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  1. Re: Paris Saint-Germain v Ajax > Tuesday November 25th Consider match between PSG and Ajax. With obscure quotes at the statistics of the match came with the line Unibet, exposing the overall totals for offside on this match Over / Under 3.5 for a decent price. With confidence play for the over. Immediately give you the match between the clubs in the current Champions League, which was played in Amsterdam: 17.09.14 Ajax - PSG 1:1 (0:1) (Offsides: 0-4) .. 4 offsides recorded in that match. Why now should be less? Will run on statistics. So, in 4 previous matches of UEFA Champions League PSG themselves caught in the offside 5 times (an average of 1.25 per game offside) and never caught offside trap an opponent. Here the meaning of betting lines and lies, but bookmakers did not consider that 4 out of 5 offsides pleased Parisians in the game just with Ajax. Actually, the bookies have not considered and statistics of Ajax: Ajax in 4 games in this Champions League season, offside never hit, but caught the opponent to the "offside" 15 times (an average of 3.75 per game offside). That is, in fact, putting the total offside more than 3.5 , we hope to catch 4 offside against PSG. And you never know, look and improve its statistics on offside Ajax today. For example, russian bookie Betsiti only on PSG puts the individual totals for offside over 3.5 (!), And Marathon came out with a line of total Over / Under 3.5 for a modest 1.60 ... Do not be surprised if we see in this match a relaxed game on a collision course in which there is a haven in the statistics of the match at least 4 Offsides by teams. Strange to see such a total over by bookmakers and a coefficient so boldly put on total more than 3.5 offsides in the match. Go Go Go! Total Over 3.5 Offsides in the match @ 1.95 Unibet
  2. Re: Ukraine 2014-2015 27.07.2014 Hello, today first forecast we made on the championship of Ukraine. Recall the 2013/14 season 75 picks +240 profit +63% yield Hoverla - Karpaty If you ask me to recommend you a iron stake on Sunday, then I will answer immediately, put on Karpaty Asian Handicap -0,25. Hoverla this summer has lost 80% of its primary structure. The team did not become stronger in this offseason. And, apparently, at the beginning of the Premier League this team would fail. Due to financial problems left more than half of the most important players. If you take part of the spring season, the optimal composition of Hoverla only three or four guys. Designed to replace the departed mostly young, who just will need the support of experienced players, which left very few. The leader's role will take the same Maksim Shatskikh, who last season was held in the shadow of his teammates. Now the importance of veteran increases significantly. In general, Hoverla very bad. Coach frankly do not know how the team will play in the championship. Reason for leaving many artists lies primarily in the inability of the owner of the team to ensure a stable financial future. Future very foggy. Karpaty have every chance to beat them today. First, the team go to Uzhgorod (Lviv and Uzhgodskaya areas are in the western part of Ukraine). So Karpaty provided significant support to the stadium. Secondly, Karpaty spent this summer is much quieter. Balanced team preparing for the new season. Does not have the problems like Goverla. You know, the situation in Goverla reminds me of a situation in which Karpaty were at the beginning of last season. Then the team left the amount of the principal performers in Premier, well made. It seemed that one of the main contenders for relegation. But just then the club relied on professional head coach, which was a drop of time to put together a team of young guys. Relevant conclusions coach did after each game, and by the middle of the season and Karpaty began to show a cool football. Ultimately, coach ensured Karpaty in the midd table. Although initially Lviv no hope aroused. Played very bad. Karpaty, of course, not a grand Ukrainian football, but a team that must win Goverla. Karpaty fit for the new season in a good mood.Coach Sevidov Alexander remained in place. So, wait for the previous fit , which clearly will not fight for survival, but for, the top eight. In this situation, I think it would be logical to put against Goverla. The team lost 80% of the principal players and would almost certainly be considered a top contender for