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  1. Telles, Medel and Kondogbia out for Inter due to bans in last match. It should be interesting to see differentiated Inter side against Sampdoria. Already some ideas for the weekend, but lot will depend on CL and EL matches that will be played, but really like the "over" odds in Frosinone - Lazio game as both teams will not settle for a draw and for sure with both coaches prefering the 4-3-3 formation + again missings in Lazio back line this is added value for the bet. Also Empoli - Frosinone again showed that Frosinone can play open football but are also vulnerable in defence. Empoli sho
  2. It is a crime that Serie B section is abandoned. Will put few words in later in the week.
  3. Re: Serie B Eurobet > April 10th - 14th Frosinone - Pescara Pescara +0.25 (AH-FT) @1.93 5/10 SBOBET For my taste, odds are set wrongly as maximum of 0 AH should be given for Pescara on these odds. Frosinone will miss some crucial players in this game - 4 important ones and three of them did play in last match, while Pescara can live without one defender that I rate as important. Also I noticed that despite Frosinone is in excellent position on the table, is slowly but surely loosing grip and their form is in down spiral. Sure, they have great home record, but that is the o
  4. Re: Serie A TIM > April 11th & 12th Atalanta Bergamo - Sassuolo Atalanta Bergamo -0.25 (AH-FT) @ 1.86 5/10 SBOBET Despite not liking what Reja is doing with Atalanta since he took over and despite Pinilla is banned and despite Denis (who was their key striker in past seasons) is out of form, Atalanta is for me a must bet this weekend. It is a risky one, but due to table situation where they NEED to get three pointer ASAP and Sassuolo is far more relaxed and able to lose this game, while I also believe that odds/line is great for taking (and already in decline)
  5. Schwechat-Rapid Vienna II 1 ( 1X2) @ 2 2/10 Bet365 Few important reasons for the bet: Rapid will not get help from Profi team this time (they had some players in last game, but still lost the match), while also two important players for them are banned. Home team is full and in good form in last rounds. IMO price is too high. Limit on b365 on non limited accounts is nice and set on over 300 € - hence 2 units.
  6. LASK Linz - FAC Team fur Wien FAC Team fur Wien +0.75 (AH-FT) @ 1.89 4/10 SBOBET LASK is despite they changed coach, still playing poor football and it seems that with latest run without a win, prmotion fight is over, as Mattersburg has nice advantage of 7 points at the top (Liefe cant go in Bundesliga). FAC are showing better performances and I was convinced by their last game, where Hartberg should in reality have left this game with no points at all, as FAC was clearly better team, missed lot of chances and showed good football. They made suicide at the end of match, as two
  7. Re: Serie A TIM > January 10th & 11th Putting aside being incosistent, I believe they achieved best away results by playing "park the bus" 4-3-2-1 tactics in those matches (I ma certain about Napoli and Lazio games with that set up) as they were really able to neutralise opposittion. it is long time ago, and I did not check my reviews about those matches.
  8. Re: Serie A TIM > January 10th & 11th Just saw that. Firstly thatnks for agreeing on Cesena game, but I simply cant agree on your statement that Sassuolo are relegation material. They played some superb games this season and are hugely improved from last one and currently their defence ranks in the top of Serie A (just take out that sad 0-7 beating by Inter and even stats will tell you where they are currently in conceded goals). If you think that Milan game is a benchmark, you should take a look on Roma - Sassuolo 2-2, where they showed superb organisational skills and in realit
  9. Re: Serie A TIM > January 10th & 11th ----- Cagliari - Cesena Team news Home: Injury: - Banned: Conti MIDF 12/0 , Farias ATT 13/3 Doubt: Ibarbo ATT 13/2, Sau ATT 11/4, Cossu AMC/ATT 16/2, Cragno GK 14/0 Away: Injury: Marilungo ATT 8/1, Renzetti DEF 11/0, Tabanelli MIDF 3/0 Banned: - Doubt: - Preview: Cagliari despite changing Zeman with Zola made one of bigger losses of season so far, trashed by Palermo with 5-0. Ibarbo and Sau missed the game and are big doubts for this one
  10. Re: Italy lower div You surely mean under 2.25 ;) I do agree with choice as both have major problems of scoring goals. But I tend to like HW here, checking the games these two played - lets take last three ones. Mantova had to play really strong opposittion and they did not show bad performance, got goal dissalowed in last round and were unlucky in Sudtirol match as guests scored from penalty and from one of rare chances. Novara is one level above them so loosing was no surprise at all. Albino faced only teams from bottom of the league and despite playing quite decently in 2/3 those ma
  11. Re: Serie B Eurobet > December 16th - 20th Again agree, huge misses for Carpi today, it will be hard for them to score, but on other hand, they are playing extremely well and will be really hard to beat. At this point when odds going down for Lanciano (in morning you could have gotten over 2.10 for same line, so IMO you took this one too late, as misses were known for longer period of time already) I am considering backing Carpi on + hcap as soon this will have nice value in it. Also personally Lanciano for me (subjective view) is the team to back when underdog and not when they are
  12. Re: Serie B Eurobet > December 16th - 20th You are correct, but three things stand out to me: 1. Avellino could be playing with 3rd keeper today as obvious first choice Gomis (really good goalie) is out, 2nd one had problems with ilness and did not train, 2. added misses that you have written are important as almost all of them could be first choice players. 3. Castaldo - out of form and without him Avellino loooks half the team from last season, he scored on 8.11. and consequently Avellino managed 1 goal in 5. Bologna despite misses have far more options in their team. So I do see
  13. Re: Serie A TIM > December 18th - 21st To add smt about Torino - Genoa debate: Myself also see Torino as a favourite to win this game, missings for Genoa are huge as both Perotti and Perin are huge, if Kucka will not make it, then that means missings of key players in each department of the pitch. BUT reasons why I dont like it are similar to the ones Phantom wrote. Genoa is superb in away games and thrives on counter attacks, Purely WDL away record of 4-3-0 is superb, Martinez is just what Torino needed (Amauri slow and clumsy, Quagliarella as suspected, still excellent up to the part
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