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  1. Re: Korea 2014 7/12 19:30(GMT+9) Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i vs Pohang Steelers - I will try to bet against Pohang. Pohang got a 2 draw in a row in last 2 games. But, their game was terrible. If jeju had played more aggresively, they could have won surely. But, Jeju was afraid them a lot. Agianst Seoul, they showed a little bit better than before but FC Seoul showed sharp performance including hitting the post. I think no more luck on them. About this game, it is a second biggest derby in Korea(biggest derbu is FC Seoul vs Suwon in same round). Especially, Pohang won their last match against Ulsan scoring winning goal at 95min ( ) in the last round in last season. In this game, Ulsan can get a title if they finished at least draw because the points gap between two teams are 2 pt only. So, Ulsan really want to revenge to them. In that game, Ulsan missed 2 key players but there are no problem in this game except suspended Yong-Tae Kim(MF/12app, 2g, suspended). But for Pohang, they will face a problem because some players like Jae-Sung Kim(MF/8app, 3g, injured), Chun-Suk Bae(FW/4app, injured), Mu-Yeol Ko(FW/10app, 1g, injured), Tae-Su Kim(MF/11app, injured) and Myeong-Ju Lee(MF/11app, 5g, 9assists) transferred to UAE due to financial problem of Pohang. I think Ulsan will win this game. Pick : H(0) Odds : 1.67(BET365) --- fair line is -0.5 Stake : 4/10
  2. Re: Korea 2014 Jeju Utd DNB 2.20 5/10 BET365 Pohang will miss key players in this match such as Myeong-Ju Lee(MF/11app, 5g, really important but he transfered to Al Ain in WC off-season), Jae-Sung Kim(MF/8app, 3g, injured), Chun-Suk Bae(FW/4app, injured), Mu-Yeol Ko(FW/10app, 1g, injured) Source : http://sports.media.daum.net/sports/soccer/newsview?newsId=20140702062304118&RIGHT_SPORTS=R8
  3. Re: World » Friendly International » Moldova - Norway 2/2 07:00(GMT+9) USA vs Korea Republic - Our team South Korea showed really really awful performance in last 2 games. But, I think this game will be better than before because there are no way to play terriblely anymore. As I said, our coach planned to divide two groups in this USA training section. And, one was put against Costa Rica(1-0w) and the other was also put against Mexico(0-4 l). Finally, he will put his best selection against USA. I think our team can't score against USA because there are no real apportunities in last games. In the interview, he said he will focus on defending not to concede. So, I think this game will go low-scoring game. I don't like bet on U/O but it has a great value. Pick : Under(2.5) Odds : 1.80(Marathon), 1.72(Bwin), 1.70... --- fair line is 2.25 @1.85~1.90 Stake : 3/10
  4. Re: World » Friendly International » Moldova - Norway 1/29 11:00(GMT+9) Mexico vs Korea Republic - This is second friendly game for our team to see our players' ability. In the first match that was against Costa Rica played in LA, South Korea won by 1 goal. Despite win, almost our press and fans blamed our team because there are so many pass-misses and they didn't have a more possesion than Costa Rica even if their 2 players were sent off. Our coach, Myung-Bo Hong said he didn't care about this game and he want to prepare and concentrate against Mexico. Our team called up domestic players and J-league players. But, most of them are reserve in our national team. Furthermore, regular NT memebr Young-Gwon Kim(DF/26app, 2g) who has played for Guangzhou Evergrande hadn't called up because of tirdness. - As my experience, our coach will put players who didn't play against Costa Rica. He already said he will put his best member against USA by judging each players. It means that our team will be even B or C team against Mexico which is stronger than Costa Rica. I think Mexico can win this game. Pick : H Odds : 2.11(SBOBET), 2.10(BET365, WH) --- fair odds is
  5. Re: International Friendlies > 2013 South Korea vs MaliI have thought this game and I decided to skip this game. Actually, South Korea won last 4 games against African nations but most of them put their B-team. And, there are still big conflict between players. So, I want to take Mali at first but today is really really cold. So, I think it will be disadvantage for Mali to play. If I have to bet on one team, I will take Mali(+0.75AH) but ... don't have much confidence
