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  1. I've seen them away to Las Palmas two rounds ago where they lost 2:0 o the newly promoted side. I wasn't impressed with Sevila at all and looked like a lost bet from first half. Altho' Champions League is at another level and they could raise their game, am not much impressed and will stay away from them for a while.
  2. Re: Brazil Serie A Thread 2014 Ei Bagzi, any tips on today's games ? Criciuma vs. Gremio or Fluminense vs. Botafogo ? I was thinking to go for a HW in Fluminense game and maybe an Gremio AH+0 but I don't know much about this league.
  3. Re: Romania 2014/2015 Otelul vs. Astra Giurgiu Odds are about right for this game, with league bottom Otelul meeting a strong Astra side which has to get back on track in Liga I. Otelul had a really poor season so far, lost many players from last season and are playing at a level they can't cope at the moment. I hardly believe there is any chance for them to stay in Liga I after this season. They are Liga II material. Great result for them in last game, where they took home a huge point from drawing 0:0 with Petrolul. But to be honest, it was all about really good luck for them in that game, as Petrolul had many chances of taking the lead but GK Hotoboc had a really good day. Zaharia and Jula are both missing through injuries today, both important players for first team, while Avdic is recovering after surgery. Astra hasn't been at it's best lately, with only 2 victories in last 10 games in all competitions. Last round in Liga I they won 2:1 and midweek they drew 1:1 against Celtic in Euroipa League so they might get going again. Honestly, Astra's only chance this year is in the league and being 7 points away from 1st placed Steaua, they can't afford to give up points especially against such weak sides as Otelul. They have three players coming back from suspension, Ben Youssef, Oros and Morais which should all start today. I know Astra played this Thursday in Europa League, but they should be capable of handling two games per week, and even thought Astra won only once in Galati in past 10 games, it's a different story nowadays. They only started being a top level side since 2012 and they showed it last season when they won at Galati with 4:0. I expect Astra to score couple of goals today with a good attack minded midfield-attack line and I doubt Otelul which scored 5 goals in 13 games will have the power to score as many as them. I'll be taking my chances with this game as I expect Astra to be getting all three points if they wanna stay in the fight for the title. Maybe another good betting options would be to play them HT/FT at 2.50 as Astra used to smash weak sides in first half past seasons. Pick: Away Win @ 1.62 with Bet365 - 5/10 Points FT 1:1 Bet Lost. Ofc late goal spoils the bet :-/
  4. Re: Romania 2014/2015 Wow... Ceahlaul is 2.00 at x2 now, their odds keep going high. Think I might lower the stake if it keeps raising like this @_@ Something's scary about it. Fully agree with your bet clau. Good luck!
  5. Re: Romania 2014/2015 CFR Cluj vs. Astra Giurgiu Now this is the kind of game I really want to watch. Two teams on a good form, both playing beautiful attacking football. CFR is coming after a very good result, one which many didn't expect, a win away to Petrolul. Many would argue that their last goal came from an offside, but it was a matter of centimeters really and would be hard for a referee to see it. Plus they have dominated and deserved the win IMO. Their team is fully fit, except for Negrut who is injured, but they should have players for every position on bench also. They just finished with the transfers, last three including Davide Petrucci, Catalin Carp and Ferebory Dore. They all look promising and should bring some quality in their ranks, Carp started his career at Shaktior's youth and probably Dore will be given a start in front today. He's had some good time at Botev, scoring 7 goals in 16 games. The coach, Miriuta, said on an interview he will be happy with a draw also, but I believe in order to get that draw they will have to play good and score, as Astra is in a good scoring form. Astra won easily against Craiova. Had a first half with two cancelled goals, hit the post two times, but in the end of the first half they managed to score through Budescu from a free kick. Second half came better for them, went up to 3:0 by minute 60 and it all looked as an entertainment for them. Very good midfield-attack line for them, one of the bests in Liga I I'd say. Budescu scored a hat-trick vs. Craiova and he is in top form. Enache is going through wonderful times also playing really well for Astra, and has been given the opportunity to start for the National team also. He was impressive lately. I'm really pleased with current line-up Astra has, maybe some better defenders for them would sky-rocket their performance. Morale is high after having Lyon kicked from Europa and they should be a bit better than CFR. Joaozinho, Alassane Toure and G. Florescu are their latest signings, all of them of 3.7 millions value. Things look really serious with this team and I have high hopes for Astra this season. CFR didn't win since 2011 on their own stadium vs Astra and I see that stretching for now. If they both will approach this game in the same manner they did lately, I think we gonna be watching a spectaculous game. Hopefully Astra won't be thinking about Europa League too much as that game comes on Thursday so there's enough time to recover. I am gonna fancy the goals here, even thought past two meetings on this stadium between them ended as 0:0. If they will play fast paced football and create chances, I believe we gonna witness some goals tonight. Over 2 AH is priced about 1.75 while over 2.5 is 2.30 and going up. I will be taking the over 2 AH market for now, and if odds keep raising for 2.5 goals market, I will maybe place one bet on that one also. Pick: BTTS @ 1.91 with Bet365 - 5/10 Points Pick: CS 0:0 @ 8.00 with Bet365 - 0.5/10 Points Edited: In fact, BTTS is priced at 1.91 which is way better than Over 2 AH. Probably the chances for both to score are more real than any of them scoring 3 so I might swap for this one. Will decide in few hours, before placing the bet. For now I'll put this bet on hold. Bet Won: +4.05