relegation (of course along with Olympique Donetsk). Karpaty -0.25 AH @ 1.77 188Bet ------------------------------------------------------------- Dinamo Kiev - Vorskla Poltava Oleg Meydanovych Babayev was a Ukrainian politician and an owner of two professional football clubs in the Poltava Oblast. In 2010, he was elected Mayor of Kremenchuk. Babayev was shot dead on July 26, 2014. According to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, he was killed in his car in front of his house when an unidentified person fired three shots from a gun with a silencer from another car. What's the conection with the match Dinamo Kiev - Vorskla Potlava? That Oleg Babayev was also president of Vorskla. Not in the sense of head, but in terms of the sponsor, which included paying salaries of team of his own pocket. Vorskla, what will happen next - is unknown. This uncertainty be passed players, because now they do not know what will happen next - whether the money paid, would not delay, etc. In short, Vorskla players simply do not know what lies ahead, and this situation does not add motivation. In general, a good team Vorskla Poltava, talented players, coach last season did a good job. But this event greatly changes the point. In addition, Dinamo will play their home games in their own stadium, than so far in Ukraine can boast not all teams. The composition of Kiev certainly at times better, so need only motivation. And will be with Kiev, and probably it will be a problem for Vorskla Poltava. Last season, Dinamo in 7 of the 15 home games won 2 goals or larger, but if we ignore the matches against Shakhtar and Dnipro, then we have 7 out of 13, which is more than half. I believe Dinamo Kiev win with minimum 2 goals difference. Dinamo (- 1.5 ) AH @ 2.05 188Bet
  3. Re: Serie B > Tuesday May 13th Brescia - Modena Today will be played the 39th round in the Italian Serie B (2nd largest division in Italy). Consider one of the matches in which Brescia (penultimate 15th place with 50 points) in their stadium will host Modena (6th place with 56 points). Match is very important for both clubs , as each of the clubs carry out its tasks in season. Play total more than 2.5 goals in this match. Full- fights between the clubs are not impressive - only 7 of the last 15 effectively breaks the total 2.5 goals, the match 1st round completed minimum Brescia 1-0 away win. But let's not panic and run , look at the facts. So once say that Brescia for four rounds before the end is 7 points off the play-out zone , so relax club in any case not. In turn, the playoff zone Modena closes (6th place), but , for example, the gap between 11th place is only 3 points. As you can see , the density in the standings. And what to say if Brescia and Modena shares in the standings just six points, but between teams 8 other teams (!). Important for us to learn from all this that the clubs are motivated for this game and will play to win. Now look at the numbers. Clubs are sufficiently productive teams in Serie B. So , Brescia this season in 38 games scored 49 goals (average 1.29 goals per game) and conceded 50 goals (average 1.32 goals per game) , and total over 2.5 goals played 19 of 38 matches. With regard to Modena , the club in 38 games scored 61 goals (average 1.61 goals per game) and missed 41 (average 1.08 goals per game) , and total over 2.5 goals also played 19 of 38 games. But it is important to note that much of Brescia effective play on home ground: 19 games , goal difference 28-31 , on the total over 2.5 goals played last 3 matched in a row ; Modena effective play on the road: 19 games , goal difference 21-25 , in the last 5 matches in a row on the road took place total over 3.5 goals (!). As for personnel losses , then for Brescia today do not take part in the match defenders Zambelli (27 games , 1 goal), Di Cesare (25 games , 3 goals) and Mori (1 game) , midfielders Lasik (10 games), Sodinha (24 games, 3 goals) , and forwards Caracciolo (32 games, 18 goals) and Mitrovic (7 games, 1 goal). Do not play Modena striker Bruno (7 games) , midfielder Dalla Bona (15 games ) and defenders Thiago (27 games , 1 goal), Potenza (15 games). Highlight gives the fact that Modena from 1 May 2007 can not beat Brescia , since it was played between the clubs 11 matches in which Modena lost 8 matches that will once again whip guests. Put in today's match on the total over 2.5 goals. Over 2,5 @ 2.04 Sbobet
