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  1. Re: February 16 - February 22 I have done the strategy you follow in the past and I was burned. In my opinion, it is not a viable long term betting strategy. However, it doesn't mean that it can't work but you have to be extremely disciplined in selecting your picks.
  2. Re: £1000 start laying correct scores. Nice going. keep it up:ok
  3. Re: French Open 2014 Because of a 0-4 H2H against Stosur perhaps. Also the fact the fast the she beat her recently in Madrid in straight sets should be taken into account.
  4. Re: French Open 2014 Yes, even after taking Kiki's recent form into consideration I find the price big on Anastasia. So, I am going to have a punt on her for simply being the far better player.
  5. Re: French Open 2014 Does any one has any idea why Pavlyuchenkova is so high against Bertens?
  6. Re: April 21 - April 27 What do you think of the handicap on Pavlyuchenkova, at +5 is it worth a punt or should be higher in your opinion?
  7. Re: 150. Are you using the exchange or the sportsbook?
  8. Re: Stick to what you know. A successful glory hunt. Congrats:ok
  9. Re: January 27 - February 2 What do you guys make of Kohlschreiber's chances today? Is he worth a punt?
  10. Re: Australian Open 2014 I heard Simon has an ankle injury and was very close to withdrawing before R1. Any updates on this? If he is fully fit then the price looks tempting to me.
  11. Re: Australian Open 2014 I also disagree with many of Torque's picks but I respect the work he has put on this board and I think many people are being overly critical of his picks. This is a public forum and everyone is free to follow or not follow any particular pick. With that being said, it'll take only one or two picks for Torque to see some green.
  12. Re: Ausi Open Glory Hunt Some nice picks, best of luck tomorrow.
  13. Re: In-Play Chat Another week and another choke from Monaco. What a clown!!! Just doesn't knows how to close matches down.:@
  14. Re: July 22 - July 28 This bet is part of my strategy this season and I'll be continuing to oppose him with small stakes. Good Luck.
  15. Re: In-Play Chat Matosevic is an absolute moron, drops his serve after being 40-0 up!!!:@