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  1. Re: Copa Libertadores season 2013 Gremio should certainly be able to cover -1.5 ahc spread against Huachipato. I mean Chileans are really poor team after they lost some important players after title win and made terrible impression in the new season so far. Plus Gremio is strong home side and they dont have many missings. Do you guys think Sporting Cristal is able to get something from Palmeiras away game? Public seems to back them heavily with line dropped from +1.5 to +1. But still they are Peruvians and much weaker than Mexican teams like Toluca, also they sold Advincula and Yotun since
  2. Re: Brazil State championships 2013 Pato wont play probably, but they have other forwards. i think this is a must win for Corinthians, they will have Libertadores games every week from 20th february on til mid march, away games in Bolivia and Mexico. So probably they will play reserves against small teams and starters against rivals Santos and Palmeiras. With this constellation they cant be sure how much points they will make in this time span in Paulistao. So they def need the 3 points here in a game on which they can focus, cause theres no Libertadores next week. Question just is if the
  3. Re: Argentina > Primera division > 2012-13 Velez will miss new signing Gago, but only because he played in Sweden on Wednesday. they will rest nobody here. it's not always true that argentine teams dont take the torneo seriously because of Libertadores. Independiente once played the Copa with b-Team, Boca was in Libertadores final last year and was leading in the torneo until penultimate matchday. Velez is too big to throw the torneo away right at the beginning. they might do later in April or May.
  4. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores > 2012 i already played Independiente +0.25 this year against Velez for small profit when public was on Velez and i think they will avoid relegation in the end. But in my opinion turnaround wont come before they fire coach Diaz, which is only an assumption of course. there will be absences in Boca squad indeed, Blandi usually doesnt start from the beginning and maybe i underestimated importance of Erviti for Boca since they looked ok without him last weekend and it will hurt me here tonight. But in the end i dont expect a good reaction from Independiente h
  5. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores 2012 Boca -0.5 @1.94 i have no idea what is going on there and why odds are shifting towards Independiente +0.5, so i have no choice than back Boca here. Of course Riquelme quit at Boca after libertadores final, goalie Ustari is injured and Silva and Blandi never played together in the attack. But i dont see that this could be enough reason that Boca is higher than @1.7 with the season Independiente had until here, the crisis that they are in after defeat in Clasico vs Racing and given the fact they will also miss injured Tuzzio and Leguizamon will not play cau
  6. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores 2012 this wasnt the best of calls. obviously when you need a penalty in 94th minute for cashback its not a great thing. This situation with ecuadorian teams on the road is really annoying when you consider they are capable teams at home and then they win once in a blue moon on the road when you really wouldnt expect it like Emelec in Asuncion or LDU at Velez. However maybe the essential point here that i missed was that San Martin had free weekend and Emelec game at altitude
  7. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores 2012 Emelec AH 0 @2.08 for once i will back the Ecuadorian team away from home . Of course when you know south american football its something you shouldnt do usually. But basically i bet against San Martin here. Last weekend they didnt arrive at the venue of their scheduled away fixture cause of financial problems or organisational chaos. Its the second time this happened to them this season and now its possible that they get relegated cause of this since Peruvian championships has many strange rules like this one. Its also possible that the match against Int
  8. Re: Germany > Bundesliga 2 > Fri 10/08 - Mon 13/08 Union -0.25 @1.96 it is a bit to high in my estimation. Both teams started the season well against opponents who were relegated from 1.Bundesliga and need some time to integrate new players. For Union it seemed not to much have changed judging from the impressions of Kaiserslautern game. Attacking plays looked pretty promissing, whereas they were very vulnerable in defense though they bought some new players. Braunschweig did not impress me that much in their win over Cologne. It was a rather boring affair and match-winner resulted f
  9. Re: Third qualifying round, 2nd leg > 9 August i dont really believe that Ried will progress against Legia, so i think Legia -0.75 @1.8 is worth a try Polish teams play an equally awful european season as austrian teams so far this summer and no doubt that Legia defense is their weak spot, now even more so with Wawrzyniak suspended and they cant replace him appropiate, but Legia is better team than Austrian bundesliga midfield side Ried, who were still lucky with referee in 1st leg to win the match 2-1. over 2.5 @1.9 certainly looks playable too. I somehow feel more confident with Legi
  10. Re: Copa Toyota Libertadores 2012 Cerro Porteno -0.5 @1.89 6/10 I will try the Cerro Porteno home win tonight in Copa Sudamericana. O'Higgins are certainly better team than some other Chilean participants (cobreloa and iquique), they nearly won the championship last half-year and their coach Berizzo adopted the attacking-minded style which Bielsa implemented in national team and which U de Chile shows. at a bit lower level than these 2 teams obviously. Also they are fresh after there match last weekend was postponed. nevertheless there defense looked very shaky in 1st leg and probably t
  11. Re: Argentina > Primera Division > 2012 it was used here i think http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_Copa_Libertadores and in Copa Sudamericana quite some times where it affected brazilians and argentinians. as far as i remember from forums brasilians didnt like it back then when it was changed and sometime when i read about brazilian football on globo esporte for betting purposes people complain there about conmebol in comment section. Its not like i care to much or are big fan of brazilian football anyway. Usually all-brasilian ties seem more boring to me anyway when i watch Libert
  12. Re: Argentina > Primera Division > 2012 well that they changed the rules so that 2 teams from same country have to face each other in semi-final no matter what the draw says, after Libertadores finals 2005 and 2006 were all-brasilian affair. Of course theoretically it is still possible that teams from same country face each other in final. But only when there are 3 semifinalists from same confederation.
  13. Re: Argentina > Primera Division > 2012 well thats what Corinthians said about the referee after 1st leg Emelec-Corinthians http://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/times/corinthians/noticia/2012/05/com-palavrao-e-nova-palavra-tite-tambem-ataca-arbitragem-no-equador.html and Fluminense coach Abel Braga after Boca-Flu 1st leg http://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/libertadores/noticia/2012/05/abel-critica-arbitro-e-dispara-contra-conmebol-nao-quer-final-brasileira.html it is what it is, but in Europe Ovrebo made more mistakes and possibly brasil teams are just pissed off cause there are
  14. Re: Argentina > Primera Division > 2012 a reason i picked Arsenal to beat Boca Juniors last week was the 2 matches they had in Copa Libertadores when the situation was very difficult for Boca with standings Fluminense 6, Arsenal 3, Boca 1, Venezuela team 1. In sarandi Boca won 2-1 after 0-1 deficit, cant say/remember much about this one, then in Bombonera Boca had a player sent off near end of the 1st half, they score the 1-0 beginning of second half and i cant remember Arsenal had any clear goal opportunities after this though they had around 75% possession and it didnt look like the
  15. Re: Argentina > Primera Division > 2012 definately the first campeonato since Argentinos title win 2010 that looked very fishy to me, especially how it worked out to have Grondonas Arsenal campeon and Tigre safe from relegation. Newells with many dreadful away performances in a row when they had the title race in their hand, Boca with very poor performance at 0-3 against Arsenal, Tigre beats San Lorenzo who have 2 players sent off, beats Velez who seem unmotivated, state then in the media avoiding relegation but missing title would be ok for them to play 2-2 against poor Independient
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