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  1. going for 2 away wins now. Bochum @2.65 Nice transfer period for Bochum. They've got a nice record against sandhausen and almost full squad available. Regensburg @2.9 Regensburg with a strong, established team and a good away record. They like to play against teams that give them room to play dangerous counter attacks.
  2. Bayern without Neuer and Thiago, but i think they should win the game anyway. for me, it's still a no bet Heidenheim - Dresden Glatzel 2 score @3.2 This bet seems a little overpriced to me. IMO Glatzel was one of the most dangerous and constant strikers of the first half of the season, until his injury put him out of action (8 goals in 12 games). Now he's back and has proved his aspiring form with two goals in friendlies and a goal previous matchday of league 2. Dresden gets two goals on average in each away game.
  3. I'm expecting an offensive game tonight. Neither Bayern nor Hoffenheim have a defensive bulwark in the back and Hummels/Boateng are still struggling in dangerous attacks. Statement Nagelsmann: "We will attack Bayern and try to keep the three points with us. It will be another hard fight, just like in the first half." But have you already taken a look at the o2.5 odds? I mean there are better bets for these prices. Why are you guys so interested to put money on this game? The only bet you could try is a Hoffenheim win. Just my 2 cents. Good luck guys!
  4. the 1.55 is not worth it. Bayern struggled in Hoffenheim the last two games. nagelsmann and his squad are always good for a surprise. wouldn't recommend this bet.
  5. The German team performances are poor this year. Especially the teams in Europa League aren't taking this competition really serious, because they have big trouble in the German Bundesliga. Köln still has a lot of really important, injured players who will miss. Poor performance in German Bundesliga so that they'll focus the Game in the Bundesliga on the weekend. Could be headcoach Stögers last game. Hoffenheim already lost a game away in Rasgrad. The team isn't really in shape so that i expect a Draw/Win for Basaksehir. Hertha didn't win any Europa League game so far. Important players Leckie and Darida will miss the match and they just luckily win over an even worse opppenent in the Bundesliga. So i will try the ah0 against every German team today. Good luck mates!
  6. I'm from Germany. Köln with too much suspensions. The game in Bundesliga on saturday is really important to the team and trainer. They won't line up their best team for today. I also really like the home advantage for Borissow with regards to the weather conditions in the east of Europe. Going for 3-way-win as well as HC Borissow. Good luck mates! Borissow @2,75 Borissow HC 0:1 @5
  7. Re: Borussia Dortmund v Juventus > Wednesday March 18th i'm from germany and big german footbal fan. this season, you can't compare their bundesliga perfomance with their perfomance in CL. the signal iduna park is a weapon and juve definitely won't survive. i never tire of saying don't make the mistake to underestimate the quality of the team and the fact of playing at signal iduna park. for me there will be a handicap HW.
  8. Re: Bundesliga > October 31st - November 2nd schalke and Leverkusen with a lot of value, they should win. schalke with new Coach and new Motivation. Augsburg away very poor.
  9. Re: Galatasaray SK v Borussia Dortmund > Wednesday October 22nd for me Dortmund -1 value, cause the german Team plays completely different in comparison to german Bundesliga.
  10. Re: Germany - Bundesliga II - 16-19 December tomorrow duisburg, odds are over 3, what a nice christmas gift. :rollin :clap :nana think will play ah0 veryyyyyyy big!
  11. Re: Germany - Bundesliga - 23-25 September HSV ah0 @4,45 Unibet tooo high odds on the asian handicap 0. i think they won't lose today. they will play with one of the best offense in the whole league. moreover after last two near-term coach changes they won easily. i think stuttgart, with bruno labbadia, is a good oppenent to fight back and to get the first three points this season with cardozo as their coach. cardozo normally is the coach of the U-23-Team in the regionallliga. with nominating talents like sören bertram he put new fire in the team and a lot of motivation too. so for me stuttgart isn't a banker and if you knew bundesliga, you wouldn't play these odds.
  12. Re: Germany - Bundesliga - 14 May leverkusen, gladbach and wolfsburg pure value!! gladbach in a very good shape and they have to get the 3 points here to not to relegate, whereas the mercenaries of hamburg just play crap. hanke 2 score also a very good pick. wolfsburg is also a good pick. felix magath is a very good coach, who will advance the right players to win this match. "vizekusen" has to assure their 2nd place and I think they won't have any problems to get the three points in freiburg and they will approve jupp heynckes adequately. i want to add that trainer robin dutt moves next season to leverkusen and i think he'll play CL, so it's possible that he advances some of the subtitutes. so my picks for the weekend: Wolfsburg @2 Gladbach @2,25 Hanke 2 score @? Leverkusen @1,83 (williamhill) [url=]
  13. Re: France Ligue 1, 10-11 May 2011 your bets sound good. I have played them too with small stakes. so I wish us good luck. :cheers