  4. Re: May 12 - May 18 Milos Raonic vs Simone Bolelli Bring you the forecast for the second-round match at the tournament in Rome , Canadian Milos Raonic (? 10, 23 years) and the Italian Simone Bolelli (? 162, 28 years ). If you watch long tennis , it must be remembered that once Bolelli was decent tennis player who once clung to the top 50. But is not very fine day in his health interfered injury and then his speech became unstable and very low rating. But the talent is still here. This year, Simone has won three tournament series "Challenger" , 2 of them in a row. In the first round of Rome had pretty sweat against compatriot Travaglia , who had a fantastic qualification. But whatever it was , and the second round of tennis deservedly broke through. In the second round from the beginning it was waiting for Milos Raonic , who, missed the initial stage of the competition. And for the Canadian is not an advantage. Indeed, in light of what the charge was Simone after his victory , serving today must be very difficult. Bolelli - tenacious, and that plays before the home crowd , but Rao will have to rely on the pitch and not the fact that servce it will help him. In Rome cover clearly slower than in Oeiras or even Madrid, and this fact is also not in his favor. Bolelli win in two sets. Estimated score 0:2 (4:6, 6:7) Simone Bolelli +3.5 games @ 2.04 Sbobet 8/10 Category: Tennis - ATP 10 picks +4 profit uds +15% yield Win-Loss-Void: 6-2-2 Win rate: 75% Stake avg: 3.1 Odd avg: 2.02 Staked: 26 Returned: 29.82 ------------------------------------ Category: Tennis - WTA 10 picks +38 profit uds +48% yield Win-Loss-Void: 8-2-0 Win rate: 80% Stake avg: 8.0 Odd avg: 1.88 Staked: 80 Returned: 118.45
  5. Re: Ligue 2 > Tuesday May 13th I think a draw is likely, both happy and can start celebrating different goals they've reached! 2-2 @ 19.0 Betway 7/10 3-3 @ 150.0 Betway 2/10 4-4 @ 400.0 Unibet 1/10
  6. Re: Ukraine > Premier League > 2013/14 0-1 King :cow
  7. Re: Everton v Manchester City > Saturday May 3rd City to win the remaining three meetings and are the champions ! Although simplify it even more. Win at Everton and are the champions ! Yes, yes , as the last two meetings Aston Villa and West Ham. City there on one leg has to take 3 points. Everton 5th , Champions League flew off out of hand, although there is still a mathematical chance. 4 points for 2nd rounds vengeance , but certainly not Arsenal , who takes on this tour West Brom , and should be sent to Norwich. In the case of scoring Everton hurt only themselves , opening the way to the title for Liverpool , for their own worst enemies. Fans do not understand ! Football history knows many examples when the team , which in fact do not need anything , especially losing a game , just to annoy the enemy. City madly motivated , so players will die on the field , and Everton will be glad to his defeat. Do not play at Everton Gareth Barry (31 games 3 goals), Steven Pienaar (22 games , 1 goal), Kevin Mirallas (32 games, 8 goals), and participation in the match key central defender Sylvain Distin (32 games) in question. For City out only Matija Nastasic (13 games). In general, be that as it may , without Everton's 3 key midfielders Yaya Toure and company have no rival. City (-0.5) at 1.79 Sbobet
  8. Re: Ukraine > Premier League > 2013/14 Category: Football - Ukraine 37 picks +222 units profit +102% yield Win-Loss-Void: 19-18-0 Stake avg: 5.9 Odd avg : 5.38 Staked: 218 Returned: 440.07 Met. Zaporozhye - Vorskla Poltava I am convinced that for such price Vorskla win must take necessary and not even think about. Explain what was happening. The main argument is, of course , motivation, which in Vorskla actually like order more. Poltavites among all applicants for places in the Europa League (in fact, there was only six competitive lines since 5 place for sure and will remain for Chernomorets) , the team is now in 8th place , and the coveted line nothing - 2 points. So Vorskla only need a victory , and any other result would be considered a failure. Before the final segment of the Ukrainian championship Vorskla lucky twice to play against outsiders: first reception Tavria , then a visit to Metallurg. What could prevent the team claiming the EL does not beat last championship team in his field ? It seems elementary underestimation. Did you know that the team lost points with the underdogs it is even good for the bet, because to fight with Metallurg, Vorskla clearly will be better