  6. Re: International Friendlies > 2013 10/12 20:00(GMT+9) Korea Republic vs Brazil - Frindly Game played in Seoul. I will take Brazil not only I trust their ability but also this bet is most against our team, South Korea. Actaully, we have a big conflict between players. In some years ago when we played some WC qualifying game, our key MF Seung-Yong Ki(Sunderland) wrote his complaint on his "closed" facebook. In there, he blamed and insulted our ex- head coach, Gang-Hee Choi. Many people got angry about his attitude because he didn't apologize to him after this accident. And now, he was selected our national team by new coach Myung-Bo Hong. He made big conflict between players who have played in foreign area and players who have played in domestic league. And, this conflict is not solved at all until now. But, the problem is not ended. Our many foreign players didn't play many games because most of them are not regular in their team and some of them are out of form. For example, Jeong-Ho Hong played just 1 game in Ausgburg, Dong-Won Ji in Sunderland is bench warmer, Ja-Cheol Koo(Wolfsburg) and Heung-Min Son(Bayern Leverkusen) showed really poor form. What is the worse, all players who play in our domestic league played their league match on midweek. It makes some physical problems. Yes, Brazil will make big change in the game. But, Brazil will win easily even if they will put all reserve players. Plus, stadium already sold out but they will visit the stadium to see Brazil players. - In H2H, South Korea has 1w-3l against Brazil. 1995/08/12 - South Korea 0 - 1 Brazil -> Brazil came with C team 1997/08/10 - South Korea 1 - 2 Brazil -> Brazil came with C team 1990/03/28 - South Korea 1 - 0 Brazil -> Brazil came with C team 2002/11/20 - South Korea 2 - 3 Brazil -> This is the last game of our legend players Myung-Bo Hong who is head coach of South Korea in now. But, Brazil beat motivated ours with C team. Pick : A(-1.25) Odds : 1.88(SBOBET, Pinnacle), 1.87(10BET), 1.83(BET365) --- fair line is -1.5 Stake : 4/10
  7. Re: Copa Sudamericana 2011/2012 One question for Copa Sudamericana.. Chile national football team played in Moday against Paraguay. And, Univ. de Chile will be play with Arsenal de Sarandi in Thursday. I know most of them was called up for Chile NT. Does they play against Arsenal ? or do they will be rested ?
  8. Re: World Cup 2014 Qualifiers > 14th - 16th November 16:00(GMT+9) North Korea vs Japan - Interesting match. Both countries are really big conflict on politic. It caused to restict to come to North Korea. It's kind of derby for both team. North Korea officially requested that supporters on Japan are allowed only 150 people and can't use supporting words and must play on artificial turf. I think the latest is a big problem for Japan because most stadiums(If I correct, all stadiums in J-league) is natural turf. So, it is hard for Japan players to adopt it. And, this game will be played in Moranbong Stadium. The reason that I mentioned it is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4aQ9QPtVWY&feature=related . North Korea is based on communism. So, in order to bind their citizen, they prepared "mass game" like that. capacity of Morabong Stadium is 70,000people. If you see that mass game in the field, you must be presured! North Korea already was out for qualifing and Japan already confirmed to qualify to next round. I think Japan will not use their force 100%. In the view of South Korea, I don't want to cheer North Korea, Anyway, I think it is 50-50 game. Pick : H(+0.5) at 12bet Odds : 2.06 Stake : 4/10
  9. Re: K-League 2011 Thread Gyeongnam's key 2 midfielders were called up for U23 NT including Yoon Bitgaram. I think it is hard to see many goals.
  10. Re: K-League 2011 Thread other 2 games are really hard to predict..
  11. Re: K-League 2011 Thread FC Seoul vs Busan I'Park - Also, very motivated two teams game. Seoul which played against Al Ittihad in midweek AFCL lost. They lost 1-3 but, it is "expected" result. Actually, I don't think they focused on defense. They played very defensively. If they played offensively, I think they have a better result in Saudi Arabia. Anyway, Seoul is also big problem for this game because their opponent, Busan, is very motivated for this game. As I wrote before, Seoul took 21hours to go to Saudi Arabia. It means they will spend same time to come back to Korea. And, in this game, Seoul have a 1 injured player who is Hyun Young-Min(DF/20app, 1goal) and 3 suspended players who is Ko Myong-Jin(MF/18app, 2goals), Choi Hyun-Tae(MF/21app, 1goal), Molina(FW/23app, 7goals). All players are regular players in their team. Also, I think Damjanović(FW/23app, 19goals, top scorer in league) is not good condition. Because, he called up for Montenegro NT for Euro game in some weeks ago. So, he moved from Korea to Wales and also moved from Korea to Saudi in this week. The reason I mention it is because he refused to play in NT for long travel. But, in this year, he played for his nation. So, tireness is higher than before. On the other hands, Busan is no regular players who suffered from injury and no suspended players. But, one thing that I worried about is H2H. Busan never have won against Seoul away. Busan have a record 3d-9l in all 9games in Seoul. I hope record will break. Also, Busan have a tie record that they socred 14games in a row. If they socre against Seoul, it is a new record in this season. And, play-off spot which allow to 6th rank is very important to them. Now, 4th~6th is same points. 