  6. Re: Romania 2014/2015 Viitorul Constanta vs. Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt I was about to skip this game this round, but I can't move on without noticing the odds. Ceahlaul, which definitely had a good turn-around after first two games and after changing their coach, went as high as 4.20 now from 2.50 starting odds. Something fishy going on I'd give you that, but the odds should be in Ceahlaul's favour, or at least should be well balanced. Viitorul still without a victory in Liga I, and in fact, with no points won at all at home in the three games played there. They getting all worried about relegation already, and it looks like this critical time had to force Gheorghe Hagi to step in. Our soccer legend stepped in as a technical manager, and it's been 4 years since he coached last time. I personally don't think he is gonna have such a huge impact on this game, plus he's been with the club all this time so don't really see how he could change things much. With all due respect, he's been a great footballer, but as a coach he didn't show much, probably the reason why he didn't bother with it either. The only effect I could see him having on their games, is to have referees give his team the upper hand. Anyway, to make things worse, they will be missing their first keeper, Buzbuchi, and the left back Taru, whom both got red carded against Steaua after two horrible tackles. Viitorul is good at creating and supplying our league with players, but they are inexperienced and young still, that's why they fighting against relegation every year. And when their players get good and learn, they move away to bigger clubs. Ceahlaul is having a good time now, after a bad start of this season. They lost first two starting games conceding 8 goals, but after changing coach, they managed to stay strong for last 4 games. Had tough opponents like Pandurii, Dinamo and Steaua, and only conceded once against all these three teams plus Concordia in last round. Florin Marin has two players which are uncertain for this game, but they said in a press conference they will be trying their best to get them fit before the game kicks off. Last year, when these two teams met at the end of the season, Viitorul managed to save themselves from relegation thanks to a 1:0 victory against Ceahlaul, in a game which had no stake for Ceahlaul that time. Maybe it was a favor for Hagi's club, maybe not, but if it was, then we might witness a payback. Anyway, all things considered, I believe the value is on the away side here. They might have to slip up soon, but I don't think the moment is now. Ceahlaul is obviously in a better form and should go home with points today from this encounter. I only hope we gonna see a game based on the values of both teams and current forms, and not a game which will be ruled by the referee and have Hagi's step in change minds that much. Pick: Double Chance Ceahlaul or Draw @ 1.91 Bet365 - 6/10 Pick: Away Win @ 4.20 with Bet365 - 1/10 Good luck all. Will bring you updates if anything comes up until kick off. Bet Lost: -7 Points
  7. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday August 28th For senk. They announced Fatai is available for todays game, while Ben Youssef is wanted by Marseille so he might raise his game today in the defence as OM officials will be watching him. Also to add that Astra hasnt lost a game at home since 25 august 2013. That's a 17 game undefeated streak at home. Your bet looks good and Astra might go through which will mean alot for them to get past Lyon.
  8. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > August 22nd - 24th Any info on Guingamp vs Marseille meatman ? Marseille to grab first victory at 2.50 looks tempting, but I didn't follow at all latest games and transfers in Ligue 1
  9. Re: Romania 2014/2015 CFR is down to 1.60 now o_O Something fishy going on..
  10. Re: UEFA Europa League > August 20th & 21st Is it only me or Dinamo Minsk at 2.50 worths trying ? They are 8-1-1 in last 10 home games scoring 18 and conceding 4. Maybe even if Nacional would be able to hold on to a draw, still can catch Dinamo AH+0 at 1.75. Maybe anyone who follows any of these two teams can supply some feedback, cheers!
  11. Re: Romania 2014/2015 Where have you found CFR @ 2.05 ?! Best I could find is 1.67 or AH +0 @ 1.25 which are both no value.
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Qualifying > August 19th & 20th Thanks HG for +2.0 AH on Malmo. Very good quality bet, really appreciate.
  13. Re: UEFA Champions League Qualifying > August 19th & 20th Malmo +2AH is as high as 2.0 on some sites now o_o
  14. Re: Romania 2014/2015 Universitatea Cluj vs. Dinamo Bucuresti Universitatea looks stronger than past seasons, and managed to sign some players with whom they gonna hope not to have emotions with relegations this season again. Lemnaru is a big loss as he moved to Steaua, but they got quality all over the field now and looks much more balanced over-all. They had couple of chances vs. Targu Mures last round, with lots of shots from outside, most dangerous ones coming from the right midfielder, Boutadjine. If the rumours are true and Grozav will look to come back to U Cluj, then the team will finally have a good midfield-attack line ready for this season. Dinamo started very good this season, altho' they lost a lot of players becuz of the financial crisys they are going through. Many important players left the club this summer, and there's no notable signing so far for them. It's true they won 4:0 last round, but am not sure where to place this win for them, as Otelul is facing worse financial problems than them and completely changed their team over the summer break. What I liked about Dinamo tho' was the attacking mentality they had during that game and I hope they will keep playing like that in following games also. Altho' Dinamo won last game, they have done some childish mistakes in their defensive line and they managed to concede no goal only becuz of Otelul's un-experience and bad quality. U Cluj and Dinamo met a lot of time and in all 46 games played here, we have had only 4 0:0 draws so far. In past 14 direct games between these two teams we had one goaless draw and only 2 of them ended under 2 goals. Considering the attacking mentality Dinamo had during last game, and mistakes done at the back line, if things will go like that again in this game I am very confident we gonna see goals again tonight. Odds are very good taking into considerations all the factors and history and I will be pelased to take the goal market for this game. Pick: Over 2 Goals AH @ 1.81 with 188Bet - 5/10 Points Bet Won: +4.05 - FT 2:3
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