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  1. Re: Korea 2014 11/30 14:00 Pohang Steelers vs Suwon Samsung Bluewings - It is a little bit fixed maybe ? will be played a one of suspicious game in this season because big rival two team is included. First, only Pohang and Seoul have a big motivation in this round to go through ACL in next season. There are only one "possible senario" that FC Seoul can reach 3rd position after this round. FC Seoul "must" defeat Jeju United and Pohang "have to" been defeated against Suwon. Pohang will go to ACL in next season even if they finish in draw. That is only one worried thing because Pohang and Suwon which is a biggest rival of FC Seoul also will satisfy under this senario. But, I think Suwon will give 3pt to Pohang to avoid for FC Seoul to reach 3rd position. It is a little bit risky but valueable bet. Pick : H Odds : 1.93 Stake : 4/10

  2. Re: Korea 2014 11/16 14:00(GMT+9) Ansan Police FC vs Daejeon Citizen - Korea K-league Challenge which is same as division 2. And, I will take Daejeon Citizen because I want to pick against Ansan. As you saw my last pick, Ansan has a big problem in GK position. They are army team and many players had finished their army duties. Above all, they left only one GK who is injured in now. Ansan coach already put forward as GK in last game and he showed a terrible performance which was casued to conceded. In today, he will stand one more agian in GK position. Plus, Ansan will miss Hyun-Beom Park(MF/21app, suspended), Kyung-Min Ko(FW/33app, 11g, topscorer, suspended), Jong-Jin Park(MF/23app, suspended). Also, Hyun Yoo(GK), Yoo-Geol Song(GK), Sang-Jun Cho(GK), Sang-Min Yang(DF), Beom-Seok Oh(DF), Dong-Woo Kim(DF), Seung-Ju Song(DF), Do-Hoon Kim(MF), Won-Sik Kim(MF), Won-Jae Lee(DF), Seong-Bin Ahn(FW), Ki-Han Moon(MF), Chul-Min Kang(FW), Kwang-Hee Choi(MF), Joon-Seung Park(DF), Jo-Gook Jung(FW), Ho Lee(DF) returned their own team in last month. On the other hands, Daejeon don't have any problem in this game. Their topscorer Adriano(FW/31app, 27g) who missed in last game due to suspension will be back in this game. Pick : A Odds : 2.20 in local Stake : 4/10

  3. Re: Korea 2014 FT Goyang Hi FC 2 - 1 Ansan Police FC - Goyang Hi FC won .... but their play was awful. I don't want to bet on them from now. Really lucky win. And, GK foward player(originally he was forward in this team) was also terrible. Two goals from Goyang Hi FC was all mistakes of Ansan GK. FT Pohang Steelers 2 - 2 Ulsan Hyundai Horang-ii - Balanced game as I think.. Pohang is a little bit better(esp in second half). But, Pohang GK had a big big big mistake and it was made of Ulsan's second goal. *

    (from 3:50~, you can see what Pohang GK did).
  4. Re: Korea 2014

    Are you 100% sure that this is true? Couldnt find any info about the team' date=' but if those news are true, the odds of 3,6 for the homewin would be an epic bet![/quote'] ??? ??? “?? ?? ? ??? ?? ??. 2?? ???? ?? 2??? ??? ??. ??? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ? ??. ?? ?? ???? ???? ????”?? ???. - Coach Dong-Hyun Jo said, "we will use field player as a goal keeper because our remained one GK is injured. We have to play play-off so I don't use our GK in remained two games becaue it has nothing to do with lose" * Source : http://sports.news.naver.com/sports/index.nhn?category=k_league&ctg=news&mod=read&office_id=410&article_id=0000200683 In other words, 100% fact. And, yes, these players who had returned to their own team didn't play latest games but the reason I memtioned is that they are ex- and now NT players. The gap between this two group is huge.
  5. Re: Korea 2014 11/9 14:00(GMT+9) Goyang Hi FC vs Ansan Police FC - This is Korea Challenge league which is same as second league. Both team don't have any motivation for left 2 games. Goyang Hi FC has a 5 points gap between promotion play off but it will be hard in real. On the other hands, Ansan Police FC confirmed their play-off spot. Only for their home fans to Goyang Hi FC. But, Ansan Police FC will face a very difficult problem for this game. Ansan Police FC is totally same as Sangju Sangmu Pheonix in K-league Classic. That means that it is just used for substituion of army duty. So, players who are in Ansan Police FC have to play only for 2 year. Because of this rule, there are many players leaving their team after finishing their army duties in here. Hyun Yoo(GK), Yoo-Geol Song(GK), Sang-Jun Cho(GK), Sang-Min Yang(DF), Beom-Seok Oh(DF), Dong-Woo Kim(DF), Seung-Ju Song(DF), Do-Hoon Kim(MF), Won-Sik Kim(MF), Won-Jae Lee(DF), Seong-Bin Ahn(FW), Ki-Han Moon(MF), Chul-Min Kang(FW), Kwang-Hee Choi(MF), Joon-Seung Park(DF), Jo-Gook Jung(FW), Ho Lee(DF) returned their own team. All these players were regular in Ansan Police FC. Plus, only one GK who is Tae-Hyun Jeon(GK/12app) has a severe injury in his sholder so coach said he will miss this game. And, reserve forward Jong-Kuk Kang(FW/10app) will wear GK shirt in left 2 games including today because they don't have any registerd GK anymore. Goyang Hi FC don't have any missing. I think they will get some points in this game. Pick : H(0) Odds : 2.30 Stake : 4/10

