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  1. Re: Japan J League 2011 Thread all gmaes are postponed due to disaster really really felt sad, I hope people to get better.
  2. Re: BRAZILIAN State Championships 2011 to. Banzi I read same post written by you. ( http://forum.*************.com/showthread.php?p=1479168#post1479168 ) I think post is not permitted without permission.
  3. Re: K-League 2011 Thread awful during winter break, seoul transfered many offensive player. But, there are some injured player in defense. so they were not good at defense at all.
  4. Re: K-League 2011 Thread 2010. 03. 06 14:00(Korea Local Time)~ FC Seoul : Suwon - As I said, It is the biggest derby in Korea. Tickets were sold out, and stadium having seats about 66,000 will be filled with peoples. Both team played AFC. Seoul played at UAE, Suwon played in Sydney(AUS). In that games, I felt Seoul is very fast than I expected and than last year. Even if Molina did not adjust yet, Djeparov and Dejan was played well. Weakness of Seoul is defense. Most of palyers who palyed in defense were transfered to other team. So, sometimes some guys would take mistake. - Suwon was a
  5. Re: K-League 2011 Thread Korea local betting site (betman) Game Number(GN) 3 : Sangju v Incheon 4 : Pohang v Seongnam 5 : Gwangju v Daegu 6 : Gangwon v Gyeongnam 25 : Seoul v Suwon (biggest derby, nearly sold out; all seats are 66,000) 27 : Jeju v Busan 28 : Jeonbuk v Jeonnam (it's local derby too, but it's not popular) 29 : Ulsan v Daejeon Preview : It is Round 1 ... So I just watching each of teams. And Gwanangju is new team, Sangju is military team..(many player changed)
  6. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 both team are awful... especially Suwon have little chance although 1 red card in Sydney. They made a lot of errors.
  7. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 Thanks for explaining a point of Sydney and as far as that goes, Suwon will play against Seoul Mar 5 at away. It is biggest derby in Korea. Last year, attendance was 55,397people in Seoul.
  8. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 and plus... Al Ain v Seoul I don't know about Al Ain at all.. sorry; Seoul is front-runner in K-league. It's not only my thought but also people who know K-league and even Korea. They are a lot stronger than last season because of transfer. Seoul had three transfer until now. They are Molina(ex Seongnam), Djeparov(ex Bunyodkor(?), Uzbekistan), Kim dong-jin(Ulsan). Molina was in Seongnam last seaon. He played 50 games(22g+11a)!! after 2009. 8 and Djeparov played 18 games(he was loan but now transfer completely) 1g+7a !! Also, there are few missing play
  9. Soong-ui Arena ! It is a new Stadium(named Soong-ui Arena).In K-league, one of problem is stadium. It si big big big big than people who see league because we held in WC2002. For example, Seoul's home stadium(Sang-am WC Stadium) is about 60,000 seat, even Dae-gu which is located bottom of league for some years have about 50,000 seat in thier home stadim. (People who go to the stadium is about 10,000~20,000) So, In-cheon decided to build a new stadium seated about 20,000 seat. It is completed until 2011. 9, so In-cheon utd will be use this stadium after 9. ↑ in 2010. 11. when comple
  10. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 Sydney v Suwon Suwon is one of best team in K-league. There are many NT players. They had a many transfer during winter break(especially thier ability to score is increase after changing manager from Cha to Yoon) and they have a lot of money because they are sponsered by Samsung. Although, it's first official match to them, I know thier play style. Their weakness is defense. So, there are many transfer to increase it and that's why they concentrate on attack. Changing defense player + attack ability ... I think it is Over(2.5) and Suwon Win. Pick : Over(2
  11. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 Today game was played as I expaected.. It's totally underish game ! Jeju have a good chance than Tenjin, but they did not score. 0-1 FT Correct :)
