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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**


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  1. And well played @dawwe92 with a lot of winning selections today, that acca came close to landing aswell.
  2. Yes thanks once again @Darran, a particularly good day for you with that huge Gloucester win.
  3. You left out the bit about what @Tiffy does with his Cuban cigars before, during and after this process. Needless to say he assured me it was all standard practice in the Brighton nightclubs. I actually wouldn't read too much into Brighton's 3 league defeats thus far, for me performances have been good and I expect this to be a real tough game for Palace. Palace have more firepower this season with the additions of Eze and Batshuayi but the defence has been a concern early doors with a lot of absent players. Apparently Tomkins and Cahill are nearing returns but unsure if they will ma
  4. Double: Juventus & Fiorentina @ 2.30 Betway Folks might point out that it's dangerous to back Juventus (and other big teams) straight back from an international break; and yes, the bianconeri will be missing Cristiano Ronaldo due to plague. Despite this, Crotone cannot be viewed as much of a threat in the early stages of this campaign and Juventus still have the likes of Chiesa, Cuadrado, Morata, Kulusevski and Dybala to get the job done here. I also favour Fiorentina to pick up an away win this weekend as Spezia are dealing with a bit of an injury crisis at the moment. Sometimes
  5. Putting floods, plague and bankruptcies to one side; it is still going to be a more compact season than usual due to the late start. Have the non-league powers that be done anything to mitigate hefty fixture backlogs in the second half of the campaign? Suspending one of the non-league cups for a season for example? Edit: Actually am I talking rubbish? Will the season finish later than usual anyway?
  6. We should do, I keep expecting Liverpool to get gassed out because of the way they play but Klopp and his team manage to condition their players in such a way that they keep suprising us, maybe waning motivation will be the bigger factor in any potential decline there. I expect City to be strong this year but I agree with you that we should see a closer battle within the big 6.
  7. An early selection for me: w/o Manchester City & Liverpool: Tottenham Hotspur @ 12.00 Skybet To clarify; this is the premier league winner without Man City & Liverpool market. I simply do not understand why there is such a big price discrepancy between Chelsea & Man Utd at 2.75 on the one hand and Tottenham at 12.00 on the other?!?! Chelsea in my view are favourites to finish 3rd (or perhaps higher) with their embarrassment of riches playing squad and probably the best young manager in Frank Lampard. However, it remains to be seen that the young squad will gel quickl
  8. Good news for Serie A fans in UK and Ireland next season: https://www.football-italia.net/157102/serie-2020-21-free-livescore
  9. Hopefully this table is correct @DrO, I did a custom one and added some footnotes: * AC Milan undefeated, coach Stefano Pioli confirmed as manager for next season and quite right to. Romagnoli / Kjaer centre-back partnership doing very well. * Fiorentina defence looking very solid, Iachini confirmed as coach for next season and quite right to. * The sword of damocles was looming above Fonseca but he changes the system to suit his players and the 3-4-2-1 module helps Roma finish the campaign strongly. * Cagliari showed little improvement under Walter Zenga, he will be
  10. Thanks once again @Darran for your valiant efforts this season. Match betting was very good and you are clearly beating the market consistently. As for the 2019/2020 ante-post, it was too bizarre for words. The national league was almost upside down with the likes of Woking flourishing and Fylde floundering, we cannot really legislate for such things and will just have to sit back and laugh. Having such a big drought in ante-post this year just makes me think we're due to run much better in future. Credit to Bet365 who voided non-league ante-post selections due to the season b
  11. He's back and he means business!!!
  12. It maybe because first choice central midfielders Fleck and Lundstram are unavailable for Sheffield Utd here. However, I do think the match odds are still a bit silly for this game all things considered. You've also got to bear in mind that Wolves seem to be the darlings of the betting markets regardless of situation. If Sheffield Utd were at full strength for this game and the silly prices remained I would probably take Sheffield +0.25 AH at odds against here as a value bet. As things stand I don't know whether or not I can be bothered to get involved as Fleck and Lundstram are kinda imp
  13. Hide your broomsticks @StevieDay1983, they're back: https://www.football-italia.net/155199/inzaghi-benevento-made-history
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