  6. Re: Korea 2014 11/9 16:00(GMT+9) Pohang Steelers vs Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i - First, it is the second biggest derby called "Eastern Highway Derby". And, according to standing, only one team which is Pohang has a motivation in this game. Pohang want to secure their ACL spot by winning this game. Pohang is 56pt and the gap between Jeju which is 4th placed is 5pt. They have a big possibility to go to ACL in next season if they will win this game(I don't know why soccerway reset points in split round, it is not fact). Pohang also have a memory that they had lost against Ulsan at home in the first round in this season. For today game, they will miss Young-Jun Shin(MF/15app, suspended) but Jae-Sung Kim(MF/25app, 6g) will come back from suspension. On the other hands, Ulsan will face a many problems in today game. They have a big conflict betweern players and coach. According to my trustable source, they have a intention to turn against their coach. Also, their supporters will also boycott this game due to conflict with coach. I expect that few people will come in this match personally. Ulsan has no any motivation and they will miss Yong Lee(DF/28app, injured) and Shin-Wook Kim(FW/20app, 9g, injured) Pick : H Odds : 2.00 Stake : 4/10

  7. Re: Korea 2014 Thanks, #Lisandri In tomorrow, last round in regular season will start. Many team have their own motivation. Gyeongnam will miss a half of regular but both team was not convincing in last round. One thing I think is Seongnam which will play against Ulsan. As I said, Ulsan has a big negative atmosphere and players want their coach to be fired. But, Ulsan can't get upper group if they don't win. So, I am wondering if they will take a risk on this game. Seongnam DNB is my pick but not official pick. Ulsan will miss Seung-Gyu Kim(GK/25app, suspended) and Shin-Wook Kim(FW/20app, 9, injured)

  8. Re: Korea 2014 10/9 14:00 Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i vs FC Seoul - I think it is great odds so I can't skip this game. First, livescore says this game will be played Ulsan home but this game will be played in Neutral stadium which, of course, is located in Ulsan but not Ulsan World Cup stadium. And, this day is thursday but for Korean, it is holiday called Hangeul Day to celebrate our language. Anyway, there are some many reasons to pick FC Seoul even if they are really weak in away games. Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i has a small interner conflict in the inside according to article. Some players blamed their coach because he don't have any tactic to win. Coach also blamed these players in the interview officially. It will be affected in the filed surely. And, Ulsan will face many missing for this game. Seung-Gyu Kim(GK/24app), Yong Lee(DF/26app) is selected for NT, Jun-Su Yoo(FW/16app, 2g) is suspended and Shin-Wook Kim(FW/20app, 9g) is season out duo to injury in Asian games. FC Seoul lost in last match which is biggest derby against Suwon. But, as I said, it was derby that has a big pressure. They will miss Du-Ri Cha(DF/22app) and Joo-Young Kim(DF/24app, 1g) for NT but no other missings. I think +0.25 is great odds for us. * Source : http://sports.news.naver.com/sports/index.nhn?category=soccer&ctg=news&mod=lst&mod=read&office_id=144&article_id=0000263742&redirect=false Pick : A(+0.25) Odds : 1.97 Stake : 4/10