prepared. It turns out that this week - perhaps the main season for Vorskla. The second misfire , especially against the outsider gives up all ambitions of the club at the moment. Victory realistic chance to take three points in the remainder of the calendar as in the last two rounds have to play with Dnepr and Metalist (!). Hardly can pick up something. In the last round Metalurg team drew 2-2 with Carpathians , the Cossacks had twice the loss during the fight. But , no need to sprinkle ashes , because Metallurg poorly played. In short , does not see me that Metallurg was playing at least as something better. In 9 games in 2014 , 7 matches were lost , all without scoring. I do not see due to what the team will be able to catch hold of the points in the match against Vorskla motivated. Last season Vorskla won the Cossacks 4-0. I will not insist on this account , already three points green and white just have to take. Vorskla @ 2.15 Sportingbet 8u
  9. Re: Ukraine > Premier League > 2013/14 1/1 8-5 Corners
  10. Re: Ukraine > Premier League > 2013/14 03.05.2014 Shakhtar Donetsk - Mariupol The main thing in this pair, in my opinion, not even the fact that Shakhtar are incredibly motivated to become the champion of Ukraine. And then , who will confront the team. Ilyich confident middle spot in table. But Ilichevets - "farm club" of Shakhtar. And what does it mean? This means that Shakhtar Ilichevets and , in fact, the team shortstop. Shakhtar annually gives all the most talented youth in Mariupol , so that gain experience. And when the time takes the finished material , well, or even a year gives time to play in the great farm club. Even teamwork philosophy of head coach Nikolai Pavlov meets Shakhtar's because Ilichevets , in fact, the only club in the League , which plays entirely youth. And I must say the team is playing somewhere , though fragile, but its rightful place in the 9th spot. By the way, the team owner (Illyichevets) Vladimir Boiko is a fan of Shakhtar. In short , simple words Illyichevets to Shakhtar, in fact, considered companionship. Not that would be a farm club Shakhtar bowled dog, just a team knows his worth. Task is often elementary lose, well, or if you want to call it simply does not interfere with Shakhtar to play his football. Once Dnepr began to lose points , anyone who saw the calendar Shakhtar in the remaining games at once said that only a miracle will not dial 9 of 9 points. Who left to play Shakhtar in the last 3 games ? Ilichevets home , on the road Zorya, again home match against Volyn. The first two commands are from Donbass zone... So that about any intransigence Donetsk regional derby matches speech can not go. In principle , even in equal fight rivals Shakhtar chances simply fade , and then the real fight for the championship in the most important representative of the Donbas region. And then do not assume that a minimum of 2 Miners fight in his pocket, so purely because of geography. Well Volyn no longer alive, actually can not normally play , pockets - streak , and hardly motivation. 2/1 for the sake of spectacle. Of course... You will want more compelling argument, right? Eloquent statistics. 19.10.2013 16:00 Mariupol - Shakhtar 1-3 (1-0) ,, owngoal Shakhtar 1-0, then after break 2 penalties awarded and miners took it in a very speedy way. Not enough, last year in Donetsk, 19.10.2012 19:00 Shakhtar - Mariupol 2-1 (0-1). WHo can blame those two sides for the show? Steep statistics. Or not? Talked about "motivation" game with miners. And now let's talk about the real problems of Mariupol team. The fact that will miss Kulach , Dovgiy and Targamazde. The first two played almost all of matches of team, and the last is a very interesting player , but he still , something is not set in Mariupol. Given all this , I think is worth playing Half Time / Full Time. My predictions: First Match 2-19 Corners. Shakhtar avg. 12 corners (wins!) in the last 3 home games, they got a total of 35 corners and opponents painted only 7. Mariupol inflicted 4 to Dinamo and the same amount to Dnepr, both away matches, can see them getting 2-3 today and Shakhtar making the normal 9-10. 2/1 Half Time / Full Time @ 34.0 Sportingbet - 2u Asian Total - Over 10.5 Corners @ 1.90 Bet365 - main bet 7u
