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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Division 1 - 2023/24 Season 2 Week 1 Selections   
    Good luck top tipsters, try and repeat last season's success
    @HERE @ivailobg @Cuko @Data @thebestthere @Soi Bongkot @DanPUP @Joelavfc @Larkin22 @stuboy43 @Alley Cat Glover @Artie77 @BARNSLEYCHOP @Zidane123 @przemek @Xcout @mickyftm32 @corky @blackfritz @akarsioti
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Odds - 2023/24 Season 2 Week 1 (Deadline Sat 25th November 15.00 GMT)   
    Here are the odds for week 1 of Season 2 of our FREE Punters Lounge Football Tipster competiton 2023/24.  You must use these odds for your bets (single, double or treble combination) which have been taken from the William Hill site this morning.   Deadline is a strict 3pm (15.00GMT) Saturday for all bets, any later and your whole bet is disqualified and you count as a no show for the week.  If you pick an earlier match you must post before kick off or that game will be discounted and your bet reduced.   The season will run for 10 weeks and you must play at least 7 weeks or you are eliminated. 
    I'll set up the Selection threads for Divisions tonight and I'll tag you all so you know which to post in.
    Here's to a fun 10 weeks and hopefully a virtual profit again, we have big shoes to fill after last season's epic results!  Good luck everyone.
    1 X 2  (Home Win / Draw / Away Win)









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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2023/24 Season 1 Week 10)   
    Thanks everyone for confirming your details, I've sent these off now and will let you know when I hear they are being processed
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    Xcout reacted to HERE in FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2023/24 Season 1 Week 10)   
    Well that was a lot easier than I thought it would be - was anyone else trying? 😎😈🤣
    I'm looking forward to coming bottom next time for that! ⬆️
    Many thanks to @avongirl for the time and effort (especially adding up my scores! 🤣🤣).
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2023/24 Season 1 Week 10)   
    Winners, please can you Message me on here with your PayPal email address and I will collate and pass on to management who will arrange the payments.  Also Overall Top 5 please send me your address so we can post out the PL merchandise (mug and pens) if you'd like it.  To Message, either hover over my name and click the Message box which comes up bottom left, or click the envelope at the top of the forum page.  If you're a previous winner feel free to tag it onto our last messages and just confirm if details are still the same.  Give us a couple of weeks to get payments organised.  Merchandise is shipped from our suppliers so may take longer - if you aren't in the UK we'll do our best to get them to you, but there are shipping restrictions from our supplier and unfortunately in some cases it might not be possible.
    Well done everyone.
    DIV 1  @Data £80.  @thebestthere £55.  @stuboy43 £30.  @Xcout £20. 
    DIV 2  @Cuko £60.  @Zidane123 £40.  @akarsioti £25.  @Gizmo £15.
    DIV 3  @Soi Bongkot £50.  @Alley Cat Glover £35.  @BARNSLEYCHOP £20.
    DIV 4  @przemek £40.  @Hotpotklonk £30.  @adamross £20.
    DIV 5  @ivailobg £35.  @Joelavfc £25.  @Artie77 £15.
    DIV 6  @HERE £35.  @DanPUP £25.  @Larkin22 £15.
    HIGHEST ODDS WIN @Cuko  £15. MOST WINS (shared)  @corky £7.50.  @HERE £7.50.
    TOP 5 OVERALL  @HERE,  @ivailobg,  @Cuko,  @Data,  @thebestthere  PL Mug & Pens.
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2023/24 Season 1 Week 10)   
    As is often the way in the final week we finish the season with our lowest number of weekly wins, only 13, and biggest overall loss, as the gamblers go big and the risk averse go small odds.  But this doesn't detract from what has been a record breaking season!  Every Division bar one made a substantial profit overall and the losing Division only made a small loss.  And it wasn't just thanks to one or two big individual winners, a fabulous 43 players finished in profit or breakeven and 96 of 108 finishers had at least one winning bet.