  12. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 Jeju Utd. v Tenjin Teda Jeju is first participation in ACL. They had a big blow for winter break. They sold a their important midfielder Koo to Wolfburg. They like passing game. But, in their game in last season Koo had a starting line-up in most of game. So, if he was not, I don't know how they do well. Jeju have a few good player to prepare absent of Koo. But... in case of Korean player, there are first official match in Jeju, especially, I don't know about forigner player at all. Jeju is in Island(Korean people said Jejurca, Jeju + Mallorca). Although
  13. Re: Australia A-League 2010/2011 Season I want to ask about AUS player L.DeVere(Brisbone Roar) He was transfered to Gyeongnam(Korea).. I can watch him play in K-league. Anyway, anyone who knows about his ability or play style ? and is it big blow of Brisbone? and he will play today match vsCC Coast? p.s If possible, I want to heard about I.Fyfe(Adelaide Utd) and van den Brink(GG Coast)
  14. Re: UEFA Europa League 2010-2011 Winner It is official line-up Rubin v Twente from soccerway.com What about liune-up I will take under 2.5
  15. Re: K-League 2011 Thread Thanks, I will traslate in English as fast as possible. And I also get a info about South America which I've never been :D Thank you Bagzi :-)
  16. * Transfer (until 1/31) * It's Korean, When I write new post, I will explain in English Notice : In this season, New club(16th) was founded(Gwangju). so, all team will be played each other dislike las season. In last season, there are one team which rest because the number of team is 15 Notice2 : In K-league, there are army club because Korea has obligatory military service. Because of this, all people(over20) including football player have to go army. In case of football player, they apply to Sangju(ex Gwangju). ps. Park joo-young(AS Monaco) may be serve in the military someday Heheheh
  17. Re: International Friendlies 8-10 February Many Korean people want(and say) Koo Ja-chul and Ki sung-young to apologize with Turkey player about dangerous foul in yesterday match.
  18. Re: Exotic Leagues Coverage I have seen many post until now in this homepage. But, most people don't know about K-league (because time difference, lack of info etc0. So, I will write my new thread of it :D I have a info like injuries, manager change, transfer etc, but it is wrtten by Korean and official web-site is not updated well. Anyway, I will give a info about K-league as exactly as possible. Thanks ! * K-league will be started on March 5. There are biggest derby on that day, Seoul vs Suwon.
  19. Re: Exotic Leagues Coverage When K-league start, I'll write my post in detail :-)
  20. Re: Australia A-League 2010/2011 Season blackcrow, Thanks to you, I have got a money since a few month ago. Before watching your post, I never bet on A-league. But, after betting on A-league, it's really powerful league I think Thank you very much whether your pick is correct or incorret :D
  21. Re: International Friendlies 8-10 February Breaking News Friends Korea local press anounced Nam Tae-he(Valenciennes) will debut this match. and Hong chul(Seongnam) will play as replacement of Lee young-pyo(he had retired) and Koo Ja-chul(Wolfsburg) will play as replacement of Park Ji-sung(he also had retired)
  22. Re: Internatioanal Friendlies 8-10 February I agree with you. In Korea betting site, Odd for Korea(Game Number 11) do not changed !(usually odd for korea is dropping down whenever Korea play games). It is mean people bet on Turkey and Korea 50/50 even Korea people ! :D
  23. Re: Internatioanal Friendlies 8-10 February No, this match will be played in Turkey (Trabzonspor's homw stadium)
  24. Re: Internatioanal Friendlies 8-10 February And I want to write our team... Without Park, there are many many problems to make a chance. f.e Playing against Japan(2010.10.) which Park didn't play because he was knee injury is ... horrible. They hardly sucessed easy pass and made a chance to shot. Without Lee, it is not a big problem. Hong chul is very hardworking player in League. He is fast(except unexperenced player) and not bad. But, I think it is very hard to our team to play without Park.. it's big blow.
  25. Re: Internatioanal Friendlies 8-10 February Right Side :D this is a Turkey's Probable Line-up in Korea press * I don't know about exact name of Turkey players Sorry for that T^T Demiral(GK) Gonulu-Setin-Valta-Inan Altintop-Velozulu-Shahin-Ekizi Torun-Kazim
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