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  1. Hajduk v Levski Sofia - Hajduk to score more than once 1.90 no disrespect to our bulgarian members if there is any, but their football league is a piece of shit. tbf, so is ours, but that won't matter in this case because Hajduk's strength isn't in players or their talent; no, Hajduk's biggest strength lies in their youth and motivation. they can't compete for titles in croatian league anymore so their whole season is basically this - europa league games + couple of domestic clashes with Rijeka and Dinamo. there may be significant difference between Hajduk and Levski or not, I really don't know but like I've said, it wouldn't matter anyway in this case. in normal circumstances the most important factor in this match would be stadium Poljud filled with fanatical Tordica supporters, but this game won't be played on Poljud. still, I believe we will see something similar to last year's game against Maccabi, which Hajduk won 2-1. braver punters can even go for Hajduk 3+ option, because I think it's worthy at 4.0. obviously it's not something I'd recommend here. good luck.
  2. I've also gone for Berdych win. amazing tiebreak from him, already lost it.
  3. Barcelona to score in both halves - 2.40 at first, it looks like there are some more obvious picks there, like both teams to score, Barcelona to win or Messi anytime goalscorer, but odds on that are pretty low. on the other hand, 7.50 on Barcelona to go through is nice, but I don't believe they will do it so there's no point in suggesting that. what I do believe is that we will see a match pretty similar to Barcelona - PSG a couple of weeks ago. Barca will attack from the start, beliving they can do it again and I doubt they'll be as impotent in attack as they were in Italy. even though I don't see any major difference in overall quality between Juventus and PSG, Juve just looks more serious and more experienced so they won't allow this to slip from their hands. they will defend better than PSG and most likely score again. but make no mistake, in Barcelona they still believe in new miraculus comeback and will give their best, and their best on Camp Nou means goals on the opposite side.
  4. Juventus to score more than once - 2.45 if Juve want to get past Barca, obviously they need to get positive result tonight. they can win and they probably will, but imo, if I'm going to back them to win or qualify, then I'd rather choose much "safer" bet at similar odds + I don't have to wait two weeks for rematch. Barca's defence is very suspicious these days and I'm not even talking about their defeats against City and PSG, I'm talking about them conceding pretty much every week against the clubs like Malaga, Deportivo, Granada, Sporting, Valencia etc. Juventus will surely score here and the only question is how many. if you ask me, more than once.
  5. aaaand of course, Berdych is playing like a god now. so predictable.
  6. I don't think there's a team I currently hate more than feckin' Venlo. second home loss in a row and yeah, both times they were on my ticket. today I chose both to score but they couldn't even score. every single game finished with home and away side scoring except for this game. incredible.
  7. wow, Paire is killing me (like always).
  8. Hajduk equalizes in 56. minute. bet won.
  9. Mac. Tel Aviv vs Hajduk odds for home win (1.60 -1.65) probably reflect correctly on Tel Aviv's stature as the biggest and most decorated club in Israel and, of course, the fact they are hosts. but the thing is, I never feel comfortable with clubs from countries that aren't really that good at football. Ukraine for example have better and more competitive league system than Croatia but their lesser clubs (unlike Kiev and Shakhtar) don't really have the money to buy all those foreigners so they rely on youth/domestic players which, tbf, really aren't that good. Vorskla and Oleksandriya are both from Ukraine and are filled with homegrown players, with almost no foreign players - they were both eliminated by Croatian clubs (Lokomotiva and Hajduk) in previous round. much like Ukraine, I don't consider Israel to be particularly good in producing talents and it's not like Macabbi is filled with foreigners like Apoel or Ludogorets. again, it will be a case of domestic talent vs domestic talent, average Izraeli players vs average Croatian players. the main advantage Maccabi have here is the fact they are number 1 club in their country while Hajduk is like, the third best in Croatia. so... I believe Maccabi will win in the end, but I also believe Hajduk will score at least once. both to score - 1.90
  10. jeeez... both my predtictions were correct, but I also added both Sheffield Wed. and Carlisle to score, the latter doing it in 90. minute. roll on wednesday!
  11. I don't know, these matches are hard to predict. think I'll go for Dinamo vs Salzbug and Ajax vs Rostov both to score in both matches. 1. Dinamo just scored 4 goals away at their biggest rivals but their defence can be suspicious at times, even at home. they conceded in their both home matches in domestic league so far and Salzburg, even though they aren't as good as they were 2 or 3 years ago, are far better than Inter and Belupo and have Soriano who scores for fun. also, Dinamo and Salzburg have played 5 times so far: Dinamo : Salzburg 1-5 Salzburg : Dinamo 4-2 Dinamo : Salzburg 1-2 Salzburg : Dinamo 1-1 Salzburg : Dinamo 3-4 both to score - 1.85 2. as for these two... I pretty much rely on Ajax to concede because they did concede against every opponent they have played against this season. 2 against Roda today, 1 against Sparta last week, 1 against Paok at home and 1 against Paok away... on the other hand, I must admit I know nothing about Rostov, but like I've said, I'm relying mostly on famous dutch defense to be shit as always. both to score - 2.00
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