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  1. First of all soz for my absence the past week......I had written 3 pages of my vegas report and then realised I hadnt got past the first night :rollin ...hopefully it will be finished soon. Also MrM I have your pms but havnt had a chance to look at them yet, been mobbed since I got back...however I will soon and will send you back my thoughts... Anyway this afternoon.......................
  2. Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread I love it when I get a chance to post on here :rollin (not very often as a hardly ever play MTTs) Went onto ladbrokes yesterday to chat to my mate who was playing a 10 dollar STT.....I saw an advert in the window for the heads up MTT starting in 5 mins time, and I thought I would play it for a couple of reasons. First of all because I like to play heads up a lot, I do end up playing HU cash fairly often and it is always good to practice and secondly because I had just come off an 8 hr cash game session nd fancied something a bit different to wind do
  3. Re: Help for to play better.. Hey mate, Glad to hear you are back on the winning track :) I remember you telling me about a lot of losing sessions you had :o. In this example here I think the flop play is fine. A semibluff here is a bad idea as you are not only in a bad position, but also against multiple opponents. You did well by just checking and calling the small bet, letting others in as well and pricing your draw correctly. Now the turn hits and you have the nuts - what to do? A lot of players here would do what you did and check it. This is not really a horrible play but
  4. Jezza

    Vegas report

    Coming very soon..... Jez
  5. Jezza

    Poker Indicator

    Re: Poker Indicator When you are playing on some sites, showing down a hand that is a loser can be mucked automatically. However the fact it got shown means it did get just that, shown, even if the user mucked it straight away. You can see what your opponent called and lost with usually by going to the hand history. these programs will just be doing that donkey work for you. Of course if you muck your hand without a showdown, noone can know what it was. Now I have to go....plane in an hr and a half! Jez
  6. Re: Jezza...Can You Help? Or Anyone Else? Hi Valiant, Sorry for the delay in replying - he is indeed as norfolk says on stars, but he is most often on ultimatebet. He is one of the pros that represents them in the real world, so he has his own name reserved as his nick "PhilHellmuth"...occasionly to be found in the big NL games on there mouthing off :rollin. Other players of interest up there on UB are "dill pickle" (mike matusow - LOVES his internet poker), "spirit rock/mahatma/aplusgame247" (prahlad friedman) and "HASSAN SLASK" (hallingol of pokerstars fame) I am away to vegas
  7. Re: Hellmuth on the ultimate bet big game right now the chat is priceless...matusow + phil are going at it hammer and tongs :rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin Jez
  8. 50/100 NL and in there with mike matusow, spirit rock and hallingol is chat is priceless LOL Jez
  9. Re: The sunday night half million guaranteed on stars I went out first hand :rollin
  10. Re: The sunday night half million guaranteed on stars Back in this tonight.............. qualified thru a rebuy sat :dude For those who find the buy in too steep but would like to play in a tournament like this, dont worry - stars do loads of sats for it, from 3 dollars up and even FPP ones... Jez
  11. Re: Pokerstars - final table deals I have done a deal in the final of a MTT on stars before.. (a 20 dollar entry 900 player one which I won)... What happens is you can all sit out. This means everyone folds automatically and the chip positions effectively stay the same as the antes get folded round, someone sends an email to stars whilst you are all sitting out and a customer service rep comes to the chat box on the table (less than 2mins after we sent the email). The tournament is manually paused and you can talk the deal......the rep makes sure everyone is in agreement to it and sorts
  12. Re: A hand I played in a live game last night Yeah, the hand the idiot bluffed against plow was a bit over the top.... I am all for showing your bluffs when you successfully pull one off. A lot of the time I dont show, but sometimes I do and turn my cards over just to rub it in a little bit and maybe make your opponent steam. However this guy went WAY over the top with plow, pushing his face up into him and laughing. In my opinion he showed a total lack of class at the poker table and just made everyone think he was a dick. At my semi final table he had called a raise and a reraise co
  13. Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread :rollin frisky nice one mate Us cash game players dont get to post in here really but I thouhgt I would put this up anyway, after a few hours on 2.50/5NL on crypto the bbdefender came thru....
  14. Re: A hand I played in a live game last night The problem I have with commentating on this hand is that I played on the same semi final table as plows opponent in this hand, infact I was sat next to him, so it influenced my view on him in the final - I will try to give my view on it tho without letting that information that plow did not have cross over into my analysis. Ok first of all the guy was making several mistakes with the rules at the final table. I dont mean the sort of thing which an internet player making his first journey to a cardroom might do (like string betting or being i
  15. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. On crytologic (betfair/whill etc) servers atm on table trinidad cash - 2.50/5 NL hold em Jez
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