  11. Re: Ukraine > Premier League > 2013/14 03.05.2014 Sevastopol - Zorya Category: Football - Ukraine 34 picks +212 units profit +105% yield Win-Loss-Void: 17-17-0 Stake avg: 5.9 Odd avg : 5.3 Staked: 201 Returned: 412.53 I propose here to put guests with a handicap 0. I think that there is unlikely victory Sevastopol. After a long break Sevastopol began as something very bad. First, they lost 3-0 Dnepr , and then even Karpaty 2-0. They did not think about the championship and want to play Russian championshio , so playing without any motivation , but after two games, they seem to have gathered and scored 10 points from a possible 15 , a good result for the team 10th place. This number of points they scored due to the fact that they became closer to play defense (of the 5 games they missed only one). So to say that they have no motivation and just see off season it is a lie , they will come out and will fight , but win ? I think not. To oppose them will be well organized team Zorya, which is fighting for sixth place, giving the right to participate in the qualification Europa League. I think Zorya will be here to play to win , because the next two games they will take with Shakhtar and Dynamo , while rivals for the sixth calendar so they will be easier opponents need three points in this match. In the second I think Sevas could not develop the game so well in defense, they already do not miss three games , and a series of clean sheets was not there, they missed all but three games so here I think this Zorya prick them 2 goals. Third in Sevas losses. Just do not play Brazilian Farley (very technical and creative player) probably still recovered midfielder Karnoza (from it also very much depends on creativity) say probably because the coach did not want to call Sevas names of injured players. Hosts favorites because of their good form, but look who they played a more or less good opponents they won only Vorsky 1-0 and lost 3-0 Methadone , and won against dead Zaporozhye well and rolled up draw with Mariupol. Good odds on Zorya with 0 , it is fighting for Europa train and need 3 points, because then the final matched with Shakhtar and Dynamo , and quite long for Sevas dry series of three matches. Zorya (0) at 1.78 Marathonbet
  12. Re: Europa League Semi-Finals > Thursday May 1st Juventus vs Benfica Juventus stats at home: 10.04.2014 22:05 Juve - Lyon 7-0 13.03.2014 23:05 Juve - Fiorentina 2-2 20.02.2014 20:00 Juve - Trabzonspor 3-3 27.11.2013 21:45 Juve - Copenhaga 4-0 05.11.2013 21:45 Juve - Real Madrid 1-1 02.10.2013 21:45 Juve - GSaray 3-0 Benfica stats away: 03.04.2014 22:05 AZ - Benfica 6-1 13.03.2014 23:05 Tottenham - Benfica 7-4 27.11.2013 21:45 Anderlecht - Benfica 7-0 05.11.2013 21:45 Olympiakos - Benfica 3-0 02.10.2013 21:45 PSG - Benfica 1-1 Definetly, looking at Juventus, they were caught offside 20 times in 6 games. But, our selection mainly on Benfica side, a very good one who play on the offside most of time, been watching them in the past 2-3 years, and most of time the opponents wins more offsides. 24.04.2014 22:05 Benfica 2 - 1 Juventus 0-6 offsides Juventus will try to gain control of the ball in which Benfica will feel comfortable to give possesion and trying to act on the counter. Maybe the best bet for this encounter. High stake! I believe it is too short the line bookies set for this second leg. Total Over 4.5 offsides at 1.75 Unibet 10u ------------- I think a very disproportionate share for scoring goal Arturo Vida, he is a midfielder who already has 20 goals this season. Besides this and what gives it much more value to the bet is pulling his team penalties and in these games and the stakes can whistle one penalty Mr. referee without any problem. A good opportunity to enter with Arturo anytime goalscorer, seeing Juve estimated to score 2 goals and that may well be the one of the players who scores. I think Vidal is the engine of this Juve , not only defending and biting in midfield, but gets in attack too, is the player with the most goals in European competition, in the first leg he was not and his absence was noticed, I hope now he makes the difference. Goalscorer anytime / Vidal (Juve) at 5.0 Interwetten 4u Tevez is always there. That is fine, fine now, and has even broken that annoying spell that made him go zero goals,in European competition since 2009. One of the reasons for the poor display Manchester City had in Europe. Tevez scored in Lisbon and has been so valuable for his team. Carlitos is the man whom cling the Bianconeri, and opponents to overturn the result when the match goes hard. Goalscorer anytime / Tevez (Juve) at 2.3 Interwetten 3u -------- Let's get to the card market, can see central defender Luisao (Benfica) getting one, he already had one designed for the first leg but the referee forgived his mistake. Llorente play today and that will make Luisao have a major aerial battle. Luisao hits with elbows for the plays, sometimes gets late. In my opinion is a player who can get card very easily and for that price have to try it. Luisao (Benfica) get a card at 4.0 Unibet 4u