6games left. I think they will win, at least draw. And, according to local newspaper, Seoul want to postpone this game against Busan from Sunday to Monday or Thuesday. They asked to KFA and FKA permit thier suggestion. But, Busan rejected because they also have busy schedule to take in play-off zone. More exactly, Busan's president, Ann Byung-Mo, said "There are no logical reason to postpone this game. There are NO monday game since K-league was founded. And, Seoul's last game against Daegu is also advanced. It's because friendly relationship between president of Seoul and president of Daegu. We are not related to Seoul. And, if Seoul want to make authoritative team in K-league, they have to throw thier egoism" Finally, now Busan's cocah, Ann Ik-Soo, was assistant supervisor in Seoul befor 1 year. Pick : Busan I'Park(+0.5) Odds : 1.79 Stake : 6/10
  12. Re: K-League 2011 Thread Seoul have a 4 regular missing. Three of them are suspended, the other is injured :)
  13. Re: K-League 2011 Thread Daejeon Citizen vs Daegu FC - I write short. Daejeon Citizen Missing plyaers : INJURYED : Baba Yuta(MF/1app, he transferred in summer transfer period, but he was injured in his debut game), Wagner(FW/24app 7goals), Lee Ho(DF/21app 1goal), Lee Woong-Hee(DF/11app 1goal) TRANSFERED : Kim Han-Sup(DF/18app) SUSPENDED : Kang In-Jun(MF/1app), Park Min-Geun(MF/13app) Daegu FC Missing plyaers : INJURYED : None TRANSFERED : None (there are some changing but not important) SUSPENDED : None CALLED UP(U23 Olympic NT) : Kim Hyun-Sung(FW/20app, 7goals) Pick : A(0) Odds : 1.80 Stake : 4/10 But, I find better game in tomorrow :)
  14. Re: K-League 2011 Thread FT Daejeon KHNP 3 - 0 Yongin City FC +5.00 :cheers
  15. 9/16 K-National League Daejeon KHNP vs Yongin City FC - K-National League(Division 2)'s each teams are left 5~6games. The core of play-off system is that "last position is 6th place". Daejeon KHNP is 7th place. But, the gap between 4th place, Gangneung, and 7th place is only 2points. So, motivation is higher for Daejeon KHNP. Youngin City is little hope to take play-off. In this league, there are no regelation system. So, they also are not worry about regelation at all. And plus, in 9/12, Daejeon KHNP's coach, Bae Jong-Woo, was died. It's the first match for players to play after this tragic. I think players are high motivated. I think they will win. source : http://www.*-******.net/news/view.html?bbs_id=news&kbbs_doc_num=4755&kbbs_ext1=notice - If you access to National league web-site( http://www.*-******.net/ ), you know it. Pick : H(-0.5) Odds : 2.00 Stake : 5/10
  16. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 FT 3 - 1 +8.40 :drums
  17. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 My source is local newspaper ( http://******.******.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201109140100080080007249&servicedate=20110913 ) Anyway, he said that he want to win on that page but don't want to gamble :D
  18. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 Both teams are full squad. If I correct, there are no important missings. Suwon : Suown has no unbeaten in their ghome 26games in a row(22w-4d) in AFCL all games. I want to keep thier record, but Zob Ahan is very good team. Jeonbuk : Most offensive-minded team. Cerezo also too. I think Over(2.5). Actually, I don't know why odds on Over(2.5) is higher than 2.00
  19. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 No special news for Seoul :)
  20. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 Al Ittihad vs Seoul This game is my main bet in AFCL because Seoul has a many problem for this game. Seoul played in Friday against Daegu away from home. Despite using thier best line-up, they lost 1-2. First, the problem is that they lost team which is placed bottom of the table. Seoul is very young team. So, atmosphere including confidence is lower after this game. Second, they had a very long trvel. In Korea, there are two international airport. Among them, only Incheon airport have a flight from Korean to Saudi Arabia via Dubai(according to thier official website, they took a 21hours to go to Saudi, http://www.******.com/news/news_view.j ... =news&pg=1 ). Seoul traveled from Daegu to Incheon(it's long travel), And from Korea to Saudi Arabia. And, in Saudi, there are very high degeree about more than 30 degeree more plus high moisture. It may cause a big porblem. Coach of Seoul, Choi Yong-Soo, said in press conference that our goal is draw not win, and I don't want to gamble. Finally, in Seoul, big absense in ther line-up. Their left wing-back Hyun Young-Min was injured agaisnt Daegu. So, he will be out for this game. And, key midfielder, Ha Dae-Sung, was suspended for this game. In the early of the season, Seoul had a big slump. It's because Ha Dae-Sung was injured at that time. After coming back to squad, Seoul is high-flying. So, if he was not in squad, there are many problem. Pick : H(-0.5) Odds : 2.20 Stake : 7/10 (If you want to take safer bet, -0.25 is better!)
