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  1. Re: Canadian Soccer - What The......! A minute later the home side have gone from 8/11 to 11/10. Crazy stuff!
  2. Just watching the game Canadian Soccer game between Brampton United and London City in play betting onBet365, The home side were the clear form dogs starting out at 3/10. I had them as part of a multiple bet, Well, within a few minutes, despite them having double the play and the chances, they were out to 5/6. then evens, 6/4, even 15/8! The away side who hadn't shown anything thus far within a few minutes were 6/4 favs! Then the home side fluctuated with each changing minute despite having the bulk od the play between 5/6 and 15/8. the away sides place swung from anything between 6/4 and 10/3. I've never ever seen such fast moving wild swings in in play betting! It's just into the second half now (0-0 ) and they're 8/11 and 11/2. I've read elsewhere about problems with match-fixing in Canadian soccer. Who knows which way this match will end but I've taken the away side to win the second half as cover for my multi. Strange stuff indeed!
  3. Re: Club Friendlies 2013 Finished 0-1. Bet Lost :(
  4. Re: Club Friendlies 2013 Did some research and Dallas beat Houston last month 3-0. That's the good news, The bad news is they haven't won since ( a mixture of draws and losses), but the point remains- an average/poor Prem side effectively playing in the middle of the night for them. Still see value in the DNB. Prepare to shoot me down in flames when they get stuffed :unsure.
  5. Re: Club Friendlies 2013 Have just noticed an international friendly between FC Dallas and Stoke City. Nothing remarkable in that in itself, but what struck me was the kick-off time - 3am British time. I noticed Stoke lost 2-0 to Houston 2 days ago, I'm guessing that fixture was at an odd body-clock time for our British counterparts and I don't really know about the comparative merits of the two teams but let's assume for now they're similar ( Houston and Dallas ). I'm just wondering, given the time difference and that Stoke have had only one game to acclimatise to their US campaign and the time difference, is there any value in the 6/5 DNB on Dallas offered at Bet365. Gut instinct tells me yes. I know it's late and there's not many forum members online at this ungodly hour, but is there anyone more knowledgeable of the US football scene about to share any local knowledge? I've never heard of an average/lower Premier League side playing at such a time differential hour. You understand it with the big 4 and the Asian money-spinning tours/promotions- but Stoke? For me. I'll take a modest punt at that price.
  6. Re: Pre-season friendlies Oops, just noticed I've posted in non-league pre-season friendlies, rather than pre-season friendlies in general. If somebody would be so kind as to move to the relevant section, thank you. Btw. the game is Today the 23rd, not Weds 23rd as I originally posted.
  7. Re: Pre-season friendlies Burton Albion v DERBY Weds 23rd First time poster here and a Derby fan, so assume a tad of bias in my following submission:.... Derby having been chipping away for several seasons now under the stewardship of Nigel Clough with steady though unspectacular progression season on season. I feel this season we could finally be nudging towards a promotion push. Why different this season you may well ask? We have two exceptional young midfielders in Jeff Hendrick and Will Hughes ( 21 and 18 respectively) the former who is a newcomer to the Republic of Ireland team (Trappatoni has been waxing lyrical that him and Sammon should be playing in the Premiership- jury's out for me about Sammon but definitely Hendrick) and the latter, a blond Ed Sheeran looky-likey and Paul Scholes play-a-likey with a price tag, if you believe the hype, of anything between 5 and 15 million, who, barring injuries were mainstays of last season. Hendrick is marginally the better player at the moment but Hughes has the higher potential. Whilst they were fabulous for us last season, we didn't quite have the strength in depth and they played a huge amount of games for their age, carrying on occaisions seasoned professionals. We've managed to stave off interest for them from so far from premiership clubs as well as an exceptional right back in John Brayford and a tricky winger/forward in Jamie Ward. Despite having an England U21 keeper in Frank Fielding we've been ruthless in replacing him with Lee Grant. We're also looking to add John Eustace, who, whilst isn't sexy or spectacular is the defensive midfielder we need to stop us repeatedly throwing away "2 goal leads and coasting" positions that we previously excelled at. Bored? Rambling? I hope not. What we've always been missing is a decent striker for an end product for a midfield that could be the envy of the Championship. We've got decent support strikers in Martin and Sammon who can put a decent shift in and chip in with a modest tally, but recently somebody entered the frame very left of field from an unusual source..... brace yourself... Scotland! Oh, that place of underachieving south-strayers that never deliver? No! Enter stage left, a striker that has managed to make me almost moist. I must confess I'd never heard of him until recently, but, mark my words this man is destined for greatness. His name? Johnny Russell, 23, I think- we managed to poach him from Dundee United for under a million as he was in the last year of his contract and Dundee U were cash-strapped. Many Celtic fans were flabbergasted that they weren't beating a path to D U's door to sign him. In pre-season Derby are a transformed side with this missing link. He's scored 4 in 3 games I think and all of a sudden everything is starting to gel at Derby. Trust me, I've followed them through thin and thinner for forty odd years and something is afoot. Anyway, back to the game tomorrow. We've played our near neighbours Burton for the past few years pre-season. Mostly we win but they're tight affairs, mostly due to us not having a really decent side for some years. This years pre-season is different. We're actually showing some class! Admittedly the pre-season opposition hasn't been the strongest but the manner of performance has been markedly superior to our previous pre-season fumblings. Whilst our price isn't massive tomorrow- 4/5 at bet365, I feel for once the gap in class between us and our neighbours is for once quite considerable. And just as an addendum. Derby each way at 33/1 in several places and Johnny Russell each way at 33/1 at Skybet I must say through my sheep-tinted glasses does represent value.