    At the top of the overall league is first season player @HERE who has been magnificent with 8 wins and has staked big but wisely with their bank never being in danger of going bust.   Level with 8 wins, and ahead for much of the way, is @corky.  These 2 will share the new prize for most number of wins over the season.   
    A long way behind our winner, but with totals over £600 which would have won in some previous seasons, are @ivailobg, @Cuko and @Data with less than £20 between them, followed by @thebestthere also finishing over £500.
    Our winner for the highest odds win is @Cuko with the 38.628 treble (5.5*2.62*2.75) in week 9.
    Everyone who completed will be allocated a new Division based on finishing order, for the season to start after the International Break and I'll invite those who busted 'all in' back into Division 6 along with any new or rejoining players. 
    Overall table here and Division winners below.  Full details of how to claim your prize shortly...

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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Division 1 - Season 1 Final Week 10 Selections   
    Final results:
    A 16.8 final week treble catapults @Data right up to the top of the elite Division with Skittle and Bymatrix slipping up and sliding down the table with big losers.  @thebestthere also finishes with a win, @stuboy43 holds onto a podium spot despite a loss and @Xcout hops up one place to take the final prize spot by a reasonable gap.  Top 6 all made a season profit, the DIvision as a whole is in profit and is the only one with a profit for the final week, and no drops outs for no shows.  Well done Division 1

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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in League Tables - Week 9   
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in League Tables - Week 9   
    Total failure from me on these overall updates at the moment, but here is the overall standing at the top after week 9.
    @corky had yet another win to make it 8 in total (only loss in week 3) and can only be equalled potentially by @HERE currently on 7 and absolutely romping away with the top bank since week 3.  
    @Cuko currently holds the record for the biggest odds win at 38.628 in week 9 just beating @bymatrix on 38.2 in week 7.   Cuko is also next best again with a 24.403 in week 2.  These are actually the only successful bets over 20.0. 
    Of the players left playing now, 96 have had at least one win with only 11 still looking for that elusive winner.  We have had 285 winners in total from our 126 starters.  Every Division is currently in profit.  Magnificent results all round.

    31 winning bets this week and nearly £1000 overall profit.
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    Xcout got a reaction from Heisenberg68 in Division 1 - Week 8 Selections   
    Lens @ 1.80
    Napoli @ 1.60
    Roma @ 1.67
    £30.63 Double please
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    Xcout got a reaction from avongirl in Division 1 - Week 7 Selections   
    Tottenham @ 1.44
    Nice @ 1.70
    AC Milan @ 1.91
    £27.94 treble please
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    Xcout got a reaction from avongirl in Division 1 - Week 6 Selections   
    Aston Villa @ 2.50
    Napoli @ 1.70
    Real Madrid @ 1.91
    £25 treble please
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Odds - Week 6 (Deadline Sat 30th September 15.00BST)   
    Apologies for the lack of overall results threads, I'll aim to catch up on them next week.
  15. Haha
    Xcout reacted to HERE in Odds - Week 6 (Deadline Sat 30th September 15.00BST)   
    You won't have a calculator BIG enough for my results 😜
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    Xcout got a reaction from avongirl in Division 1 - Week 3 Selections   
    Tottenham @ 1.80
    Monaco @ 2.15
    £25 Double please
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Division 1 - 2023/24 Season 1 Week 1 Selections   
    Full turn out
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Football Tipsters Challenge - Rules and Information *UPDATED 23/24 SEASON*   
    We are back with the 2023/24 Punters Lounge Football Tipsters Challenge Competition.
    Season One 23/24 starts with this weekend's matches including the Friday night games of 18th August.  Odds and selection threads should be up on Thursday. 
