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  1. Re: Brasileiro State Championships 2011 Thank you very much :))))) It is so exciting that they take by bus ! (I think they take airplane besuz Brazil is very big, big country). Anyway, thank you for anwsering my question!
  2. Re: Internatioanal Friendlies 8-10 February S.Korea v Turkey Probable Line-up Ji dong-won Ku ja-chul//Park joo-young Lee young-rae//Ki seung-young Hong jung-ho Hong chul//Lee jung-soo//Hwang jae-won//Cha du-ri Jeong sung-young
  3. Re: Brasileiro State Championships 2011 I have a question for you Bagzi. As I have lived in Korea, I don't understand about condition of each player. I know Brazil has "time difference". Then, when they travel to others home stadium, is it hard for them to adapt time? I mean it is a big element that effect result? I don't get the feel of that. Thanks.
  4. Re: Asian Cup He is Lee young-pyo :D Today, Park can't not play in this match because Jo(coach) want to rest to him. So, He may not play in this match. And, Lee is definitely play in this match. On interview, Today match will be considered as his final A-match. he announced he will retire after playing against Uzbek. So, it is final match for him to do as natinal team player.
  5. Re: Asian Cup According to Korea media, Park(Man Utd) cannot play against Uzbek because of his knee injury. if Park do not play, Hong jung-ho will play in Park's position. But, Park want to play on semi final. so, I dont' know whether he play or not.
  6. Re: Asian Cup I want to write one more post. According to Korea local betting site(betting site is only one in Korea) http://betman.co.kr/ Odds in South Korea v Japan is changed from 2.45(JPN)-2.80-2.35(KOR) to 2.60-2.85-2.20 It's screen-shot captured 10:10am
  7. Re: Asian Cup South K v Japan * Before writing my post, I have to mention about me. I'm Korean so this post may be written subjectively and sorry for my English skills Traditionally it's kind of derby between these nations because of historical reasons(colony). So, when S.korea have played with Japan wherever and whenever it play, they have a special power(more concentration) to beat them. Many(or all) Koreans think S.korea in all sports games HAVE NOT TO be beaten against Japan. Now, our coach is Jo(ex Gyeongnam's coach). He made his team go to play-off in 2010 K-league(in 2009 K-league, Gyeongnam was ranked bottom of table). He like passing game. He used Bitgaram(he scored against Iran) in his team. Actually, after managing S.korea team, our team improved tactic ability rapidly. In defense, Lee jung-soo was not played(suspended). In this position, Gwak tae-hwi(he usually allow dangerous foul to opponent) or Jo yong-hyung(he played South World Cup) will play because other players have not played with Hwang Jae-won. These two players played with him. In offense, there are not reasonable change. Park will play as 100th nationl match if he play against Japan. And he mentioned his final object in his career is got Asian Cup Thropy. h2h, between S.Korea and Japan, they played each other 73times until now. S.Korea had 40w-21d-12l, after 2000, 4w-5d-2l. Probable Line Up Ji dong-won Park ji-sung//Ku ja-chul//Lee chung-young Lee yong-rae//Ki sung-young Lee young-pyo//Gwak tae-hwi//Hwang jae-won//Cha du-ri Jung sung-ryong Pick : S.Korea Odds : 3.00 Stake : 7/10 p.s Asian cup hightlight in high quality http://sports.media.daum.net/ac2011/broadcast/highlight.html 전반 하이라이트 means highlights in first-half 후반 하이라이트 means second-half p.s2 in this page, match will be broadcasted when game is play p.s3 Players are not exempted from military service if they will got the title because Asian cup doesn't apply to exemption.
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