  13. Re: Europa League Semi-Finals > Thursday May 1st Category: Football - Europa League 28 picks +53 units profit +37% yield Win-Loss-Void: 17-11-0 Win rate: 61% Stake avg.: 5.1 Odd avg.: 3.55 Staked: 144 Returned: 196.57 Valencia vs Sevilla In today's match Valencia seek a stunning comeback, the fans the team is united despite the bad league tournament due to the great illusion that generated the Europa League. After the defeat in the previous round against Basel , plotted to overturn a 0-3 and they got it , and now can rely on to repeat. Plus after unfair decisions against them by referee in Pizjuan (0-2) where Sevilla scored a goal from offside and showed a non-existing yellow to Valecia star , Paco Alcacer , who will be suspended for today. Big blow. Valencia are a team that generates many corners , was seen on the big comeback against the Swiss where the beginning of the 2nd half had 9 corners. Today I expect a similar game, Valencia looking for bands and meanwhile one enclosed waiting Sevilla to get counterattacks with speedy Bacca. In the spanish league Valencia has an average of 7.1 Corners at home and in 12 of their 18 games took 7 or more corners. Valencia in the first leg pulled five cornes. And in the league match at home v Sevilla, 8. Individual Corners Valencia Over 6.5 at 1.85 WilliamHill 8u ---------- I see value in this bet and I will explain why. Honestly I think Valencia before his public is obligated to make a good game and I think they need more to attack, but have to analyse each team playing. Sevilla is specialist to counterattack with playmaker Rakitic and fast wings like Vitolo and up strikers Bacca and Gameiro. In contrast, Valencia are playing something else, like to have the ball, players that love to touch the ball most fo time and passing. Sevilla they fall back and try to counterattack without risking the tie. In the spanish league Valencia avg 53.18 % of possession and despite Sevilla go much higher on the table they are just 47.4 %. Not going far , if for example we look at the last games, we see the following: * Valencia 0-1 Atletico Madrid. 59.13 to 40.87% * Athletic Bilbao 3-1 Sevilla. 60.19 to 39.81% As we see, this pick would have been green on both sides. Valencia Total Possession %: Over 57.5 at 1.70 Marathonbet 8u ---------- I think this match tends to be hot, if Sevilla scores, wich I give some real chances, frustration will get higher and higher among Valencia players. I can see the line Over 5.5 at Bet365 too short. The referee is suitable for this kind of encounter, saw his stats and the last games went ok for this selection. One direct red counts as two yellows, this is perfect. For exemple can see Valencia's Pereira (right defender) booked, mainly because Valencia have to play only to attack and he might make some tactical fouls to cover Feghouli, who doesnt defend well on that side. 2.7 for a card Over 5.5 yellow cards at 1.85 Bet365 7u ------- Not much faith in here, but can see a bit of value. May Sevilla not getting too many corners or freekicks close the area for crossing, but Fazio is a real danger for a maybe distracted Valencia side, focused on attacks mainly. Unai Emery is a great coach, on this kind of actions, all balls fly to Fazio, search him, and we could notice it in the first match. Goalscorer anytime / Fazio (Valencia) at 13.0 Bet365 1u