    Our football year will have 3 mini seasons of 10 weeks again with a week (or two) in between aiming to end close to the actual end of Season in May.  Due to the number of drop outs we tend to get (and to reduce admin a little) I'm going to increase the size of Divisions from 15 to around 20, which will mean we'll likely have 6 Divisions overall with most of the rejoiners and newbies in Div 6.  Depending on uptake this year I might need to extend Div 5 and 6 to allow everyone in.
    I'm looking at the prize structure with the intention of paying 4 places in the top 2 Divisions and 3 places in the others.  Will update before kick off.
    All previous rules apply, including the All In option at £10 bank.
    Everyone who completed last season will be automatically allocated to a Division as usual based on finishing bank.  Everyone else, please post in the new player thread HERE - I'll remind All In Busteds to reapply; No shows need to reapply; New players welcome to join in. 
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    Xcout reacted to Zilzalian in NAPS STATISTICS   
    Interesting but Just a few observations-
    The ideal odds range is 11/10 to 11/4 with 2,451 wins from 6,967 selections and a profit of 391 points (ROI 6%).. This will never win the naps table?
    My second observation is that many of the Punters entering the comp don't back their selections so it would be fair to say that all these stats are skewed?
    One interesting stat that i would be quite interested in is the difference between the first week and the last week (or all 4 weeks) i strongly suspect the total odds would be quite large in the last week compared to the first.
  20. Haha
    Xcout reacted to Mrjol. in 2023/24 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football Competition Sign-Up   
    I bet almost everyone has Haland in there team, am I the only one who hasn't 🤔
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    Xcout got a reaction from StevieDay1983 in 2023/24 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football Competition Sign-Up   
    Antimasys FC
    Jorge Mancebo
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    Xcout reacted to StevieDay1983 in 2023/24 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football Competition Sign-Up   
    Hello everyone!
    You will be delighted to hear that the new game for the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League season has been launched. Punters Lounge will be running a competition once again and we have set up a new league for you to join!
    Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use the link below and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game.
    League Code: qvh08s
    This season's competition will have the same prize structure as last season with free entry.
    Winner: £100
    2nd Place: £50
    3rd Place: £25
    Plus, a monthly prize valued at £35 for Manager of the Month in the form of one of the following...
    - £35 Mystery Football Kit Box from MysteryKits.co.uk
    - £35 vouchers for Tiny Rebel brewery online at TinyRebel.co.uk
    - £35 M&S vouchers at Marksandspencer.com
    - £35 donation to a charity of your choosing
    Remember, in order to be eligible to win any of these prizes you must have joined the private league via the link above and be a registered member of this forum. Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of being announced. Once you have joined, please confirm your team name and real-life name in this thread so we can identify you if you are eligible to win one of the above prizes.
    Can you beat the reigning champion @Gazza's United? Get involved if you think you have what it takes! 
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    Xcout reacted to harry_rag in Introduce Yourself!   
    Welcome to the forum. Check out the “At The Races” and “At The Dogs” sections if you’re looking for members’ views on what’s worth backing each day, or the racing tips page on the main site.
    Not sure what you mean by “Exchanges topics” and am guessing at what you might mean by “match betting”. There’s a “Systems and Strategies” section where you could post an actual betting or trading system or discuss potential approaches. Most of the members on here are genuine punters who, whilst they might appreciate a free bet or a bonus, are basically risking money to try and win money (as opposed to just trying to exploit/abuse those offers to generate an entirely risk free profit).
    Have a look around and I’m sure you’ll soon get a feel for what tends to get posted and where.
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Punters Lounge Exclusive £150 added Poker League - July Champion - MUTTLEY   
    It seems to make a difference if I turn up only a couple of minutes late, I must try harder in future!   A turnaround on last week's result with the first 2 out then lasting longest this week.   It goes to show, don't give up after week 1.
    Kevsul with 2 podium finishes is on top of the league.
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2022/23 Season 3 Week 10)   
    I've been told all the payments have been done so let me know if you haven't received as sometimes the odd one gets held up by Paypal.
    Merchandise is still to be sorted but should arrive in next week or so.  Thanks all.
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