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  1. Re: Royal Ascot 2013. Unless the weather forecast is way out, the ground on Tuesday should just be about perfect, Around the Good Good/Firm in places. On Tuesday, At todays prices Animal Kingdom and Shea Shea stand out in a 5/1 double. With Animal Kingdom being the banker of the meeting for me, Expect him to be around 1/2 or even shorter. The opposition is Group 2 at very best for 1 or 2, with the majority hovering around the Group 3 mark. Apart from Elusive Kate who gets a filly allowance, almost a stone in hand on everything else says it all. Shea Shea is a very classy sprinter, as shown at Meydan, expect him to go off at around 7/4 on the day, easy trade on him for your stake, if AK does the business, with plenty of profit in the bargain. Update more races later. But the double for the above is very likely to be profitable. GL

  2. Re: BBOTD Thursday 13th June

    7.30 Leopardstown, Tickled Pink at 11/4 (BetVictor) Very nice prospect, didn't perform to her best in the Haydock cup but probably needed the ground quicker and she will get that here. Definitely a sprinter going places, has a nice pedigree and some decent form to her name already. I think she will be hard to beat in what looks like a relatively weak race.
    Is there not heavy rain around Leop today?...Has done ok on good/soft i suppose, however if quick ground is an essential in your opinion id wait. Give it to you that the field is weaker. Good luck.
  3. On what must be a really difficult time to keep the show on the road, the best of luck with your 5 today. Obviously it would have been what the great man would have wanted. The Funeral is the 24th of June. After Royal Ascot.

  4. Re: 3 Horseracing Thoughts Per Day

    Fancied Horses. The first 3 or 4 horses in the betting probably account for around 80% of winners. Only venture outside of these horses if you have strong reasons to do so.
    Yarmouth punters would disagree!...:rollin
  5. Re: Erhaab's Quiz Questions Steve Donoghue Champion Jockey 10 times on the trot. 6 derby wins, plus many other classics. Pommern and Gay Crusader, were the tripple crown winners. He is the only Jockey ever to do it twice. One of his most famous associations was Brown Jack, 6 Royal Ascot wins.

  6. Re: RIP Sir Henry Cecil As mad as a bloody hatter in his early years, spontaneous outbreaks of laughable moments. Remember him nursing LOVE DIVINE to win the lupe, then having my biggest bet on her in the oaks. Hacks would ask "what mood he was in before putting a camera in front of him", he could cut them to bits, through their ignorance. Remember at Haydock one summer afternoon, buying everyone in the que an ice cream at the van. RIP Old Man....Goodwood will never be the same again.

  7. Re: BBOTD Tuesday 11th June Was not having to have a bet this week...However, 3.50 Font LISTEN AND LEARN 5/2 365. Is/was one of my tracking bets, I had wait till hcap debut, needs good ground, up to 2 1/2 miles. I am on a little bigger on the exchange, but today off 96, is a smash and grab, Should be approaching 6/4 in my book against some very un attractive opposition, Listen and Learn is one for the future over fences, but i reckon they will make hay of his low hcap mark. Would not be surprised if he turns out quickly again at Uttox on Thursday to beat the hcap mark. :ok

  8. Re: Royal Ascot 2013. I'll be updating my selections later in the week, put about 25 hrs in, and only thru the first two days..:$ hope it pays off, Animal Kingdom, is a very good anchor, slight odds on now, but can only go one way in price IMO ..around 8/15 on the day?

  9. Re: Jump racing - 9th June Not betting today chaps.....BUT MUMBLES HEAD 4.30 perth... around 5/1 11/2...Sticks out like a sore thumb... Peter Bowen, off 129, Multiple course winner, goes on any ground...............:ok

  10. Re: Where's my profit gone? If you were only TRADING, you would be ££££'s in front, Seriously if we are talking this amount, become a trader.....Forget winning races Just the dozen you give, for a £100 bet on each horse, at the price you take, Even trading out at the dreaded betfair SP, without knowing exactley what that was, but allowing 10% extra, I make it a £400 - £450 profit on these dozen ....win lose or draw...on your trade. 40% ball park is huge in the trade world. My advice.... if this is not a selective capture, and you are hitting this in over 80% of your bets, even allowing for slight loss on the 20% trades (setting out pre race variables), Turn to Trading, give it a go.... but then the buzz of backing a winner, when you find one goes...Cant have it all but it is all about not losing cash if possible.