  21. Re: International Friendlies June, 3 GK - Jung Sung-Ryong(Suwon), Kim Jin-Hyun(Cerezo Osaka), Kim Young-Gwang(Ulsan) DF - Lee Jung-Soo(Al Sadd/Qatar), Hong Jung-Ho(Jeju), Lee Jae-Sung(Ulsan), Lee Sang-Duk(Daegu), Hwang Jae-Won(Suwon), Cha Du-Ri(Celtic/Scotland), Park Won-Jae(Jeonbuk), Kim Young-Gwun(Omiya/Japan), Kim Jae-Sung(Pohang) MF - Shin Hyung-Min(Pohang), Lee Young-Rae(Suwon), Yoon Bitgaram(Gyeongnam), Kim Jung-Woo(Sangju), Ki Sung-Young(Celtic/Scotland), Go Myung-Jin(Seoul), Koo Ja-Chul(Wolfsburg/Germany), Nam Tae-Hi(Valancien/France), Lee Chung-Young(Bolton/England), Lee Seuong-Hyun(Jeonbuk), Kim Bo-Kyung(Cerezo Osaka/Japan), Lee Guen-Ho(Gamba Osaka/Japan) FW - Park Joo-Young(AS Monaco/France), Ji Dong-Won(Jeonnam), Jung Jo-Kuk(Auxerre/France) *Park Ji-Sung(Manchester Unitd), Lee Young-Pyo(Al Hillal) retired from NT before. It will be played in Seoul. Korea NT have prepared 3th asia qualifying in 2014 Brazil WorldCup It is a final opportunity that some players who coach want to see are tested by coach. Almost players who are in Europe club teams are called. Also, there are a few players who called first time as NT plyaers like Shin Hyung-Min(Pohang), Kim Jae-Sung(Pohang), Lee Seuong-Hyun(Jeonbuk), Park Won-Jae(Jeonbuk), Lee Jae-Sung(Ulsan). I think some of them will play against Serbia or Ghana. Coach said he try to concentrate defense. Also, there are a little conflict between federation and coach. Actually, federation want to fire coach when coach had a bad result in every competiton. But, coach, Jo Gwang-Rae, have had a great result. Before calling this friendly match, federation order that they want to call NT players so you(coach) will follow federation's decision. But, after listening this argument from federation, coach resisted to them because calling players are only right of coach. He said federation don't have a right to select players. So, there are conflict between them. And, in K-league, now they have a some problem because some players fixed the game. 8 players were summonsed from the prosecution. One of them suicided in the hotel. So, there are confusing situation in Korea, all players need to try to do their best. It is my opinion about Korea NT plyaers. I don't know Serbia NT players. Ghana is a best team but they will play African Nations Cup 3 days before they come to Korea. ps. It is my preview I wrote in other forum :D
  22. Re: AFC Champions League 2011 Although Seoul is ranked second place, they have no big problem. If they in second place, they will visit against Suwon(group G). The match between Suwon and Seoul is big derby in Korea and in Asia. Suwon is not far from Seoul, so it is a not big problem if they qualify second.
  23. Re: Copa do BRAZIL 2011 Thread thanks very, very much :D if you travel to Korea, I will gudie for you for free :DDDD
  24. Re: Copa do BRAZIL 2011 Thread who is missing in ceara ? would you explain in detail if you are OK? sorry to request ^-^
  25. Re: 25 March Japan v Montenegro, Montenegro v Uzbekistan sorry for writing this thread. plz, move my post if correct section. GK - Jung Syung-ryong(Suwon), Kim Jin-hyun(Cerezo Osaka/Japan), Ha gang-jin(Seongnam) DF - Gwak Tae-hwi(Ulsan), Lee Jung-soo(Al-Sadd/Qatar), Kim Young-guon(Omiya/Japan), Hwang Jae-won(Suwon), Park Joo-ho(Iwata/Japan), Choi Hyo-jin(Sangju), Lee Sang-duk(Daegu), Hong Chul(Seongnam), Kim Tae-hwan(Seoul) MF - Lee Young-rae(Suwon), Yoon Bitgaram(Gyeongnam), Kim Sung-hwan(Seongnam), Ki Sung-ryong(Celtic/Scotland), Lee Chung-yong(Bolton/England), Kim Bo-kyung(Cerezo Osaka/Japan), Cho Young-chul(Nigata/Japan), Jo Chan-ho(Pohang), Go Chang-hyun(Ulsan) FW - Park Ju-young(AS Monaco/France), Ji Dong-won(Jeonnam), Kim Jung-woo(Sangju), Kim Shin-ook(Ulsan), Lee Gun-ho(Gamba Osaka/Japan), Park Ki-dong(Gwangju) I write players who selected first time in NT with bold type
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