  9. Re: Korea 2014 9/14 19:00(GMT+9) Sangju Sangmu Phoenix vs Chunnam Dragons - I think it is my best bet of this round and must-take bet in this round. Bookies don't know anything about Sangju. As I said before, Sangju is a special team in Korea and maybe in the world. They are army team. So, all players who hold a qualification to join play only for 2 years because our(all Korean-nationalized men) army duty period is 2 years. Because of this reason, there are some players who had finished their army duties and go back to their own team. So, Min-Sik Kim(GK/18app), Hoon Jung(MF/5app), Seung-Hyun Lee(MF/17app, 2g), Dong-Chan Kim(FW/17app, 2g), Jae-Sung Lee(DF/9app), Sang-Ho Lee(MF/16app, 5g, topscorer), Tae-Goon Ha(FW/11app, 4g), Jae-Sung Ko(DF/12app), Jong-Hwan Baek(MF/16app, 1g), Ji-Hun Yoo(DF/16app, 1g), Hyuk-Jin Jang(MF/7app) already went back their own team on 4 days before. Plus, Keun-Ho Lee(FW/17app, 4g), Ho Lee(MF/16app, 1g) and Sang-Ho Lee(MF/16app, 5g, topscorer) will be about to finish their army duties on day after tomorrow so they are also doubtful for this game. There are some custom in Sangju that players who have a short time until reserve date don't play their last league match to prevent them from injury. Adding with this, Hu-Kwon Lee(DF/8app) will also not play for suspension. - On the other hands, Chunnam Dragons also has some missing players for being called up for Asian games such as Yong-Woo Ahn(FW/22app, 5g), Young-Wook Kim(MF/5app) and Jong-Ho Lee(FW/23app, 9g, topscorer) but Stevo covered well in last two games. Of course, they lost against Juju with big margin but they faced another big blow due to other reasons on that game. Jeonnam has a goal to get in upper group. 3pt is crucial for them. I think they will get 3pt in this game. Pick : A(-0.25) Odds : 2.01 Stake : 4/10

  10. Re: Korea 2014 And, there are so mnay absents each teams so I will write short. It is just about called up NT plyaers including A team, Asian Games(AG), suspended players and notable injured players. 9/6 16:00 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors vs Sangju Sangmu Phoenix Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors : Jae-Sung Lee(MF/21app, 4g, AG), Gyo-Won Han(FW/23app, 8g, NT), Dong-Gook Lee(FW/22app, 11g, NT), Hyung-Min Shin(MF/11app, suspended) Sangju Sangmu Phoenix : Min-Sik Kim(GK/18app), Jeong-Nam Hong(GK), Hoon Jung(MF/5app), Sang-Min Seo(MF/18app), Seung-Hyun Lee(MF/17app, 2g), Dong-Chan Kim(MF/17app, 2g), Je-Heon Song(FW/4app). All these players can't play because they are loaned from Jeonbuk. Keun-Ho Lee(FW/17app, 4g, NT) 19:30 Seongnam FC vs Incheon United FC Seongnam FC : Chae-Min Lim(DF/22app, NT), Valdivia(FW/8app, 1g, injured) Incheon United FC : Sang-Yun Moon(MF/22app, 2g, AG), Hyo-Gyun Lee(FW/22app, 3g, injured), Bon-Sang Gu(MF/19app, injured) 9/7 17:00 Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i vs Gyeongnam FC Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i : Dong-Hyun Yang(FW/5app, 1g, injured), Kun-Hoan Kim(DF/10app, injured), Flip Kasalica(FW/9app, NT), Yong Lee(DF/21app, NT), Shin-Wook Kim(FW/20app, 9g, AG) Gyeongnam FC : - 19:00 Pohang Steelers vs FC Seoul Pohang Steelers : Hwa-Yong Shin(GK/20app, injured), Chun-Suk Bae(FW/4app, injured), Hee-Chul Park(MF/15app, suspended), Seul-Gi Bae(DF/9app, 1g, suspended), Seung-Dae Kim(FW/22app, 8g, AG), Joon-Ho Son(MF/17app, 1g, AG) FC Seoul : Du-Ri Cha(DF/18app, NT), Joo-Young Kim(DF/20app, 1g, NT), Il-Lok Yun(MF/22app, 5g, AG)

  11. Re: Korea 2014 9/6 19:00 Jeju United FC vs Chunnam Dragons - K-league games starting in this weekend. I will take this game because of many reasons. Before I write more concrete preview, I would like to say that all game which will be played on this weekend are going to be affected by many absents. Especially, Chunnam has a big blow ahead of this game. As I said, Jeju is located in the island so they have a big advantage from this such as weather. Moreover, this weekend is a big holiday(Korean thanksgiving day) in Korea so many attendance will come to the stadium like today NT match agaisnt Venezuela which was already sold out. But, the reason I pick this game is that Chunnam has a lot of missings unlike Jeju. Chunnam will miss In-Kyu Lee(FW/2app, injured), Jin-Ki Hong(DF/8app, injured), Yong-Woo Ahn(FW/22app, 5g, suspended), Young-Wook Kim(MF/5app, called up for Asian games), Jong-Ho Lee(FW/22app, 9g, topscorer, called up for Asian games). I think Jeju will grab important 3pt in this game. Pick : H Odds : 2.20 Stake : 4/10

