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  1. I'm backing Bournemouth to stun Man Utd in the early kickoff. Guess the visiting side won't sit back like they did against Liverpool, and will even try to get the upper hand to continue on their mini unbeaten run and even aim for a convincing win to climb the table, and this might play in the hands of the hosts. Bournemouth have some quality players and are now savvy enough in the PL not to be fazed by the visiting team's stature. Would think Howe is a better manager than Ole and that could show on the pitch today.
  2. Not posted for a few years, will contribute from time to time hopefully. Leicester looked toothless against Manchester United and it will be a surprise if they win at Anfield. Draw at half time though could well be on the cards with the exertions of their opponent in mid week. Manchester City and Everton look suspect at the back especially when defending corners. A punt on Wolves and Burney centre backs to score anytime, and even first goal scorer could reap dividends.
  3. Re: Liverpool - Manchester City > Sunday March 1st Your analysis is accurate, however Coutinho, Henderson will be raring to go, Lallana had some 40 Minutes only. Liverpool players are young and Ibe, Sterling, Can, Moreno and even Sturridge should not need 4 days to recover. Rodgers has also given rest these last few months to players like Lallana, Sterling, Can sometimes due to injuries but at times to preserve them. Mental aspect can play a part with the Barca defeat of City on home turf and their uphill imminent battle at the Nou Camp. City could get a point in my view not all th
  4. Re: World Cup Final - Germany v Argentina > Sunday July 13th I have followed quite a few world cups and I've noticed that teams which trash their opponents like Germany did against Brazil stumble in the semi finals or fail at the last hurdle. Examples are Holland beating Spain 5-1, Germany beating Argentina 4-1 in 2010 and from records in 1954 Hungary winning by 6-3 against England and getting beaten by Germany in the final. This is not some kind of hoodoo but more a reflection that teams sometimes do not step up gradually to be at their peak in the final but produce some unequal effort
  5. Re: Semi-Final - Netherlands v Argentina > Wednesday July 9th This WC has been predictable for those who bet on goals markets, record number of goals in the qualifying rounds then a goal drought in the knockout stages and then the dam has burst open again it seems, so I'm going for goals tonight. Might sound a counterproductive strategy after yesterday's Brazil's rout which would favour a more cautious approach from the two coaches tonight, but I would hope that instead they throw caution to the wind and that the two teams try to score at least 2 goals to avoid a trashing of the same
  6. Re: USA v Portugal > Sunday June 22nd This game is being played in the Arena Amazonia, where the conditions are very harsh, Marchisio even claiming to have been subject to hallucinations during the match against England. I have been reading a bit about the world cup, not solely on a betting perspective, and I have stumbled across something which might be relevant. The USA were actually glad that the match against Portugal was scheduled to take place at Manaus and they have even trained in Florida where the climate in nearly identical to those in Manaus. Taking everything into con
  7. Re: Argentina v Iran > Saturday June 21st Hoping for a cricket score as I'm on Argentina -3 @3.8 Ladbrokes.
  8. Re: Group E - Switzerland v France > Friday June 20th France and Swtizerland look like favourites to get out of this group and tha's hardly a surprise. Thing is whether France which is the superior team, even if the FIFA rankings show the contrary, will be content in playing it safe and look for a draw. In my opinion Didier Deschamps will be very keen to win this match against it's most serious opponent. This French team has been at the center of some serious cock ups at he last world cup and Deschamps will be keen to reconcile the French supporters with their team and that started well
  9. Re: Group H - Belgium v Algeria > Tuesday June 17th This world cup has been following a definite pattern up to now, with many goals scored, European teams doing a professional job in extreme conditions in certain cases. This has been obvious since the opening match where Croatia gave Brasil a run for their money and confirmed a few days ago when the Swiss overcame Ecuador. The African teams have been disappointing to say the least, and when Nigeria and Ghana, the two teams who were in the African cup of nations finals if I'm not mistaken, are held by Iran and beaten by the USA respectiv
  10. Re: Chelsea v Paris Saint-Germain > Tuesday April 8th Therefore, and considering that Chelsea have to win, even though PSG will most probably score, the best bet is Chelsea to win @ 1.80, 1.85 on some bookies. I actually think Chelsea will score quite soon, around the 10-15' minute mark. However, you just can't ignore the value on Chelsea to Qualify at @ 3.80. That's big odds! Especially if Hazard is in a "yes day". Above from JUMESYN: Don't have time at the mo to check odds so I borrowed the above form Mr Jumesyn as I'm going to have the same punts as him. Reasoning: Who will score
  11. Re: Arsenal v Liverpool > Saturday November 2nd I'll be backing Liverpool if Rodgers doesn't think he is tinkerman by giving Coutinho a start. If he reshuffles the back four or back three more precisely then the balance could well be preserved as he must make sure that the hard working Giroud provides the minimum threat, but the midfield and attack must be kept unchanged and I can see Liverpool hitting Arsenal on the break. Arsenal seem to lack creativity to trouble well organised teams like Dortmund despite Ozil's presence and I won't be surprised if he has a quiet evening due to the cl
  12. Re: Serie A > October 26th & 27th I'm going for Roma win @ 2.3 Lad. Totti & Gervinho will be missed but I can't resist playing the team which has such momentum as to make them one if not the most in form team in Europe. Only one goal conceded after playing against Inter and Napoli, seems their defense is their strong point and will enable to steer the ship safely without the Captain. I think it's a bit foolish to wait on the sideline while they are aligning victory after victory (I'm not saying that those who are expecting Udinese to get something are foolish by the way). Udin
  13. Re: La Liga > October 25th - 28th Malaga is a team in deep trouble, they have been banned from European competitions and players weren't receiving their wages on time last year, don't know if the situation has improved or not but it's better to leave them alone.
  14. Re: Arsenal v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday October 22nd I'm on Arsenal, I've watched one or two matches of Dortmund this season and Aubameyang seemed to best their most potent men but he was playing on the flank to accommodate Lewandowski. Tonight he is on the bench with the pole leading the line. Now since this guy scored 2 or 3 goals against Real he has been acting like a petulant child asking for a transfer request to join Bayern and his heart doesn't seem to be in Dortmund anymore. Arsenal are a formidable team at home, and I remember them beating the invincible Barca with Fabregas a
  15. Re: Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur > Sunday October 20th Tottenham suffered a surprising defeat at WHL against West Ham, but this defeat wasn't a shock as anything can happen in derbies and Big Sam is one manager who can spring a few a surprises during the course of a season. One factor that also contributed to this loss is the World cup qualifiers of last week which might have inhibited players like Vertobghen, Dembele who were one pt away from a trip to Rio. Sigurdson's Iceland was in contention for play off spot and Defoe was under pressure to perform so as to be part of the trip to
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