faults in first set shoe completely lost her confidence in service, it seemed she was reliefed every time ball went inside on second serve, no matter how weak that service was. Flavia wasn't anything special, she just allowed Li Na to collapse. Her service was really nothing special as well as her baseline play, also took bunch of wrong shots at the wrong time... All in all that match was a pain to watch. In one moment, commentator started to laugh and said one thing: I know one person who is more than happy to see this match. He tought of Aga, of course, and her defensive play which would be impossible to break for the italian since she has really no weapons to deal with Radwanska and also, she's mentally not tough enough to get too many points in long rallies. This will be most likely a game of cat and mouse, and Radwanska's win in straight sets is what i expect here. Pick: Radwansa 2-0 @2.38, William Hill
  6. Re: March 10 - March 16 agree with both picks on bennetau and robredo, especially on the spaniard... cilic is really on a good streak lately but robredo should be a bad matchup for him because of his baseline play and also the court here is pretty slow what will take some power of cilic's service. odds absolutely too high on tommy, i would say it's a 55-45 in marin's favour. how do you guys like bautista? i watched a bit of his match against berdych and he really did well there, not the typical claycourter, solid service... and nieminen doesn't look to be at his best lately. was thinking of going for the spaniard in straight sets at evens...
  7. Re: March 3 - March 9 actually, hewitt was horrible even against ebden in last round. it was a pain to watch really, each player made like 10+ double faults, and don't even want to know about ue's. if it wasn't for ebden's ankle problems it could have gone either way cause hewitt was moving very bad, like 40 year old and his service was pathetic for the whole match. imo better to skip that one, there's a lot more better matchups on cards for tonight, especially on woman's part of the tournament.
  8. Re: In-Play Chat cannot believe how poor chardy plays today...
  9. Re: draw, draw, draw...(-1.01 u /21 bets) #22 Arsenal vs Dortmund @ 3.5 #23 Napoli vs Marseille @ 3.36 #24 Celtic vs Ajax @ 3.47 #25 Swindon vs Wallsall @ 3.64 #26 Gillingham vs Notts COunty @ 3.53 #27 Plymouth vs Newport @ 3.41 #28 Burton @ Torquay @ 3.84
  10. Re: draw, draw, draw...(+6.77 u /10 bets) hit rate: 6/21 invested: 21 u returned: 19.99 u profit/loss: -1.01 u yield: -4.8 %
  11. Re: draw, draw, draw...(+6.77 u /10 bets) #17 Bilbao vs Villarreal @ 3.47 #18 Sonderjyske vs Odense @ 3.62 #19 C. Palace vs Fulham @ 3.32 #20 Brest vs Metz @ 3.2 #21 Siena vs Palermo @ 3.22 update with previous bets later tonight
  12. Re: draw, draw, draw...(+6.77 u /10 bets) #11 Reims vs Toulouse @ 3.19 #12 Kielce vs Jagiellonia @ 3.24 #13 Cesena vs Bari @ 3.2 #14 Bohemians vs Bray Wanderers @ 3.59 #15 Laval vs Le Havre @ 3.22 #16 Chateauroux vs Caen @ 3.24
  13. Re: draw, draw, draw... hit rate: 5/10 invested: 10 u returned: 16.77 u profit: 6.77 u yield: 67.7%
  14. Re: draw, draw, draw... #9 Eibar vs Alcorcon @ 3.23 #10 Vitoria vs Botafogo @ 3.59 :hope