  14. Re: Chelsea v Atlético de Madrid > Wednesday April 30th Offering to play on the number of fouls made by Chelsea players, Over 13.5 pieces , believing that here bookmakers obviously got excited after yesterday's game. Yes, Bayern and Real Madrid for two yesterday broke the fouls only 20 times , however, as in 1st match. But opposition Chelsea and Atletico held entirely different manner. For example, in the 1st match for two clubs broke 32 times , with 18 fouls on the side of the players of Chelsea. As for Atletico important goal scored today , and for Chelsea is equally important not to miss today, as in the case of a missed goal Londoners have to score 2 goals. Think that this fact will not press today at Chelsea players , especially in the absence of the suspended players in midfield, Frank Lampard and Obi , plus do not forget about the injured Petr Cech and Terry - all these guys are the major players , without which Londoners have , oh, hard job today , the load is not only for defense but also for the whole team a tremendous fall , which would lead to fouls , especially when you play against great team technically equipped. Now look at the averages for teams in the UEFA Champions League. Chelsea makes an average of 15.45 fouls per game , and on the "Stamford Bridge" , the figure is 14.4 fouls per game. Well, Atletico average 15.55 times per game in away matches - 16 times per game. As you can see , these figures are well within the scope of our seelction. It remains only to add that today the match would not be an ordinary match , today clubs will fight for the final of UEFA Champions League , the chances before the match Chelsea and Atletico Madrid 50 to 50. In the role of judge for today's match was appointed Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli , which averages in the last 10 games under the flag of Champions League 248 fouls (average 24.8 fouls per game) , 48 yellows and 4 reds. As you can see , the judge is quite suitable for our tip , judges as team play 14 fouls in a football match - 1 foul for 6.5 minutes - seems to us that this is a semifinal match completely punctured the norm. We put on a total of 13.5 fouls on the part of the home team, Chelsea players. Overall total on fouls in the game do not play for the reason that stands in the offices at 29.5-31.5 Total fouls commited by Chelsea, Over 13.5 at 1.75 Unibet ---------------- I really think that Chelsea has many options, not just because of playing at home, with the pressure usually gets well , a real pressure cooker , and players notice it much because of the closeness of the stands to the field , also by experience that should be displayed in such games Chelsea players and their coach Mourinho. The match starts from 0-0 , in the first leg Chelsea accused of putting the bus , still Mourinho he did differently to other coaches who do as they continually came out to pressure , preventing the passes Atletico and making the shots too hasty. Another thing I would like to emphasize is that Ivanovic very important player not only fro how is defending , but as attacks with a powerful shot and additions in the centers and corners , bringing much danger from above, also for this match Chelsea have Etoo and Hazard , the second one very dangerous player able to unbalance any defender. I would like to look a little to Chelsea's statistics against top teams , not only comes from winning Liverpool at Anfield lately, and again in the second half showing how a team need to defend , as for those who did not see the match , Liverpool was continually attacking over the area , and finally did not scored any goal , but if we look at the remaining games , against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge 6-0 , against Spurs 4-0 , 1-0 against Everton , 1-0 against City , so we can see the level of defense Chelsea has, keeping clean sheets before one of the best attacks such as Liverpool and City. Clearly, this can be described as the end , and that playing all out , and the pressure is not the same , but I think that the more pressure the accused Atletico Madrid , as the illusion that it is safe greater , and therefore also nervousness , plus players who do not know what it is to be here and that anxiety can happen in some sections of the match, it is clear that Chelsea not defend as in the first leg, although I do not expect it to tip over on offense , and now with more quality people up like Etoo , Hazard, Oscar and company should have more scoring opportunities. Definitely exciting game to watch. 1-0 Chelsea to Qualify at 2.01 Sbobet --------------- Chelsea defender Ivanovic received yellow in the last 3 home games in each of them: Steaua, GSaray and PSG. He doesnt risk to be suspended for the final, in case Chelsea gets there. Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea) get a card at 3.25 Unibet Atletico's midfielder Arda Turan, sometimes cannot hold his nerves, no problem to make a tactical foul. Arda Turan (Atl. Madrid) get a card at 3.3 Unibet
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