  12. Re: Korea 2014 8/6 19:00(GMT+9) Chunnam Dragons vs Incheon United FC - I will write short. Chunnam Dragons was attacked by big injury problems from last game. Jin-Ki Hong(DF/6app, injured), Jong-Eun Lim(DF/15app, injured) and In-Kyu Lee(FW/2app, injured) were all injured in last game so they will miss this coming game. And, their coach said he will rotate members because they have to play many games in short period. I think it will be 50-50 game. Pick : A(+0.5) Odds : 1.70 Stake : 4/10

  13. Re: Korea 2014 8/3 19:00(GMT+9) Suwon Samsung Bluewings vs Pohang Steelers - I am on holiday so I will write this a little bit earlier. I will take one more against Pohang Steelers. Pohang is ranked in 1st placed but I have to say their performance in second period is awful. Yes, their record after WC break is 2w-3d in last 5 games. But, they got a big lucky in this games. We can confirm it when we search their fan forum. For example, against Busan which they won 2-0, Busan showed fast counter-attack and more offensively. Busan actually dominated this game but Pohang scored very luckily with heading shot. Another score is done by PK with big mistake of Busan defender(it was first game for him to play in the league). After that, they showed theier real playing agaisnt Incheon. Incheon is worse team than Busan but Incheon also dominated them. Most important thing that we have ti notice is they will face much stronger team that have met and have a big squad problem in this game. Suwon is the best home supporting team in this league and they showed this fact with having great home record(4w-1d in last 5 home game). Suwon will miss Chul Hong(DF/13app, suspension) but he is replaceable. On the other hands, Pohang will miss Chun-Suk Bae(FW/4app, injured), Jae-Sung Kim(MF/8app, 3g, injured), Hwa-Yong Shin(GK/17app, suspension) and Joon-Ho Son(MF/12app, 1g, sunspension). Pick : H(0) Odds : 1.80 in many places. Stake : 4/10

  14. Re: Korea 2014 7/23 19:30(GMT+9) FC Seoul vs Sangju Sangmu Phoenix - We took our bet against Sagnju in last week. But, I will trust them in this game. I think they will not lose with big margin like last league game. There are some reasons. First, Sangju missed a lot of players in last game because most of regulars were loaned from Jeonbuk. But, all these players will back in this game excpet Jae-Hoon Ahn(DF/8app, 1g) who has suspended. Second, as I said, Sangju is army team. All players have only one day rest in a week in Sunday. But, due to poor result, their president(the Minister of National Defense) ordered that nobody can rest in weekend. He really got angry because it was so lethargic loss in soilder history. And, he will visit this stadium to see this game. If you were in army, all of yours would know how order of superior is strong. In fact, Sangju won all games when he visited the stadium in this season(3 times and it is same as the number of total wins). And, FC Seoul will miss regular defender Du-Ri Cha(DF/13app) for injury. And, coach of FC Seoul is not a type of person who prefer offensive tactic. Pick : A(+1) Odds : 1.78(Pinnacle, Marathon) Stake : 4/10

  15. Re: Korea 2014 7/20 19:00(GMT+9) Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors vs Sangju Sangmu Phoenix - Odd is poor but it is value to take I think. Jeonbuk have a great apportunity to lead ahead of table. Pohang will meet hard oppoent with many injuries so Jeonbuk can chase them. For today game, they have a great motivations for two reasons. One is their regular GK, Eun-Seong Choi(GK/2app) will have a his final game on his career. He is a legend of Daejeon(but there are some conflict between them so he transfered to Jeonbuk) so Jeonbuk and Daejeon fans wil be packed to Jeonbuk to cheer him. Second, their best attacker, Dong-Gook Lee(FW/15app, 6g) is making new league record until now. He scored 160th goal until now and he make a new record whenever he socre in league game. On the other hands, Sangju is army team. It means that they are handicapped team due to limited training. Despite of this, the reason that made a great result is they consist of ex- and now- national team players in many positions. But, they have a big problem in front of this game. First, they didn't win at away in this season(0w-4d-3l from last season). Second, Jae-Hoon Ahn(DF/8app, 1g) will miss for suspension. Finally, Min-Sik Kim(GK/13app), Jeong-Nam Hong(GK), Sang-Min Seo(MF/11app), Hoon Jung(MF/3app), Dong-Chan Kim(FW/12app, 2g), Seung-Hyun Lee(MF/11app, 1g) and Je-Heon Song(FW/3app) will all miss because these players are loaned from Jeonbuk. I think Jeonbuk will win surely. Pick : H(-1.25) Odds : 2.04 Stake : 4/10

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