  11. Re: 3 Horseracing Thoughts Per Day

    Its not all about the tips Saint, its about joining a community with like minded folk and discuss views with each other, getting involved and lets not forget this is called the Punters Lounge so the odd selection is welcome so we can all benefit and try and beat this 'bent' game of ours. In case you lot are not aware these so called 3 thoughts per day are not exclusive to the PL, i found them elsewhere in about 30 seconds of searching google, which is why i think the original author has no wish to become apart of our forum at all and using us for some other benefit, but you lot dont care about that do you. The statements are perfectly alright but nothing ground breaking but some members will never like anything i post, i accept that, but i will always say what i think. Welcome back Prime by the way, nice to see you! I'll let you carry on and read the gospel in peace!
    :ok,,just popping in now and then till RA in 10 days, all these bloody hours better pay off, plus a few family n house stuff. The best thought i could say for the this n next week, Back Peter Bowen until he dries up..You wont be far off the mark...Not Gospel, but you may well be in profit. Anyhow gotta go a paintbrush awaits, !:cry
  12. Re: Daily Racing Chat Thread

    Why does nobody ever race near side over 5f at Sandown? From memory, I remember one race where a few ran near side, Ganas and West Coast Dream were two horses, Ganas wasnt beaten far and looked the winner about a furlong out. Is the ground really that much slower? I dont understand it.
    From a level start at the 5f .....the course on the near side rises by 14 feet from start to finish. With hardly no rise close to the far rail, I cant say that a plum middle line is 7 foot, i guess it varies...However on ground of Good/Firm, stats hold an even bias were fields are of 10 or lower, that falls over 10 runners, but there is a huge bias to low numbers on soft n very soft ground in this 10 runner bracket. HTH:)
  13. Re: Can you win without inside knowledge

    the question I want to know is why did it open at such a low price?I mean it wasnt 20-1 or anything?.Think it was 5-4?
    The vibes im getting, altho did not follow was slowly slowly all day being nibbled, and 1/2 hour before the JC was called, it nose dived..
  14. Re: Can you win without inside knowledge Can you win without inside knowledge..mmm Yes, but every blind squirral finds the occasional nut. We are blind squirrals I guess, but one or two decent judges on here, are blind in one eye, and struggling with the other.

  15. Re: The Jockey Thread Ive given a break on this dross, between Epsom and Ascot, and looking at yesterdays antics....A blown tyre=Mccoy and a full blown gamble....That one aint be used before has it?...LOL...We may as well not have jockey bookings declared until and hour before the race,,I know that cant happen,,but that was a piss take.. And the dropping of the hands at Ripon, well 10 days is becoming a joke, 3 month ban, min...and i very much doubt you would ever see it again on these shores,,,some huge presedent has to be set before that un professionalism stops... Anyhow see more dross is served up today apart from a meeting at Sandown...Worcester summer jumping, THE WORST OF ALL... GL punters roll on RA. :notworthy

  16. Re: 2013 Epsom Derby For anyone not aware, some of the big firms have various offers today, Money back if your horse finishes 2nd in any ch4 race....money back if Dawn Approach wins the Derby,,plus several others around the place, On a day like today, it pays to shop around, there are plenty of offers around the place for new and existing customers.....GL PS THE SAINT, need not apply....:rollin Sorry m8, could not resist it, I know your pulling teeth at the moment, how's the disguises going?, but hey! keep it going, grind the barstewards into the ground. Good Luck to Everyone today....and for the last time....COME ON DAWN!

  17. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner I have this thought about "the chosen one", he came and conquered last time with a load of mind games etc, and they worked. The managers at the time were like rabbits in the headlights, except one. He goes to spain and managers were ready for him, and on the whole did not work, his teams played good football, and mixed it up tactically, but ultimately it fell short. Apart from 1 or 2 teams in this years prem, the majority wont fall for the mind games, and the majority are more tactically aware. Chelsea have a good team, not a great one, they need to add 2 or 3 world class players who can adapt to the prem, to close the gap of 12 points or so to win the league, there is only so much Jose can do, with the current squad they will still fall short. Alas I think they will definately go for our #1 star. Thats MF from EFC

  18. Re: BBOTD Sat 1st June

    You have to take the price at the time of posting mate.
    No problems, did not know, best at the time was 11/8.:ok But as i said he is bigger from around 8am onwards with a few firms, dont know how long that will last!
  19. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner

    Coleman is a class act. Just shows how shrewd Moyes is with money' date=' he got him for something like £150,000.[/quote'] And EFC will ask for about 8 mil, may deal on 6 or 7,, I really can see him at Man Utd, He is in the top 5 RB in the Prem, and could be one of the best in Europe given the right environment, The lads best days are ahead of him...
  20. Re: BBOTD Sat 1st June 4pm Epsom DAWN APPROACH ill have the 7/4 ladbrokes, from 8:15am tomorrow, ive no problem in saying this is the penalty kicks of all penalty kicks for the flat season so far, I thought he was impressive at Newmarket, tomorrow, he takes a step forward into that rare group of special DERBY winners.

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