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  1. Re: Italy - Serie A - 14-16 January what a shit team Napoli are..... i will be very very supprised if they get past Chelsea...
  2. Re: England > Weekend > Premier League > 14-16 January if swansea can change their 4 defenders for top class defenders , then they can easily play in CL :lol because they loook really good against CL team(Arsenal).
  3. Re: Italy - Coppa Italia - 10-12 January totaly agreee with you. but now the scoreline is 1 - 0.... thoes are good news :)
  4. Re: England > Weekend > Premier League > 30 Dec-1 Jan thankyou for this tip , 5 mins before the star i decided to put medium stake on this bet , because thoes are great odds and my bet already won :)
  5. Re: England > Midweek > Barclays Premier League > 20-22 December i hope that you will not post stupid comments again..... but yes i agree with you guys , that after City game Arsenal will try to bounce back + i saw few astonvilla games and i think that the manager is destroying the team..... because they look very poor. so 1.91 is really good price and it might even drop
  6. Re: Spain - La Liga - 17-18 December Athletico Madrid = :puke:puke:puke what a performance from them......
  7. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 17-18 December agree with you that City didn't look so bad against top teams! they won against MU and Tottenham , and they played (in my opinion) very good against Chelsea , but then they got that sending off and the same situation was in Liverpool game + there was a sending off in ManUtd game too. So as we can see - City are getting many bookings against top teams so in this game i might try over 3.5 , over 4.5 cards. :)
  8. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 10-12 December ok , thanks for your opinion :) i will try over 9.5 corners with small stake , because i really can't predict the winner of this game.... :\
  9. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 10-12 December hey guys , what do you think about over 9.5 corners in chalsea game??? , odds are ~ 1.8 , i think that if one of thoes teams will score then the other team will try to bounce back and that means more attacks and more corners+ i also saw that i this last EPL round there was only 2 games where was under 9.5 corners.
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 7th December they are CREATING their system you idiot! but what i am doing... it is useless to talk with united fan about City. anyway - i just hate thoes people who are talking shit about chelsea or City just because they have alot of money.... you msut grow up and accept how it is.
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 7th December well said :)
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 7th December welll for me priceless was that United didnt make it!! HA HA
  13. Re: UEFA Champions League > Tuesday 6th December http://www8.livetv.ru/webplayer.php?t=castamp&c=jgfyjdtrtdfgytyf5&lang=ru&eid=86974&lid=17945&ci=7&si=1 you can watch the game here+what i saw in the first half is Bayer have the ball and Genk are trying to score on counterattacks, but in first half bayer didnt create much scoring oportunities
  14. Re: Netherlands - Eredivisie - 25-27 November bet won , final result 1-2 :cigar
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