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  1. Sorry, if I'm posting this in the wrong place, it seemed like the one. Anyone have any experience of Livetradingfootball.com? Was thinking of signing up for a month.
  2. Not certain I'd agree with Chelsea's ambitions of a top six finish. I'm sure recently I read Hiddink or someone of importance saying the league was meaningless for them. Even a top six finish would be depressing for Chelsea, so hard to trust them, imo. As a Norwich fan however, I can say we will always go out of our way to shoot ourselves in the foot. No better illustration of that than at Leicester, keep it 0-0 for eighty-nine minutes, then allow one of their strikers a tap in from six yards.
  3. I want to put quotes like the one from the Astana coach in a heart-shaped frame, and give them pride of place in my house.
  4. I always find it interesting when you get Barcelona players and such saying they'd love Rooney at their club. Ibrahimovic the other week ws waxing lyrical about Rooney too. Guys who's opinion should be a lot more informed that the average fan, you'd think. For punting purposes, shouldn't affect tonight though.
  5. In case anyone doesn't know, Croatia appointed a new manager, hasn't been in the job three weeks yet.
  6. I agree with the comments backing Poland. They're the second best team in the group, more than just Lewandowski, and I think they'll get a result in Scotland, who have gone off the boil. Germany price is about right. They'll probably win, but as has been said, they don't need to. And if the game is still level with thirty minutes to go, I doubt either team will mind a draw. Quite like Serbia in Albania. We know of the hatred, and Serbia would love to stop them qualifying. As much as Albania are improving, Serbia can put a spanner in the works here. Serbia need to get a good coach in too. You look at that squad, and with someone decent in charge, they'd be a dark horse, imo.
  7. I hope the thirteen people actually allowed to have a Bet Victor account make the most of it.
  8. I wouldn't like goals, as it's the thing of the home side will take a 0-0. I'd be edging towards Sampdoria. You'd hope they'd want to set the record straight, and ordinarily, Sampdoria should be beating a side like this comfortably.
  9. Vaduz are obviously from Liechtenstein, but play in the top Swiss league, which is about the same level as Denmark, possibly higher, though Brondby and Randers finished at the top of their league, whereas I believe Vaduz are one of the lesser sides. The team from San Marino did hit the post in the first leg, but still, disappointing. I need to see the goal, surely must be a set piece :) Brondby and Randers not running riot either. Randers 1-0 until the seventy-third and injury-time, and only the two for Brondby.
  10. I think it can go both ways, MP. Sometimes a team outclasses a side in the first leg, it's a nap they'll stroll the second leg too. Nobody mentioning Vaduz, as well, scoring five but conceding to a team from San Marino. I took them at 1.70 BTTS No, but layed off, like I do with all these, it IS different from international football. So broke even there. Would have done my bollocks big time if they'd scored a second though :$
  11. Thanks, Aidy and Paul. No, it was just one person, but it went through in the end. I would send a screenshot but it isn't doing it anymore.
  12. According to WhoScored, both suspended players will be back for Peru.
  13. Hi, Aidy, I get a message saying ''you are not authorized to post'' when I try to send a private message, is this a glitch?
  14. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Saturday June 13th Be worth waiting to see the German team. I've seen a few predicted line-ups, none of which include Gotze, and some leave Schurrle out, their two best attackers. Kruse, who may be the main striker, was horrendous in the first match, and barely saw the ball. I don't buy in to the thing particularly of how much better a German ''B'' side should be against these as well. It's often difficult when you have your best side out, look at the first match, when Germany didn't have a proper effort on goal in an entire half.
  15. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Saturday June 13th Corals are strange with me. Limited me before, but then sometimes will let me have what I want on it. Backed the BTTS for double my maximum stake, with a view to trading out. The other bookmaker let me have half what I needed on, then made me sweat whilst the rest was referred to a trader. Don't trust Germany for the amounts I had on, we saw with Scotland how Gibraltar will try and score. I swear, I'm like a kid at Xmas for international weeks. Must have checked the BTTS on Oddschecker about two million times this past week :lol San Marino v England in September :nana
  16. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Saturday June 13th Corals has BTTS No in the Germany match @ 1.40, go go go :lol
  17. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Friday June 12th Interesting info. Don't think I'd back them as a single, but at the price they're decent acca material.
  18. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > April 24th - 27th Granada changed most of their team when they lost 9-1 at Real recently too, so that may be worth keeping an eye on.
  19. Re: FC Bayern München v FC Porto > Tuesday April 21st Yes, Porto and Benfica have always impressed me, with the way they buy people and sell them for large amounts, and keep replacing them. They both play the game the correct way, and usually have interesting players, so hopefully Porto go through. And it'll be lovely to see Neuer and company sent packing.
  20. Re: Sky Bet Championship > April 17th - 22nd Little boost for Norwich is Lewis Grabban, who was our first choice striker and on fire before getting injured, may be back tonight, though he took a knock on Tuesday in the warm-up and was removed from the squad. Bradley Johnson, who along with Matt Ritchie has probably been the best player in the league this season, has been suspended the last two games, so will be nicely rested.
  21. Re: Atlético de Madrid v Real Madrid > Tuesday April 14th I don't think Real's recent upturn can be discounted. Granada actually played their reserves in that 9-1, but even then 9-1 is impressive. Rayo away was a tough match but Real nicked the win, and they won 3-0 at the weekend without Bale, Rodriguez, Kroos, and Benzema on the bench. So I think they'll give Atletico a game. And that 4-0 defeat must serve as some motivation.
  22. Re: Sky Bet Championship > April 10th & 11th I'd probably fancy Ipswich here. Blackpool have picked up some points, but looking at their results, it's exclusively against sides going through the motions. Whenever they've played anyone with something at stake lately, they've been put to the sword, Watford 7-2, Norwich and Bournemouth 4-0.
  23. Re: Sky Bet Championship > April 10th & 11th Norwich would probably be a no bet for me. Johnson missing is a pain, but we have enough otherwise to get the job done. For anyone looking to back Bolton, I'd point to them needing a last minute goal to salvage a draw with Blackpool, who are shocking. Very difficult to know what to expect from a side with nothing to play for.
  24. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Sunday March 29th Yikes, a Gibraltar goal. That just cost me a really good arb. Shows though, main difference with Gibraltar and San Marino and Andorra is Gibraltar try to score. The other two wouldn't have scored that as the guy that scored would have been stood at left back :lol
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